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Berg's MOCKERY v2.0

Posted on: May 26, 2009 1:06 am
Edited on: May 26, 2009 8:18 am
Now that we know the team order, here's my take. For now I didn't predict trades, only where I think the player will end up. You'll see.

1. Clippers - Ricky Rubio  PG EUROPE I just somehow think he ends up here, whether by draft choice or trade.
2. Grizzlies - Blake Griffin PF OKLAHOMA Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah! I think the Grizz would take Thabeet over Rubio if it comes to that.
3. ZombieSonics - Hasheem Thabeet C UCONN A perfect fit.
4. Kings - Brandon Jennings PG EUROPE I actually think the Wolves will trade up to this spot to nab Harden in front of the Wiz and the Kings will drop down to #6 and snag the guy they want without having to reach as much.
5. Wizards - Jordan Hill PF ARIZONA 50/50 chance they trade this pick. A post presence like Hill makes sense though.
6. Timberwolves - James Harden SG ARIZONA STATE OJ Mayo atoned for.
7. Warriors - Ty Lawson PG UNC Why not? He's exactly the position they need and the kind of player they love.
8. Knicks - Stephen Curry SG DAVIDSON This pick seems destined, although I would take DeRozan ahead of him.
9. Raptors - DeMar DeRozan SG USC Shades of Vincanity.
10. Bucks - Johnny Flynn PG SYRACUSE They'll let Sessions walk, Flynn embodies the new face and direction of the team.
11. Nets - Earl Clark SF LOUISVILLE Great fit with Harris and Lopez, Clark could prove to be a top 5 talent in this class.
12. Bobcats - Gerald Henderson SG DUKE Another in-state draft pick.
13. Pacers - Tyreke Evans SG MEMPHIS This team is a mess so they go best player available.
14. Suns - James Johnson SF WAKE FOREST The days of unloading picks for cap relief have to end sometime. Johnson, like Earl Clark, can play both forward spots.
15. Pistons - DeJuan Blair PF PITT Pistons have the cap room to make a run at Boozer, this pick may change in that event.
16. Bulls - Terrance Williams SG LOUISVILLE No idea what the Bulls will do, if they don't re-sign Gordon this would be a great pick.
17. 76ers - Eric Maynor PG VCU Dre Miller is gone so this position is the obvious fill.
18. Timberwolves - Jeff Teague PG WAKE FOREST Maynor is another possibility if he falls but Teague is intriguing. Or should I say inteaguing?
19. Hawks - Jrue Holliday PG UCLA With no obvious need they take the high upside Bibby replacement.
20. Jazz - Chase Budinger SF ARIZONA White + scrappy = Utah.
21. Hornets - BJ Mullens C OHIO STATE Someone is gonna take him, why not the Hornets? Chandler replacement is the logic.
22. Mavericks - Taylor Hansbrough PF UNC Oh no they didn't!
23. Kings - Sam Young SF PITT Versatile wing is best player on the board at this point.
24. Trail Blazers - Taj Gibson PF USC I doubt Portland will use this pick but a physical post presence is their main need.
25. Zombies - Gani Lawal PF GEORGIA Drafting for need. I won't be surprised if this dude ends up falling out of the first round.
26. Bulls - Omri Casspi SF ISRAEL 
Stash the Israeli for a few years instead of drafting some body to warm the end of the bench.
27. Grizzlies - Patrick Mills PG ST. MARYS Insurance incase Conley finally tanks out.
28. Timberwolves - Austin Daye SF GONZAGA 6'10" forward is major project but also has major upside.
29. Lakers - Darren Collison PG UCLA - hometown kid eventually takes over for Grandpa Fisher.
30. Cavaliers - Marcus Thornton SG LSU You might not know him, but he's good.

Players who could easily move into 1st Round: Wayne Ellington SG UNC, Derrick Brown SF XAVIER, DeJuan Summers SF GEORGETOWN, Dionte Christmas SG TEMPLE, Toney Douglas SG FLORIDA STATE

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Posted on: May 27, 2009 1:58 pm

Berg's MOCKERY v2.0

In regards to me picking Lawson so high, I think he might climb the charts once workouts start happening and he can showcase against other point guards. I've stated all along that I think he is incredibly talented and can't understand why he isn't ranked much higher than he is. Remember, at this time last year people were predicting Russell Westbrook as a fringe lottery guy and he ended up going 4th. A lot, including my opinions, will change between now and the actual draft.

In regards to my past predictions that Blake Griffin will have a prolific career, I stand by them. I understand he is not perfect or a can't miss prospect (although I've seen plenty of "can't miss" prospects miss by a mile). My logic is this: all NBA players are extremely talented, especially those that are consensus top 3 draft picks. So what separates them? What makes some superstars and others superbusts? I think more than anything it's character and determination. Blake Griffin has those things. The guy you mentioned, Kenyon Martin, like all other top college players was/is very talented but he lacks the Griffin's character. He's a dumbass, who has typically been as enamored with acting like a thug on the court as much as he has winning. He may be competitive, but that's not the same as determined. Another guy, Michael Beasley, is comparable to Griffin. It's way too early to call Beasley a bust by any means but I view Griffin as a much superior prospect because during his time in college he showed something Beasley never has, the intangibles and heart to do what it takes to win. No ego, no agenda. Just win.

Of course, I could be totally wrong and Griffin could prove to be a douche bag and I'll inevitably never hear the end of it, but I can live with that. I'd rather have some conviction in a prediction than always riding the fence with a bunch of maybes.

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Posted on: May 26, 2009 11:19 am

Berg's MOCKERY v2.0

Earl "the Pearl"  Monroe, a top 50 player of all time and his playground nick-name was "black jesus".  I think that gives the name Earl some chops in the NBA.  Why do you have Lawson predicted so high?  I like him but everything I read has him in the middle of the first round.

I was watching the Nuggets last night and it reminded my of another bust scenario for Griffin, besides Joe Smith-- Kenyon Martin.  He was a bad man at Cinci.  You could blame him not reaching potential on the injuries but watching him he is still freakishly athletic.  He never developed a consistent jumper thus his game is one dimensional, crash the boards and run. 

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Posted on: May 26, 2009 10:25 am

Berg's MOCKERY v2.0

The only other great "Earl" that comes to mind is Earl Campbell, the elite Houston Oilers running back from the 70s and 80s. But other than that you're right, Earls don't have much of a precedent. My player comparison ceiling for Earl Clark is Lamar Odom. In other words, a skilled and uniquely talented forward who can be very good but never good enough to build a squad around.

For the record, I too think the Bulls will resign Gordon. I also think they'll turn around and deal Hinrich to someone like the Clippers for someone like Zach Randolph or Chris Kaman, which would clear up room for the drafting of Griffin.

My logic on Rubio going to the Clips, besides the team simply being intent on screwing up, is that they want a star personality to steal some of the limelight away from the Lakers. Griffin should be great but he's Tim Duncan-like in his lack of personality. All this stuff about Rubio not wanting to go to OKC or Memphis means that Rubio and his agent will do their best to charm Donald Stering into taking him. Lastly, the Clips seriously regret the signing of Baron Davis. I think Jason Kidd will go sign with the Lakers or Cavs or Celtics and then the Clips will deal Baron to the Mavericks for whatever. This all opens the door for  Rubio to become the next Clipper, unfortunately dooming his career before it begins.

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Posted on: May 26, 2009 8:58 am

Berg's MOCKERY v2.0

/ Appreciate the ZombieSonics call 
/ Before I thought the Clippers were just funny bad, but did you read that long-form article on about Donald Sterling? That guy is a blatant asshole. I still the predict the least interesting but most likely scenario: Blake Griffin is drafted by the Clippers and performs like a very good but not superstar player, and the Clippers in 2011 are a fringe playoff team.
/ The more I think about it the more I'd be happy with the Bulls getting DeJuan Blair. If he's there. Otherwise I still see a PF.
/ Gordon will be re-signed.
/ I really don't want the Blunder getting Rubio
/ How can anyone named Earl end up being a stud? It's a role player's name, workingman-like starter at best.
/ The Bulls still have a center named Omar Asik who's supposed to be really good, but I guess he's a 2010-11 guy. Turkish I think.
/ What did the Bucks get for Mo Williams? A 35-win team in perpetuity? 

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