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A new mock, for which to mock V3.0

Posted on: June 1, 2009 2:53 pm

Keep in mind, this is a mock draft, not player rankings. My rankings would actually be quite different. The following, rather, is based on what I think will happen and the various reliable-sounding rumors I have heard. There's quite a few changes between this and my last mock. A big trend I went with was teams taking players who went to college in that state when push came to shove. I'll put the initials HS (home state) at the end of each commentary to denote that every time that happens.

1. Clippers - Blake Griffin PF Oklahoma I still think they want to take Rubio but ultimately won't risk the nightmarish PR fallout of letting Griffin pass.
2. Grizzlies - Hasheem Thabeet C UConn The rumors, true or not, are that Rubio doesn't want to play for Memphis because of past poor dealings with fellow Spainards, Pau Gasol and Juan Carlos Navarro, and now their slight on Marc Gasol by openly declaring they want another center to start ahead of him.
3. Zombies - Ricky Rubio PG Europe A starting five of Rubio, Westbrook, Durant, Green and maybe Tyson Chandler has the looks of a future undead dynasty.
4. Kings - Brandon Jennings PG Europe I think they'll trade down but ultimately this will be their guy. HS
5. Wizards - James Harden SG Arizona State Jordan Hill is another strong possibility here and probably more of a need but the allure of an Arenas/Harden backcourt with Butler on the wing might be a little too deadly to pass up.
6. Timberwolves - Stephen Curry PG/SG Davidson The first stunner of the draft. Why do the Wolves do this? Because they are the Wolves. Also, this prediction is based on them convincing themselves that he can be a servicable point guard in the mold of a shoot first guy like Sam Cassell. Some fans are scared off by that idea because it didn't work with Foye but that doesn't mean they should never try it again. I've slightly come around on the idea of this. He might be the only guy in the draft besides Griffin who you know absolutely is going to be elite at something: shooting. Furthermore, the Wolves should still be in the mindset of drafting the best player available as oppose to need. Need is something playoff teams draft for. Rebuilding squads go for best available. If his workouts go well, Curry may prove himself to be that.
7. Warriors - Jordan Hill PF Arizona Very solild pick and a desperate need, which means they probably won't actually take him.
8. Knicks - DeMar DeRozan SG USC - They want Curry but will settle for DeRozan, who has as much potential as any one in the draft and has the high flying game that could thrive under D'Antoni.
9. Raptors - Tyreke Evans SG Memphis If the Wolves don't go Curry then Evans will be their guy, assuming no big names fall. His best asset: he has the size and quickness to guard the 1-3 spots.
10. Bucks - Johnny Flynn PG Syracuse I'm sticking with Flynn here. It just makes too much sense on too many levels.
11. Nets - Earl Clark SF/PF Louisville I like this dude a lot.
12. Bobcats - Gerald Henderson SG Duke This guy is very solid. I wouldn't at all be surprised if his Duke stigma causes people to underrate him and he ends up being one of the best guards from this draft. HS
13. Pacers - BJ Mullens C Ohio State - The workouts are where Mullens will reclimb draft boards. He is, after all, a rare combination of size and freakish athleticism for his size. I wouldn't even think about him until the late teens at the absolute earliest but because he's one of only two centers in this draft my feeling is that a team will reach for him. Plus, it's the only glaring position of need for them.
14. Suns - Chase Budinger SF Arizona They could just as easily go point guard here but I think they'll take one more shot at the title, which means drafting both a need and a player who can contribute immediately. Enter Budinger. HS
15. Pistons - DeJuan Blair PF Pittsburgh Direct Bulls snipe. Size and post stregth, exactly what this team needs.
16. Bulls - James Johnson SF/PF Wake Forest Sort of redundant to Luol Deng but Johnson is actually much more suited to play the 4 and in addition to versatility, he'll likely be their most offensively skilled big immediately.
17. 76ers - Sam Young SG/SF Pittsburgh Mock drafts have a huge variation on this kid right now, ranging from late lottery to late 1st round. He's an all around player and will be a nice fit next to Iggy. I think they'll re-sign Andre Miller, but if not, this pick could be a PG. HS
18. Timberwolves - Eric Maynor PG VCU Sticking with the best player available theme, the Wolves go Maynor here. Some fans would detest the drafting of a PG, as it would signify they intend to play Curry at the 2 guard, which most think he cannot do. I happen to think it could work well. A guard rotation of Foye, Miller, Maynor and Curry would provide a little bit of everything and at least create a stable from which at least two players should emerge as legitimate cornerstones.
19. Hawks - Ty Lawson PG North Carolina I'm much higher on him than this but rumors suggest he is falling and becoming the odd man out in the PG wars. A great steal for the Hawks.
20. Jazz - Terrance Williams SG Louisville With nine players entering free agency it's tough to say what this team will need but if we're going by last year's roster an offensive off guard stud like Williams would fit nicely.
21. Hornets - Marcus Thornton SG LSU This will seem high compared to other mocks but I like his game a lot and I think he would be a nice back court fit with Paul. HS
22. Mavericks - Tyler Hansbrough PF North Carolina As many predict, he may turn out to be a college wonder and pro bust but he's exactly the kind of player the Mavs need next to Dirk.
23. Kings - Austin Daye SF Gonzaga - Sac has shown they aren't afraid to take projects like Jason Thompson or as I assume, Brandon Jennings, and Daye is exactly that. At 6'10" and with shooting guard skills he could pay off big ..,or totally bust out of the league.
24. Portland - Jrue Holliday PG UCLA The Blazers are always suckers for the big name and Holliday is that. My guess is they'll for sure unload Sergio Rodriguez and possibly Jerryd Bayless as well this offseason, making room for this pick.
25. Zombies - Gani Lawal PF Georgia Tech Seems like a logical choice given their roster make up. They could use a real PF to spell Jeff Green, who is playing out of position.
26. Bulls - Omri Casspi SF Israel If they don't think he'll come over this is the choice. If he's coming this season I doubt he'll go here. They could easily trade this pick, as well.
27. Grizzlies - Jeff Teague PG Wake Forest This could be exactly the right spot for him to go or a complete steal, maybe the steal of the draft. Don't be surprised if climbs as much as a dozen picks between now and the draft.
28. Timberwolves - Derrick Brown SF Xavier I'd be stunned if the Wolves actually use this pick. It just doesn't seem like it's in their plans. Hopefully they package it as part of a move up or to acquire an established player.
29. Lakers - Darren Collison PG UCLA Patrick Mills is a better point guard but they'll take the hometown kid instead. Derek Fisher is old. HS
30. Cavaliers - DeJuan Summers SF Georgetown Summers is sort of boring to me but he is a strong wing and pretty NBA ready. If the Cavs use this pick they'll take someone who can help now.

The two big names that go undrafted by this account are Patrick Mills PG St. Marys and Wayne Ellington SG UNC. Either one could easily go in the 1st but as of now, this is how I see it shaking out.

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Posted on: June 13, 2009 7:35 am

A new mock, for which to mock V3.0

Apparently James Harden is moving up the charts. I wonder if he'll be overdrafted...

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Posted on: June 8, 2009 2:06 pm

A new mock, for which to mock V3.0

I dont see Stephen Curry sliding past the Kings at No 4, they need a point guard that can score and create, dont underestimate this kid, he will be a good NBA player, he has alot of mojo, very confident.   Curry has been shooting up draft boards with good workouts. 

I see Brandon Jennings sliding down to the Warriors or Timberwolves, he would be perfect for the Warriors uptempo play.  Please remove Tyler Hansborough from the FIRST ROUND....he wont go there.  I see Terrance Williams landing with the Hornets, they could use another wing player or maybe even a PG.  I see the Sixers trading up to get some depth behind Andre Miller, this could mean they would make a play for Johnny Flynn from Syracuse.    Does JRue Holiday slide all the way down to 24????   Jeff Teague could be a huge sleeper in this draft, he has alot of ability but just makes some bad decisions due to his youth, could be an All Star in 3 to 5 yrs. 

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Posted on: June 7, 2009 2:01 pm

A new mock, for which to mock V3.0

I've done a bit of research. I am convinced if the Wolves drafted Curry some sort of tantrum. He is all set to go play in NY with either Wade or Lebron.  

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Posted on: June 2, 2009 12:00 pm

A new mock, for which to mock V3.0

I HATE the curry pick at 6, not saying the Wolves won't do it but what a gamble.  Let's not forget JJ Reddick was a great shooter in college as well.  If Lawson slips that far I see that as a steal, the situation reminds me a bit of Josh Howard.  Their playing styles are drastically different but they were both great ACC players that watched the bottom fall out of their draft stock for no apparent reason.  Howard worked out.  Who did the wolves slecet 4 spots earlier: doody ebi, easily one of Mchales top blunders.   

On a side note:  I never responded to the McHale post but while I'm thinking about it.  I think you missed one of his biggest blunders one that I rank as #1.  Letting Chauncy go.  He wanted to stay but he wanted a guarantee to be the starter, everyone and their mother new that stop-an-pop Brandon wasn't coming back but McHale wouldn't give Chauncy the guarantee and the rest they say, is history.  Watching what Chauncy became convinces me that if he would have stayed the Wolves would have competed for championships.  I see that screw up as epic, we're talking mortgage insurance derivatives epic.

Back to this post:  I just don't see the wolves taking two point guards.   My dream draft would be: Harden or Derozan at 6, Lawson at 18 and Young at 28(this is a bit of a reach but I have seen him in that neighborhood on a few mocks).   Three highly skilled, highly athletic players of which at least one or more will be a real NBA contributor.

Though Ideally I think we all would love the Wolves to wheel and deal a bit.  Which personally I think they will.  Not for the reasons we all hope, namely make a better team, but because they won't want to have to pay three first rounders.

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