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Mock Lottery V4.0 - 10 Days Til Lift Off

Posted on: June 16, 2009 12:03 am
Here's my take on a wild card scenario that may be developing amongst the top few picks. Note that I don't believe it will go down this way, only that according to some reputable draft heads there may be more truth to these possibilities than meets the eye. Also, I only did the top 10 picks because my remaining 20 haven't changed enough since my last mock. So, let's say the damn thing goes crazy...

1. Clippers - Blake Griffin PF OKLAHOMA This is the pick, they can't screw it up...right?

2. Grizzlies - Hasheem Thabeet C UCONN The riot starts here. They reportedly love Thabeet and are put off by Rubio (more on that later). They could try to trade down a couple of spots, which at this point their fanbase appears to favor doing, but they won't risk the Thunder grabbing him with #3.

3. Thunder - Stephen Curry PG/SG DAVIDSON What's in your head, in your head, zombie zombie zombie, hey hey hey oh oh oh. With the Westbrook pick last year the Thundonics proved they will stir it up and take the guy they want regardless of popular opinion. They worked Curry out at length and are just arrogant enough to think a Westbrook/Curry backcourt will work. I personally hate the idea of that duo but I think Curry is legit and I won't wince at all if a certain Wolves team takes him at #6. Rib on.

4. Kings - Johnny Flynn PG SYRACUS He had an amazingly good workout in Sac on Monday and I think they are intent on taking a PG. His off the court interviews were apparently as good as his on court performance, in both of which he clearly came off as better than Holliday and Jennings.

5. Wizards - James Harden SG ARIZONA STATE No brainer at this point. Arenas, Butler, Harden and Jamison should be good for 100+ points a night and a reentry to the top half of the Eastern Conference playoff seeds.

6. Timberwolves - Ricky Rubio PG EUROPE At this point you're all shaking your head, I know. But remember, this isn't exactly how I think it will happen but it's also maybe not as unlikely as you might think. First and foremost, he isn't working out in the US. Out of sight, out of mind. Plain and simple, his stock is falling. Scouts are really starting to question if he can guard other PGs or consistently hit a jumpe shot. The Clips won't take him. Rubio's agent has flat out said he's not interested in playing or working out for Memphis or Washington, citing playing opportunites as the reason, while emphasizing it has nothing to do with market size in Memphis' case. The logic being that his appeal will be on an international level so whatever US city he happens to play in doesn't really matter. His agent also says he is very willing to workout and play for Oklahoma City and Sacramento. The problem: they may not want him. I've heard repeatedly that the Thunder view Westbrook as thier PG of the future and are very much enamored with Curry and Harden. Kings GM, Geoff Petri, has flat out said them taking Rubio is by no means a lock. Their recent raves about Flynn and Tyreke Evans may lend merit to this. Neither OKC or Sac is thrilled that Rubio isn't over here working out and I've heard it strongly suggested there is a chance he will fall here. So if the claim that Rubio doesn't care about the market size and really just wants to be the sure thing starter then Minnesota is a good spot for him. He could also pull some bullshit and try to force his hand to Golden State or New York, in which case the Wolves would be left in a Yi Jianlin situation. Would they call his bluff? Who knows. If I were Kahn I'd be on the phone with his agent seeing if Minnesota is a place he'd be will to set up. If so, I'd be pushing strongly for a trade. I read a rumor in a Memphis paper of Kevin Love, #6 and Brian Cardinal (expiring) for Rudy Gay, #2 and Marko Jaric (not expiring).

7. Warriors - Brandon Jennings PG EUROPE Like Flynn, he smoked his workout in Golden State. The Kings and Wolves could be possible destinations but I'd almost bet my left nut at this point that Jennings ends up here.
8. Knicks - DeMar DeRozan SG USC Knicks get scorned on their top three choices (Curry, Flynn, Jennings). They go for the next biggest shot at a star. New York should offer up this pick and David Lee to Memphis to move up and get Rubio.

9. Raptors - Tyreke Evans SG MEMPHIS They want DeRozan but Evans is a good consolation prize. Truthfully, he's probably better.

10. Bucks - Jeff Teague PG WAKE FOREST I have it on good word they are in love with Teague, which Teague better hope is true or he could fall into the 20s.

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Posted on: June 16, 2009 11:36 pm

Mock Lottery V4.0 - 10 Days Til Lift Off

Definitely crazy scenario time, which I find fun. I just don't know about Flynn. Long term all I see is backup PG...

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