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What the Wolves will/should/need to do.

Posted on: June 21, 2009 11:00 pm
MY Timberwolves BIG BOARD

1. Blake Griffin PF OKLAHOMA - Not happening, get it out of your mind.

2. Ricky Rubio PG EUROPE - As per my previous blog, I think this is more of a possibility than some think. Since I wrote about the potential trade up I haven't heard anything to contradict the claim Memphis wants out of the #2 pick. What has changed is that David Kahn has strongly implied that Kevin Love isn't going anywhere. Keep on reading to see why Rubio could still end up a Wolf despite that news.

3. Tyreke Evans SG MEMPHIS - He has moved ahead of Harden in my book. He's 6'5" with a 7 ft. wingspan and has the skills to play the 1-3. Even more, I'm loving his attitude. He has tried to work out against other shooting guards and they won't do it. James Harden won't work out against him. Neither will DeMar DeRozan. He asked the Wolves permission to take part in their mega-PG workout featuring Brandon Jennings, Jonny Flynn, Jrue Holliday, Ty Lawson and Jeff Teague just so he could show he can handle the position if needed. According to published reports, he was as good as anyone there.

4. James Harden SG ARIZONA STATE - The guy I've wanted on the Wolves roster all along is beginning to fall in my mind. He had what was described by a sports writer as "the worst workout I've ever seen" for the Grizzlies, while another writer for the Memphis Commercial (newspaper) said "He didn't make the strongest impression with orange cones as defenders." I also don't like that he refused to work out for any team below #4. Combine that with his questionable athleticism and piss poor NCAA tourney and the ammo for detractors is mounting quickly.

5. Stephen Curry PG/SG DAVIDSON What we know about Curry is that he can shoot the lights out. Pull up jumpers, spot ups, create his own or off a feed, his shot is elite. In a draft ripped for not having many star caliber players this is a guy  with an elite and essential skill. He's done enough in workouts to overcome his small school question marks and has demonstrated the physical capabilities of playing point.

6. Brandon Jennings PG EUROPE - Griffin, Rubio, Jennings. Those are the three players in this draft that I believe have megastar potential. For that reason, I like Jennings this high despite his current flaws. In the afore mentioned Wolves workout he was apparently ho hum during individual drills but when they went to a 3 on 3 mini-game to close the workout, he came alive. He was faster than anyone on the court and a defensive terror. He made several passes that drew oohs and ahhhs from the assembled press.

7. Hasheem Thabeet C UCONN Same sort of deal as Curry. We know this guy has at least one elite ability: shot blocking. It's not only a semi-rare skill but it also happens to be of particular need to the Wolves. Athletically gifted 7'3" monsters come around once in a great while. His youth, relative inexperience and physical tools suggest he has room to grow into the other aspects of his game.

8. Ty Lawson PG NORTH CAROLINA Yeah, I know I'm ranking him too high but I see very few flaws in his game. His assist to turnover ratio is historically low. He's got world class speed to match with point guard instincts. He is admittedly undersized but still has a strong frame, which will keep him from getting run over. He's my pre-draft steal of the draft.

9. Earl Clark SF/PF LOUISVILLE Lamar Odom is his unshakable comparison. As a pro I think he'd make a great wing type player with an all around game, as well as a nice compensator for the undersized Kevin Love factor. It would require a trade up into the 10s range to land him.

10. Jonny Flynn PG SYRACUSE  I'd really like this dude if paired with a great two guard. If any sort of notable offensive output is required of him I'd begin to worry. His extreme likability and great leadership is contagious and I'd be thrilled if he is somehow the Wolves 2nd pick on Thursday.


Rumors are abound that David Kahn is absolutely intent on making a splash in this years draft. For one, to put his own stamp on this team. Secondly, because as he says, this team has failed to win more than 25 games for two years in a row. Changes are needed. Third, and perhaps most importantly, the fan base needs proof that the perceived half-assed incompetency of the past is gone before they will come back and support the team.

Some fans are taken a back by his brashness. It's too much change, too quickly for them. Some are so jaded by the McHale era and its many failed dealings that they assume any trade we are apart of is a bad trade. "How are we getting fleeced?" or "How are we gonna get laughed at for this one?" or in the rare event of something positive "Wait, is this actually...a good thing for us?".

It is inevitable that short of a Pau Gasol-like fleecing fans are going to be divided on any given trade. Sadly, snake bitten T-Wolves fans will immediately turn to a "Here we go again..." end of all times sort of attitude. The fact is, McHale is gone. Kahn is here. Kahn has no recent track record and to react to any transaction he makes as though it were an extension of the past is plainly unfair. If Kahn makes a move I happen to dislike, I can dislike it but I cannot hate him for it. At least not until he establishes a pattern of bad moves. If the move is a risky one but at the same time makes sense and is well conceived, I can't be mad if it doesn't go our way. What can't be tolerated is a lack of preparation that allows the Timberwolves to look foolish down the road. Basically, what I'm saying is give the guy a chance.


I've read from about five different reputable sources that the Timberwolves are very much trying to trade up to not only land another lottery pick, but specifically a top 5 pick. There are two schools of thought on their alleged motive for doing so. Then there's a third thing I just added on for giggles.

1. They want to draft the two best guards available and completely overhaul their starting back court. For this option Washington is the best option. The Bullets have been very open in their willingness to unload the pick. They want vets and cap relief, not a high paid rookie. The Wolves have several solid options in Mike Miller (expiring), Randy Foye (expiring), Craig Smith (expiring) and Brian Cardinal (expiring). Furthermore, they have picks #18, #28, #45 and #48 to sweeten the deal. The Knicks might spoil this deal by offering up #8 and Wilson Chandler in order to jump up and grab Stephen Curry. IDEAL OUTCOME: Tyreke Evans/James Harden and Brandon Jennings/Hasheem Thabeet

2. They want to jump up to #2 and take Ricky Rubio. My earlier post involved Kevin Love but that looks increasingly unlikely. A second avenue to this deal would be to acquire Washington's pick, as discussed in #1, and package it with their 6th pick. Word is Memphis would almost certainly take this deal. Of course, in that event the asking price would be a steep one. Potentially, #6, Foye and Miller for Ricky Rubio. But, if they really believe Rubio is going to be a star then it's worth it. This gets back to taking a calculated risk. Is it worth it? I think so. If you do this trade (after and only after getting 100% confirmation Rubio is willing and wanting to play in Minnesota) you have three cogs around which to build. Rubio-Love-Jefferson. Slot some shooters and a shot blocker in there and they might have something. IDEAL OUTCOME: Um...Ricky Rubio.

3. If neither #1 or #2 happens I expect there is a good possibility they will move up from #18 into the 10-14 range. Charlotte at #12 is a strong possibility. IDEAL OUTCOME: Tyreke Evans/James Harden and Ty Lawson/Jonny Flynn

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Posted on: June 24, 2009 1:50 pm

What the Wolves will/should/need to do.

While I really have a tough time reading and believing it, I like your comments about us fans moving on from McHale and giving Kahn a chance.  I want to completely agree but have all of those feelings of being jaded and not being able to move on from that era of incompetency.  I hope what he's doing will make a splash and get some fans excited, but it is definitely going to take more than a year with this fairly weak draft class to turn this young team into a winner.

What I'd like to see them do is move up a couple spots with their 6 & 18 to get Rubio or Thabeet and then take Curry with the 5 pick and trade him to the Knicks as they'll be dying to get him.  What we'd get from them in return is questionable, but I'd bet they'd be willing to part with quite a bit in order to get him.

Good blog though - I normally don't follow pro basketball as close as other sports, but I'll definitely keep reading the updates through draft day!

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Posted on: June 23, 2009 7:44 pm

What the Wolves will/should/need to do.

Sunny Side, your the typical Homer! Root for the time when their winning, and jump right off the band wagon when their losing.  Maybe if you did watch the t'wolves more often, you would of notice that Al Jefferson was one of only two players to avg 20 pts 10 reb a game, the other being Dwight Howard.  Also the T'wolves had one of the best records in the NBA in the month of Jan before Jefferson was injured. So in my mind there is certainly potential.  Jefferson is an all-star, it's just stupid fans like you vote and they don't know shit about sports.  Never give up on your home teams otherwise your just a chick who watches the games when their winning.  

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Posted on: June 23, 2009 2:04 pm

What the Wolves will/should/need to do.

As a prior season ticket holder to the wolves who hasn't watched a full wolves game since KG was traded I'm really REALLY not sure what needs to happen this thursday for them to win me back.

We need a KG type player to rejuvenate this franchise and I do not see that type of player in this draft.  The NBA, more so than any other sport in town, is a totally star driven sport.  Take a look at the last 8 teams alive in the playoffs and they all had at least 1 legit superstar to carry their team.

We don't have that.

Nor do I think we can draft that.

Realisitically speaking I don't expect this team to make the playoffs for at least 2-3 more years.

I'm not even sure why the wolves are still in minnapolis......

Its just been too long in this franchises existence and we have 1 legit playoff run under our belt.


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Posted on: June 23, 2009 12:42 pm

What the Wolves will/should/need to do.

Trading away the 6th pick to move up to the second would be ridiculous. In the umpteen mock drafts that have taken place, no one is sold on number two. Sure, Rubio is the popular second pick, but there are a large group of point guards, or players who could play point, and many have qualities that would make them the top choice. Certainly besides Rubio there is Holliday, Jennings, Curry, Lawson to name just a few. In addition, players like Evans or Harden could be added and Foye assumes the point.

We also have the 18th and 28th selection. While these picks should not land a starter or significant player, there is enough depth in this draft to find serviceable future players. If the new brain trust wants to package existing players to move up with their latter selections, then have at it. But to give up the sixth selection and more just to land Rubio ... that smells of drafts past.

The Timberwolves have lost their fan base because of the NBA's punishment on the Joe Smith fiasco, poor luck in the lottery, poor selections within the draft, and mostly, poor play by the limited skills players drafted and acquired. Besides Al Jefferson and Mike Love, there really isn't much to look at. Trading Kevin Garnett was more a humanitarian effort for years of service, then a plan to rebuild the franchise.

As long as Glen Taylor owns the club, we will be mired in inadequacy. He does not understand sports, nor sports business. the poeple he has selected so far, have not done anything to change that thinking.

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Posted on: June 23, 2009 12:30 pm

What the Wolves will/should/need to do.

I like option number three the best. A totally revamped backcourt seems like a good place to start. Something like Jennings/Evans would be really fun to watch. I want to like Thabeet more, but I'm still scarred from Candyman and Eddie "The Conductor" Griffin.

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Posted on: June 23, 2009 10:00 am

What the Wolves will/should/need to do.

the washington team referred to above is called the wizard's....for quite sometime now

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Posted on: June 23, 2009 9:06 am

What the Wolves will/should/need to do.

I totally agree about the "one skill" thing. Although, I would rephrase to say "one dominant skill". He's 7'3" and averaged over 4 blocks a game. Plus, it's not like he's terrible at the other things. Just raw. The real question is: is he capable of developing the other skills. If your answer is no, I understand why you wouldn't like him. But if your answer is yes, you understand why you'd trade up for him.

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Posted on: June 22, 2009 11:23 pm

What the Wolves will/should/need to do.

Thabeet just doesn't make sense to me from a talent or team composition standpoint. There's basically two keepers on the Wolves and they're both big men (I like Foye, but he's still despensible). Sure Thabeet has some of missing skills Love and Jefferson don't have, but oh wait, it's one skill, shot-blocking. 

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