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Opinion On Religion (Atheism, Christianity)

Posted on: May 12, 2009 12:27 am
Edited on: May 12, 2009 10:28 pm
I'm not religious but I got beliefs. Recently, my christian "faithful to god" side has been battling my atheist "there is no god" side.

I think about this a lot and I have come to the partial conclusion that, whatever you believe, it's all about faith. Whether you have faith that there is no god or you have faith that there is a god, it's all about faith.

Do people find it comforting to believe in god? Yes, you could say it helps people in everyday life, which is just what "god" is actually supposed to do right?. Maybe people want to pray because it might help them, personally, through a difficult time, or to have some mental stability in the thought of someone protecting their friends and family. Because this life can go any which direction, you might die any day, but as long as you believe in god, you'll be safe. So in this sense, god really does exist.

When there's no god, there's nothing. You die and that's it! This is scary to some people who were raised to believe that as long as they believe in god, nothing bad will ever happen to them, while those who wish to not believe in god find themselves more prepared for what life throws in their face, and also find greater motivation in life. Atheists might feel this way because some religious people like to "sit and wait" for god to save them from a situation, while the atheist believes he has to do something or nothing's ever going to get done. Another thing is, when people believe god is always going to keep them safe, as soon as disaster strikes, what can they say then? This is a soul crushing realization, which some people can't handle. This is where "everything happens for a reason", but some things just cannot be explained by that saying.

The truth is, life is nothing but choices. Depending on what family you were born into, your siblings, people you have ever encountered, anything you've ever done, your destiny is panned out. Every choice you make, and perhaps the choices that are made by other people that cross paths with you, leads to an ultimate destination. Oh whoops you went down this alley to the right and got shot instead of taking the long way home, for example. It's uncontrollable and dictated by your personality. That's why I believe everything is "written".

You could say Religion is only a state of mind. Since we all are different people with completely different personalities then we're obligated to handle things in our life, our own way, so why even argue about religion. As for me, I believe in god. Not because I pray to god for help in times of need, but I honestly believe people were put on this earth for some reason . It's hard for me to believe that we're nothing but evolved monkeys put on this earth with all this brain power, but no more of a purpose in life than an ant you step on, accidently or purposely.

I apologize if some of this doesn't make sense but I've never openly talked about religion and wouldn't know how to express how I feel through these paragraphs. If something doesn't make sense, please tell me and I will try to clarify.

I like to follow the philosophy of Moderation also.

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Opinion On Religion (Atheism, Christianity)

Atheists and Gnostics are right in most of their thinking


It has been common among religious believers to look with misgiving to atheists and Gnostics, and to think that they are mistaken; however, in many instances the opposite is the truth; some religious beliefs are not just irrelevant, but baseless. The “God” of main line traditions simply does not exist. I accepted the challenge of finding the One who may be recognized even by Gnostics and atheists: the Existence itself, “All-That-Is.” If something is there, that is God. Look at the book “Christianity Reformed From ist Roots - A life centered in God” (). I am confident that some of your friends will be relieved of the illusion, as I did myself.


Jairo Mejia, M. Psych., Santa Clara University

Retired Episcopal Priest

Carmel Valley, California


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Opinion On Religion (Atheism, Christianity)

Being 16 I think I will have to do this later seeing as I have to go to school right now. I will come back to this sometime after the dodger game this afternoon though, I can't pass up the rematch of the NLCS lol.

I didn't know about agnostics before but it sounds like me. I'm constantly christian or I'm constantly atheist at times. When people ask me my religion I just reply simply, "I don't know". But thank you for your input and I will come back to this at a later time.

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Opinion On Religion (Atheism, Christianity)

The beauty in the question is this. No one knows. that is what gives such power and passion to those who believe what they do. The Christians assume, and demonstratively pursue that there is a God. They strive to live life under this assumption. Most people that believe in a god or deity have been brought up under the influence of religion. From a young age they are taken to church, influenced by their parents and family and just accept that this is how and what they should believe. In my experience, and it is vast and far reaching, people seldom actually learn where their beliefs come from, nor do they question their "faith" in any truly harsh realism.

The other side of this is those who do not believe there is a god, divine power or deity presence in the universe. They, for the most part, have put much more thought into this. They have studied the different religions and beliefs and after having questioned all of the facts, choose to live life under the belief of non-existence of a god. This is not from a lack of faith, as some would have you believe. Every one has faith in something, some just choose to have this faith in things that can be proven. Every time i get in an elevator I have shown a sign of faith. i am believing that the people in charge of building and maintaining the elevator have done their job and it is not only safe but will get me to the floor I want to go to.

Some would say that is a trivial faith, to those I say this. HAve you been in an eighty story building and had to go to the top floor? If yes, then the answer is simple. You have put what you would call "trivial" faith into an apparatus that can change your life in a second. If it fails half way up you die. Not so trivial now I am sure you will see. This is the life of and agnostic. A belief that they do not know if there is a divine power but will continue their search to find the answer.

I am not sure how much or how deeply you want to take this blog so I will leave you with this and return later to see if you want to delve deeper. Great idea although it is not sports related, but yet oddly it is. Almost every athlete you find on the television at some point thanks God. This would be a most appropriate place to ask why.

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