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NBA Draft Prospects: PF Blake Griffin, OU

Posted on: May 7, 2009 1:58 pm
Edited on: May 14, 2009 4:45 pm

Blake Griffin , 6-10, 251, So., PF (Oklahoma University)

Draft Rank: #1

PF Rank:  #1


An absolute beast on the boards. R eally positions himself well around the rim. When grabbing rebounds he uses his strength and athleticism to explode above the rim at the ball's highest point. Has a great feel for the game that really allows him to excel on the boards. Offensively he has the inside and outside game necessary to be a very good power forward at the next level. He can handle the ball, pass and has a soft shooting touch around the rim. Also has good handles away from the rim, which allow him to attack and lose his man with quickness. 

His soft hands and great feet allow him to pivot and beat his man to the rim. He also has the explosiveness and athleticism to finish when he gets to the rim. Runs the floor very well for a big man. Has a great motor and plays with great energy. Loves to use a spin move and attack the backboard before a double team comes. He puts spin on the ball that allows him to finish under the rim with awkward angles. Attacks the ball on the defensive end to block shots. Has ideal size and strength to play the power forward position.
While he is at his best running the floor, he also has an array of moves with his back to the basket that are very effective. Has a nice jump hook shot that he uses once he has his man beat. Also does a good job of passing out of the double team. I think he is the fastest player from baseline to baseline in this year's draft, which is a very important attribute in the NBA.


Question marks surround his knee and how it will hold up. He always goes right and I am not sure how confident he is with his left hand. Relies heavily on his strength and athleticism, which won't be as dominant at the next level. Needs to work on his outside shooting so that he can be a consistent force from the foul line extended. Also needs to improve his free-throw shooting.


Despite the fact that he gets knocked and hit constantly, Griffin almost always performs at a high level. He also doesn't let his teammates, the refs or the atmosphere dictate what happens on the court. A consistent force who has the ability to lead his teammates when he's on the floor. Has a "go to work" attitude that you look for in your star. Doesn't complain to the officials or get rattled when teams get physical with him. Also demands the ball in the game down the stretch, which speaks to his confidence in his own abilities. The few times that he goes to the bench he can always be seen cheering on his teammates and encouraging them. With that being said, my one concern is that he doesn't appear to be a vocal leader, which is something you want a No. 1 pick to be. His ability to lead will be the defining factor that may separate him from being "good" or "great."

Extra info:
-- Set a Big 12 record of 30 double-double's this year (David Robinson has the NCAA record with 31).
-- Set the Big 12 record for most rebounds in a season (504).
-- Sprained his left MCL his freshman year. Two months later he tore cartilage in his right knee.

Comparison: Antonio McDyess, 6-9, 220, PF/C

Would be a good fit for:  Sacramento Kings, Washington Wizards, or Memphis Grizzlies


Griffin has all of the makings of being a double-double guy in the NBA. He is a prototypical power forward who has the physical attributes that will allow him to be successful at the next level. I also love the way he came out and improved not only his game, but also his team this year. In today's game few teams have low-post threats. This makes Blake an even more valuable commodity. He also is an ideal power forward in today's game as he can play up-tempo and really get up and down the court. He also can be a force in the half-court set.  His conditioning and work ethic will allow him to be a 40 MPG horse who coaches can rely on to contribute at both ends of the floor. The combination of worth ethic, gifted talent and basketball IQ make him the safest bet in this year's draft. He does have flaws in his game, but with his work ethic his ceiling is limitless. Look for him to start next year and make an instant impact on whichever team he goes to.   


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Posted on: June 24, 2009 4:25 pm

NBA Draft Prospects: PF Blake Griffin, OU

Blake Griffin what can I say I loved watching him this year. He's a beast around the rim on offense and defense and crashes the boards well. He does need to work on his outside shooting a little more but it has improved so much from his freshman year. And a little more use of the left hand would make him even more of a threat to score. That weakness though- freethrows. He's gotta make more. If/when he starts to he'll be a very deadly weapon for any team he plays for. #1 draft pick for sure.

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Posted on: May 15, 2009 1:29 pm

NBA Draft Prospects: PF Blake Griffin, OU

I would love to see Blake in a Clippers jersey next season. i doubt the lottery balls will bounce our way tho. Blake reminds me of a Elton Brand type player,  no ceiling for improvement. hes a great defender and will match up well at PF in the west. all he needs is to develop a mid range jumper he could be a force in the league for years to come. He has a great first step and great quickness for a big man. Hes fast (maybe not the fastest from baseline to baseline, but for a 6-10 player he has legit speed) and can take the ball to the rim with authority. im real excited to see how the lottery balls turn out. please go the Clippers way... dreaming of Eric Gordon and Blake paired together for years to come.

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Posted on: May 12, 2009 9:18 am

NBA Draft Prospects: PF Blake Griffin, OU

Blake doesnt have drive ability?
Huh? Thought he had top notch handles for a big man. Could have sworn i had seen him drive to the lane against... almost every team he played.
Score 10 points? Well if he goes to a running team that can utilize his atheletic ability and good ability to run the floor 10 points will be a breeze. Not to mention Blake is relentless when he goes after rebounds. Blake can absolutley jump out of the gym and is quite stronger for his size. Blake will be a double double machine when he gets to the nba. He may not score 40 points but he should hang around 15-20 ( the high tempo team is 20) and go for 9-10 boards a game. If you watched all of his games in the NCAA tourney you can see how special he is.

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Posted on: May 9, 2009 9:24 am

NBA Draft Prospects: PF Blake Griffin, OU

Blake will be decent rebounder and shot blocker in pros, but I'm worried with this:

 - his scoring ability , in NBA he'll play against much tougher and taller competition, I can't see him scoring more then 10+ ppg in his first couple of seasons until or better jet IF?! he develops decent outside jumper and coupl of inside go-to moves

 - injury concerns surrounding his knee , he better not end up being an injury prone like McDyess
 - last and MOST improtant, his height or better jet lack of it , is he really 6'10" or more of 6'8" tweener, I watched OU game two years ago (when Blake was in his freshman year) and he was the same size as Michael Beasley who measured as 6'8" in Pre-Draft camp last offseason, now considering Griffin's style of play where he mostly bangs it in the paint, lack of size in pros could really affect his ceiling and upside in pros to the point where we could question reasoning behind taking him as #1 overall pick, Beasley at least can play some time at SF considering his outside shot and drive ability, Griffin can't do that

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Posted on: May 8, 2009 2:16 pm

NBA Draft Prospects: PF Blake Griffin, OU

Thanks everyone for the feedback.  As you can tell I am new to this so please forgive me for some of the formatting issues. 

As for the two major points brought up about Griffin:

1.  He can't shoot:

I pointed out that he needs to work on his perimiter game especially if we wants to be an effective pick and roll guy.  However, he does have good shooting mechanics and a lot of bigs come into the NBA without consistent shooting ability.  When basketball becomes your job and you are putting up 100's of jumpers a day you will no doubt improve.  Guys like Karl Malone, Amare Stoudamire and Kenyon Martin are guys that come to mind that improved their shooting ability over the years.  Considering Blake's improvement from his Freshman to Sophomore year combined with his notorious work ethic, I foresee him becoming a much better shooter.  Furthermore, he is a power forward!  I know that a lot of power forwards in today's game rely on jumpers, but I would much rather have a power forward who wants to be in the paint and attack the rim rather than one that is shooting jumpers.  Lastly, the guy just turned 20 so he has plenty of time to develop into a better shooter.

2.  He won't be the fastest guy in the draft:

I always think that fast and quick get mixed up too often.  When I think of fast players I think of guys who get up and down on the fast break and beat the opponent down the floor.  Guys like Igoudala, Lebron James and Josh Smith come to mind as guys who really use their long legs to get down the court.  Blake may not be the fastest player in this year's draft but I do believe he will be one of the fastest guys in the 3/4 sprint.  Also, athletic big guys have done well in the sprint in the past.

Last year Joe Alexander was the 2nd fastest player in the draft (he ran a 2.99 3/4 sprint).  The fastest guy was Sonny Weems who's a 6-6 sg/sf.  

Also, Joey Graham ran the 2nd fastest in 2005.   

At any rate only time will tell. 

Thanks again for the great feedback.  This is the beauty of the NBA draft, everybody has an opinion. 


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Posted on: May 8, 2009 12:29 pm

NBA Draft Prospects: PF Blake Griffin, OU

I completely agree with .  There is no way he can beat several of those guards and I am not even sure he is the fastest 6'9" guy in the draft - see Earl Clark.  He can't handle the ball - has no outside game and 6'9" is not that big anymore - decent starter at best in my opinion.

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Posted on: May 8, 2009 11:48 am

NBA Draft Prospects: PF Blake Griffin, OU

"I think he is the fastest player from baseline to baseline in this year's draft, which is a very important attribute in the NBA."
Ummm...? Wanna bet on that? I'll bet there are 5 guys that beat him in the 3/4-court sprint, if he chooses to participate in the pre-draft combine. I'm not saying he isn't really fast, but at 6'9", you just can't accelerate they way some guards can. It just doesn't work.

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Posted on: May 8, 2009 10:50 am

NBA Draft Prospects: PF Blake Griffin, OU

Great Analysis! Who is this guy Brianklevenson.... The Mel Kiper of Basketball?! Sign him up! Can't wait to see your take on more players leading up to draft day.

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Posted on: May 8, 2009 8:43 am

NBA Draft Prospects: PF Blake Griffin, OU

As a OU fan i had a chance to watch all of his games this year in person. I can tell you this kid did make shots from 10-12 feet out, and not just some pretty much 50+ percent. He has improved his outside shooting tremendously from his freshman year were he could hit a shot to save his life. If he was such a terrible shooter then no big man would guard him out there but notice in the NCAA tourney how ever time he stepped out someone was on him, because he can shott well enough to hurt you.
As far as no post game...uh did you watch the NCAA tourney? Ever broadcaster talked about how good his inside game was and mentioned no one had the ability to guard him one on one. He took people at will with his spin move and low post moves to the bucket. If you didnt double him he scored....period.
He will be the #1 pick and he will mirror the production of Carlos Boozer. In my opinion they have very close skill sets. I can not comment on Ricky Rubio i have never seen the guy play but Griffin will be a very good NBA player and his shooting will improve.

GRIFFIN BY THE NUMBERS 18.8 career points per game, sixth on the career chart .618 career field goal percentage, topping OU career chart (Wayman Tisdale .578) 11.8 career rebounds average, second on the OU list behind Alvan Adams (12.8) 14.4 rebounds average in 2008-2009, best ever at OU (13.3 Adams, 1974-75) 504 rebounds in '08-09, most in a season by a Sooner (378 Tisdale, '84-85) 30 double-doubles in 2008-09, second in NCAA history behind David Robinson (31) 40 career double-doubles, third most in OU history (57 Adams; 56 Tisdale) 301 rebounds in 2007-08, second for OU freshman (341 Tisdale, '82-83) 22.7 points per game in 2008-09, 11th nationally 324 free throw attempts in 2008-09, an OU record (294 Stacey King, '88-89).

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Posted on: May 8, 2009 7:26 am

NBA Draft Prospects: PF Blake Griffin, OU

Great analysis on Griffin.  He was obviously the most dominant player in college basketball last year and should be the #1 overall.  Looking for more to come from Levenson on later draft prospects.

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