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NBA Draft Prospect: PF Tyler Hansbrough, UNC

Posted on: June 4, 2009 1:08 pm
Edited on: June 16, 2009 8:30 pm

Tyler Hansbrough: 6-9, 234, PF, SR. (University of North Carolina)

Draft Rank: #24

PF Rank: #4


Has a great feel for the game. Really plays well when he faces up to the hoop and can either shoot the mid-range jumper or pump fake and take the ball to the hoop. Loves to be around the rim. Uses the rim to shield off opponents and score. Has very soft hands and a great touch on his shot. Plays with amazing energy and loves to be around the basketball. Understands positioning on rebounding and attacks the ball on the boards. High b-ball IQ. Has a great knack for getting to the foul line and knows how to use his body to take a blow and still get a shot off. Dives for balls on the floor and is constantly moving on the offensive end. Has good defensive position inside the paint and knows how to use his feet to draw offensive fouls. He has good speed getting up and down the court. Sets very solid screens. Is at his best when he is running down the floor ahead of his defenders and sealing the paint -- which he does often. Has good size to play the four in the NBA. Very good free-throw shooter for a big man.


His offensive game is very robotic. Struggles when playing against bigger and more athletic players. Not a good help defender or shot blocker. Doesn't have range on his shot to extend a defense. Plays below the basket. Is not a great passer. Lacks the foot speed or the quickness to defend outside of the post. Struggles defensively on pick and rolls. 


Tyler is mentally extremely strong. He hits big shots and has leadership qualities. He doesn't take plays off and has an incredible motor. His high b-ball IQ will allow him to be in the NBA and be effective for many years. He is very tough and doesn't shy away from contact. He usually has his head up and isn't fazed by adversity. When he gets challenged physically he rises to the occasion and steps his play up. Mentally he is one of this draft class' most prepared for challenges of the next level.

Extra Info:

-- 2008 Naismith College Player of the Year


Kris Humphries: 6-9, 238, PF

Would be a good fit for: Memphis Grizzlies, Portland Trail Blazers, or Chicago Bulls


Unfortunately, the college and the NBA games are significantly different. The NBA game today relies on quickness, versatility and athleticism. Hansbrough struggles in those departments. It's hard to ignore his consistent production, but people have to remember the history of the NBA Draft and that great college players don't always make great pros. Do you remember J.J. Redick, Adam Morrison, Trajan Langdon, Mike Sweetney, Sean May, Gerry McNamara, Shelden Williams, Marcus Fizer, Christian Laettner and Joe Smith (Laettner and Smith both have/had decent careers), Juan Dixon, Bobby Hurley, Khalid El-Amin, Mateen Cleaves, and Lonny Baxter? They were all dominant in college, but didn't come close to having the same impact in the pros. Unfortunately, it happens. 

I do think he will be better than Kris Humphries in the NBA. But his game is pretty similar to what Humprhies' game is, and was, in his one year at Minnesota. The main difference is that Hansbrough has proven to be a winner and that he will do whatever it takes to help his team. Obviously, Hansbrough's four years of production at UNC compared to Humphries' one is a major difference, but if Humphries had stayed for four years what do you think his production would have been? I know that some will say, well if he had stayed then maybe he would've been more ready for the NBA like Hansbrough is now. But plenty of one-and-done or high school players have had success in the NBA. The top players in this season's NBA Finals never played any college ball.

Here are the freshman year numbers, and draft combine stats, for Hansbrough and Humphries, respectively.

Name MPG PPG RBP Assists Height w/o shoes Height w/ shoes Weight Wingspan Vertical Bench Press 3/4 Sprint Lane Agility
Kris Humphries (Minnesota freshman) 34.1 21.7 10.1 0.7 6' 8.25 6' 9.5" 238 7' 0.5" 36" 22 3.2 11.33
Tyler Hansbrough (North Carolina freshman) 30.4 18.9 7.8 1.3 6' 8.25 6' 9.5" 234 6' 11.5" 34" 18 3.27 11.12

Do I think Hansbrough has a role at the next level? Yes. I just don't see him as a starter. I think he will be a guy who can come in and give a team some points and offensive boards. I see him as a hustle guy, which teams really do need and value. He does so many good things on the floor  he should be an asset for any team that he goes to. But I just don't see him being dominant in the low post or being a consistent starter at the next level. I know people don't want to hear it, but you do have to look at a guy's upside and try to figure out what he can become. I don't blame Hansbrough for being in college for four years or take anything away from his potential as a result of his time in college. I have seniors Sam Young and Terrance Williams ahead of him because I think their talents translate better. Look for Hansbrough to be a contributor off the bench for whatever team he goes to.


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Posted on: June 11, 2009 11:05 am

NBA Draft Prospect: PF Tyler Hansbrough, UNC

A very good (not great) college basketball player. That being said hansbrough in my opinion is one of the most overrated college basketball players of all time he is right up there with Adam Morrison and JJ. I know people are gonna get upset that i am saying this because he is baby blues golden boy. But i don't care this kid has been on some of the most talented college hoops teams i have ever seen. There is at least 5 NBA players on that North Carolina team. Roy Williams could have gone in there and played the 5 himself and that team would have made him look good. And Hansbrough didn't exzactly make the college game look easy. He never looked in rythem to me. All of his shots he had to force up over other players, he isn't quick even for his size, and he actually got very few dunks in his career considering the amount of shots he took from the paint. Had he really been dominate he could have slammed it more. He main strength in the college game was his ability to get to the line and hit free throws. NBA Players aren't gonna let this fool bully them for a second, he won't be able to get to the line like he could in college by just throwing his arms into defenders and flopping around like an idiot. I will say he was a good college player but not even close to the best NBA player on his own college team. I think Deon THompson the guy who was his backup last year will make a better NBA player than him not to mention Ellington, Lawson, Ginyard.. that North Carolina team was freakin stacked.

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Posted on: June 10, 2009 10:32 am

NBA Draft Prospect: PF Tyler Hansbrough, UNC

Not to mntion, for those that say Tyler can't jump, check out the vertical jump of tyler and Griffin at the combine recently.  Blake gets off 2 feet better but as far as pure vertical, almost equal.

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Posted on: June 8, 2009 8:34 pm

NBA Draft Prospect: PF Tyler Hansbrough, UNC

think alot of people not seeing the vaule he here. wingspan accounts for alot and alot of big man dont have range that tyler has or the ability find the open player fair nba player comparison is brad miller. not alot of speed but can rebound and make shots when you need them. but not domiant as a blake griffin. but a little inside note for you blake and tyler have the same wing span. and there are not alot of guys now a days that are good help defenders. like there were in late 80's and early 90's. everyone wants the ball.

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Posted on: June 8, 2009 5:02 pm

NBA Draft Prospect: PF Tyler Hansbrough, UNC

It is 185.

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Posted on: June 8, 2009 1:51 pm

NBA Draft Prospect: PF Tyler Hansbrough, UNC

Hansborough will be a career backup for a team like the Jazz, a team that relies on precision cutting, passing, pick and roll stuff, executing the offense.   He will probably never average more than 4pts and 3 rebs in the pros. 

He cannot jump well enough in the post to get his shot off in the post.  He has below average athleticism so he will have to thrive off spot up jumpshooting and pick n roll play, a poor man's Brad Miller at best.  Psyco T should be more than happy to be a career journey man that makes a few million a year for about 10 yrs and then retire to coach somewhere.

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Posted on: June 7, 2009 1:34 pm

NBA Draft Prospect: PF Tyler Hansbrough, UNC

I'm pretty sure it's 225 - just like the NFL...

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Posted on: June 6, 2009 10:37 pm

NBA Draft Prospect: PF Tyler Hansbrough, UNC

i think, in the NBA, Hansbrough's name is good, but because of his height 6-9, he will NOT be as good as he was in college, his height will hold him back....he makes plays, but that was in college, he wont be able to handle guys like Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett and other power forwards bigger than he is, if he was taller he would be better though in my view.

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Posted on: June 5, 2009 10:45 pm

NBA Draft Prospect: PF Tyler Hansbrough, UNC

I think Hansbrough could go late in the first round but I hope he sticks around until the second round so the Pistons can pick him up.  I think a pretty accurate comparrison is to Antonio Mcdyess after his injuries.  Both have a decent mid-range game.  Hansbrough could shoot the three pretty well in college.  He's always fighting for the loose balls which is something which doesn't always translate to the stat sheets.  Another plus for Hannsbrough his he flat out makes free throws.  Any team in need of a big with a late 1st to early second round would be foolish to not draft him.  Hansbrough had four great years against ACC opponents.

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Posted on: June 5, 2009 10:45 pm

NBA Draft Prospect: PF Tyler Hansbrough, UNC

I don't see how he will put up a 15-6-4 line in 18-20 minutes a game.  I don't think he will ever be as reliable as a Kirk Hinrich or Tyson Chandler either.  The problem is that Hansbrough really doesn't have one thing he is really good at that will translate to the NBA level.  Hinrich is a solid shooter, strong defender and decent playmaker.  Chandler is a strong rebounder and shot blocking presence although his offensive game is limited to dunking for the most part.  I don't see Hansbrough being able to contribute as anything more than a hustle player that occasionally gets over 10 points.  I think Humphries was a great comparison, undersized not athletic enough big man that will not be able to overpower opposing forwards in the NBA.

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Posted on: June 5, 2009 5:17 pm

NBA Draft Prospect: PF Tyler Hansbrough, UNC

Tyler Hansrough is to samll for his position. He will get crushed in the NBA, nevertheless, he will not give up. He will keep trying and trying to get to the spot where he is in college. A star. He might not be a star but he will be atleast a little mor than decent. I cann see him putting up 15-6-4 for his career stats. He might not play early on but he will get to play atleast18-20 minutes a game after his first few years. He might even move to a different position because of his size. That is a huge disadvantage for him. He will be like J.J. Redick, a stud in college to not get a lot of playing time but will eventually move his way to be a durable player that you can count on. Maybe bot like a Tim Duncan or a Chauncey Billups but like a Kirk Hinrech or Tyson Chandler.

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