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NBA Draft Prospect: PF DeMarre Carroll, Mizzou

Posted on: June 24, 2009 5:30 pm

DeMarre Carroll:  6-8, 225, SF/PF, Sr. (University of Missouri)

Draft rank: #41

PF rank: #8


Has a great motor.  Can handle the ball at the top of the key and get the offense set if need be.  Does most of his work down low on hustle plays.  A very good athlete.  Has a good wing span.  Can really get out and defend on the perimeter but also doesn’t mind banging down low with bigs.  Gets his hands on a lot of balls and creates turnovers.  Takes high percentage shots.  Has no problem with playing a role.  High energy rubs off on teammates.  Has improved his shooting and extended it to beyond just the paint.  Can put the ball on the floor when facing up and attack the rim.  Does a great job of pressing and getting after his man the entire court on defense.  Very good speed.  Doesn’t fear playing against or attacking bigger players. Does a good job of protecting the ball when driving to the rim.  Does a good job of putting his body into the defender so that he can score inside.  Has the ability to grab the re-bound and push the ball up the floor himself.   


Doesn’t have post up moves and really struggles with his back to the basket.  Is extremely limited offensively.  Is a power forward but is undersized to play the position.  Likes to handle the ball outside of the paint too much which leads to turnovers.  Stays out on the perimeter too much on offense.  While he likes to go to a jump hook in the paint, he doesn’t have good arc or elevation for it to be consistently productive at the next level.  Often loses the ball or forces up tough shots when he is slashing to the hoop.  


Carroll’s energy really comes sticks out.  Whether it is on offense setting screens or on defense setting up Missouri’s press he always seems to be around the ball.  He has clearly worked on his game over the past 4 years and has actually become a decent shooter.  His motor is what makes him effective and he has a toughness about him that will get him into the league.  He was a winner in college and he was the leader of a very good Missouri team. 

Extra info:

--Transferred from Vanderbilt after his Sophomore year. 

Comparison: Louis Amundson, 6-8, 221, PF

Would be a good fit for:  Cleveland Cavaliers, Phoenix Suns, or Golden State Warriors


Carroll is a high energy guy who isn’t afraid to battle despite his shortcomings.  He is everything that you look for in a 2nd round pick, but I think he would be a stretch as a 1st round pick.  He will fight for his contract and you can tell that the guy loves to play ball.  Few players bring the type of energy and hard work that Carroll does to the basketball court.  He is a junk yard dog type of basketball player that has also shown improved perimeter skills in his four years at college. 

He reminds me of Louis Admundson with the difference being that Carroll can float out on the perimeter more as a 3/4 and Admundson is better inside as a 4/5 player.  But, I see him providing a team with similar hustle minutes and tough defensive play.  Carroll would be best suited in an up tempo system like a Phoenix or Golden State where he won’t be confined to a slower, more drawn out half court style of play.  He was a perfect fit at Missouri because of their desire to play the entire court and he would benefit from a similar system in the NBA.  While Carroll’s upside may be limited, he is the type of guy who will continue to improve and I could see him improving to the point where he can be relied upon at the small forward position as well.  All in all a team should give him a serious look in the 2nd round if they are looking for a high energy guy that could change the pace of the game.   

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