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RedSox Life After Papi

Posted on: May 14, 2009 4:56 pm
Edited on: May 15, 2009 8:22 am

A broad and compelling statement. Perhaps too early to tell what will happen when the time comes. Sure it wont be too far fetch.

Last season he struggled almost the whole year when his wrist got injured. Pretty much a reason enough that his production dipped so low and wasn't much of a factor in the playoffs. He's had all off-season winter long to recuperate and recover. As much as anyone believed that he has recovered I doubt there's more to it than meets the eye. Though he had good showing in Spring Training. It somehow give us a glimpse of hope that he is ready to full battle this season.

David Ortiz is now on course to his longest AB without a homerun in his career. He struggle a lot hitting the ball, even the ones he usually and normally launch with his eyes close. Those 94 mph heater in the middle of the plate are always a cake. But not so much this year. And he looked more terrible swinging off-speed even worst. Only a matter of time – a usual cliche. Will he turn it around? Will he able to somehow find anything  good what’s left? I don’t know. First instinct are almost always a good barometer. Though at 34 years old he could still be productive and help the team.

Looking back to last year's first month in comparison, he started slow as well - had 5 RBIs thru the first 15 games with no HR. He picked it up and ended the month with 5 HRs and 21 RBIs. Those numbers are pretty good but the most telling stats are not so great: .184 BA, .294 OBP, .350 SLG, .644 OPS. Now this year, he started a tad better  on his first 15 games with 8 RBIs. After that he only had 2 RBI's and  no home runs to end the month to go along with .230 BA and similar OBP/SLG/OPS as last year. This month he had only 3 RBIs not exactly helping his case.

Hitting in the third spot and being a DH full time creates a lofty burden in terms of production. He has done it so well in  recent years and instilled fear to opposing pitchers when he is on the plate. He is so clutched.  He has been the most dominant DH in this era. One could argue his success because Manny Ramirez is hitting behind him. Whether or not its true  it bears something to ponder.

In this era where PEDs and steroids have continue to disclose and wreck havoc this menacing defeaning  problem begs the rationale in  any power surge in production. Its premise simply consumed even the weakest and innocent. Most if not all believe that he has taken any substance that helped him one way or another. It might be true but who knows. It doesn’t really matter public conviction is more revealing  and ubiquitous.

As the struggle continues, there are ways that could probably help him out. Taking some rest and not in the lineup is more apt. Or he could be put lower in the batting order just to ease up the pressure a little bit. These are just a few obvious possibilities. Why there’s nothing has been done so far - it screams about respect. There’s no other word to put it. 

With this looming dilemna, it is very imminent that the RedSox organization is ready for the next big thing when the time shove its way. Perchance reality says, a DH is an absolute must in AL especially in the East. The farm system is so deep and stack that there’s no need to worry about where to get the next big bat. Free agency isn’t an  option to tap as  FO is not fond of on spending spree.  It simply tells that the organization will look for replenishment in that aspect. We might be able to see Lars Anderson come up in the majors  sooner than anyone expected. The only glitch is that he’s a  1B  position player. Meaning he would split time with Kevin Youkilis and/or Jeff Bailey for as long as Mike Lowell’s tenure still up and playing. David Ortiz time as a RedSox is counting and counting fast. As much as I hate to see him go eventually, some things are meant to change and there’s nothing we can do about it.

RedSox Life after Papi? We shall see.

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Posted on: May 14, 2009 10:08 pm

RedSox Life After Papi

really good post...

6 months ago, i would've been willing to give Big Papi the benefit of the doubt on the steroid issue...while i still lean in the direction of him being clean (he's just a big guy, like Ryan Howard, Frank Thomas, and Jim Thome), after A-Rod (who i was pretty sure was clean) and now Manny, i just don't trust anyone anymore, especially with the way his power numbers dropped the past 2 years (-19 HRs from 2006 to 2007 and another -12 from 2007 to 2008)...throw in the fact that he had mediocre numbers before going to Boston, and it looks even more suspicious...

however, i'd put the complete power outage so far this season more on the loss of Manny in the lineup and the wrist surgery (especially the wrist injury)...wrist injuries can greatly diminsh a hitter's power...Jayson Werth had wrist problems while with the Dodgers, causing him to miss the entire 2006 season, and only last year did his power stroke start to come back...Derrick Lee broke his wrist in 2006, and has completely lost his ability to hit home runs...i suffered a small tear in my wrist a few years ago at work, and it took surgery, 3 bouts of therapy, and like 2 and a half years before it recovered...considering Ortiz will turn 34 this year (power hitters tend to lose power in their mid-30s), it doesn't look good for him recovering his power stroke...if he WAS juicing up, then it becomes even less likely...

so yes, it's time for the Red Sox to start planning for Life After Papi...

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