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AL Predictions!

Posted on: March 29, 2011 2:06 pm
Edited on: March 29, 2011 2:07 pm

American League

American League East

Team                                       W            L

x-Boston                                 97           65    

What can I say, their offseason moves make this team hard to beat as long as it’s healthy. I do not look forward to a whole season of ESPN continually Red Sox coverage.                           

N.Y. Yankees                         90           72    

I also don’t look forward to the talk of why the Yankees are underperforming.  Their 4th and 5th starters will be their Achilles heel this year, unless they get someone in trade they’ll be on the outside looking into the playoffs.

Tampa Bay                              81           81    

Their bullpen is dismantled and you lose two key components to your offense and people are still predicting them to finish at the top of the AL, they are wrong.

Baltimore                                79           83    

This is a step in the right direction year for the O’s they need to shore up their Pitching and they can compete in a year or two.

Toronto                                   78           84    

This team hasn’t made any improvements that will make any impact, Toronto fans continue to not realize they have a baseball team.


American League Central

Team                                       W            L

x-White Sox                            94           68    

I’m a homer, sure, but hear me out.  The Sox made significant offseason moves, have bullpen depth and have a reliable 1-4 starting rotation.  Peavy will not be as necessary to their success as everyone thinks he’ll be.  Also helps they have an easy end of the year schedule to help them push to the top of the central.

y-Minnesota                            93           68    

I have a respectful hate for them much like I had for Favre when he was with Green Bay before he was dropping his pants for any hottie not named his wife.  This team always produces talent they have a collection of talent that will keep them in the mix all year.

Detroit                                     91           71    

This team continuously underperforms and why would this year be any different because they brought in Victor Martinez.  They are hanging on to an old offense and that will get them their usual 3rd place finish in the central.

Kansas City                             70           92

Another team like the O’s that are moving in the right direction but are a few more years removed from being relevant.  This team has a lot of young talent that if matured properly could eventually take over the aging Central

Cleveland                                60           102

What an abysmal team.  I feel terrible for sports fans in Cleveland as a whole.  Pity is what I give them.  Things I’d rather watch then watching a full Indians season: Paint drying, Seasons of Golden Girls, Hanging with Mr. Cooper and my nails slowly being ripped out.


American League West

Team                                       W            L

x-Texas                                    89           73

The weakest division in the American league might be the most competitive.  Texas should still come out on top with their loaded lineup, bullpen and still have a lot of pitching that people don’t know about.

Oakland                                  88           74

This was a tossup and the A’s could win their division depending on health but they still have too many question marks that make them slip to two.  I think Gio Gonzalez can be a real overachiever this year.

Angels                                     87           75

Honestly any of the top three teams could win this division.  It should be called the race to 90 wins, because if you get there you’ll probably win the division.  The reason I have the Angels finishing third though is because they can’t stay healthy for a full year.  Torii Hunter, Bobby Abreu and Vernon Wells only excite fans who haven’t been watching baseball the past 5 years.

Seattle                                     70           92

 Yes I said any of the top three teams could win the division.  Seattle has about as good a chance of winning the division as I have of dating Scarlett Johansson. The loser in all this is Ichiro Suzuki, he is too talented to be left there rotting away, it’s disappointing if he’ll finish his career in that double A affiliate.  King Felix will be traded if not this year, next.

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