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NL Predictions!

Posted on: March 31, 2011 11:34 am

(P.S. my strong suit is AL teams as you’ll notice with my comments below)

National League

National League East

Team                                       W            L

x-Philadelphia                         102         60

Best collection of starting pitchers of all-time? Let them take the field first but on paper it should compete with the Braves teams of old.  Their offense is overrated but still in the NL they should dominate.

y-Atlanta                                 95           73

Your team of the future bullpen has a lot to prove and so does the starters. Tommy Hanson should take the next step.

Florida                                     81           81

This team does just enough to be .500 congrats to that

Mets                                        79           83

Blow this team up and try again.  Seriously, they have talented chronically injured players.  You can’t win a division from a hospital bed.

Washington                             79           83

Stephen ’Mark Prior’ Strasburg, oh how we barely knew thee.  This team has talent, has prospects but the owners want to win now and they make impatient moves like signing an overrated Jayson Werth.  Reminds me of the Cubs signing Alfonso Soriano and I don’t see the Nationals fairing much better.


National League Central

Team                                       W            L

x-Cincinnati                            88           74

I still believe.  Injuries to their pitching staff aside they still have the most complete team in the central.  Dusty Baker is the only thing getting in their way. 

Milwaukee                              81           81

I want you to win the division, I really do.  I like your team, you’re right next to Chicago, I like to visit your fine town.  But how can you trust this team?  Luck doesn’t seem to be on their side.  Call it nothing more than a gut feeling but I think Grienke will be dealing with his broken ribs all year.  Remember Jacoby Ellsbury from last year?  If he was a first baseman I’d say he’d be fine but someone who uses their whole body to throw the ball 90-100 times a game won’t be able to hang through the whole season.

Cubs                                        79           83

I’d like to say I’m happy at their demise but I’m not.  They have new owner’s that don’t know what they are doing.  A GM that should have been fired long ago and aging talent with bloated unmovable contracts.  They are hogtied by these bloated contracts and they desperately need to start the process of rebuilding their farm system.  It’s going to be a rough ride but they do finally have a manager who cares at least.

St Louis                                   79           83

I think this team could hit it’s was to the top of the weak central but the shaky bullpen and loss of Wainwright puts them in third for me.

Pittsburgh                                76           86

I really like the direction this offense is headed.  Their bullpen of Joel Hanrahan and Evan Meek is a nice 1-2 punch if they continue to develop.  This team could be the next Cincinnati next year if they find some starting pitching.

Houston                                  75           87

This team turned it around in the second half but they still have a long way to go before they become a contender again.



National League West

Team                                       W            L

x-San Francisco                       91           71

You look at their lineup and you wonder how the hell did they just win a World Series.  Just shows how getting hot at the right time can lead you all the way to the series.  Have a top flight rotation and bullpen doesn’t hurt either.  This team should have too much of a letdown playing in the NL West but they will need to keep watch for the Rockies nipping at their heels.

Colorado                                 90           72

They have the power, they have the pitching. Will Huston Street stay healthy through a whole season? Even if he doesn’t which I doubt he will, they should still be challenging the Giants throughout the season.

Dodgers                                  87           75

Meh, this team is about as exciting to me as watching cricket.  Their infield looks like a ragged bunch of has-beens and never will-be’s.  Matt Kemp and Either should be a force and their 5 man rotation is solid.  Look for Lilly have a huge year.

San Diego                               69           93

They have the pitching and they have a park that allows them to win games with that pitching.  Most of their wins will be a score of 2-1 because they have no run support whatsoever.  That and I don’t see them winning a road game the whole year.

Arizona                                   67           95

They have a nice park, it’s a good thing they put a pool in there because that’s the only reason to go.  Or maybe to get the fried macaroni squares at the TGIFriday’s. Seriously though Daniel Hudson should develop and Chris Young will show again who the best player on that team is.  Justin Upton is all show and no go and J.J. Putz stayed healthy enough to get paid and fall into obscurity again.


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Posted on: July 1, 2011 10:46 am

NL Predictions!

I'm can be with you on the Brewer's winning it's gonna be up for grabs until the end it seems with the brew crew, Cards and Reds. One things for certain is that the Cubs won't make a run!

I don't see the Rocks getting back in the race, they're 6 and a half games behind the Giants and I don't see the the Giants losing ground anythime soon.  Would love to see the Diamondbacks get in but i don't know how much longer their great run will last.  Just watched the Rockies/ White Sox series and they don't have the same fire that they had last year of course they could still turn it around in the second half.

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Posted on: June 27, 2011 7:12 pm

NL Predictions!

I don't agree with you I think the Brewers win the Central and that the Rockies will win the West.  The Giants will win the wildcard. I see the Phillies beat the Giants in 5 games in the playoffs. The  Rockies beat the Brewers in 7 games. Then the Phillies beat the Rockies in 6 games in the NLCS. Then the best World Series in a long time happens. The Red Sox beat the Phillies in game 7 with Beckett out dueling Halladay.

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Posted on: June 23, 2011 4:19 pm

NL Predictions!

So far so good with the Nats, Michael Morse has been great.  Arizona has really suprised me so far and the Cubs are worse than I thought.  Suprisingly (or not) i was more off with the AL especially with the Central which I follow the closest.  Still only halfway though, anything can happen!

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Posted on: April 7, 2011 1:13 am

NL Predictions!

     Wow, you're optimistic. 79 wins out of my Nats? I had it (or I should say, predicted it) at 77-85...and no higher than 3rd.
     You should read my blog here () to see what I think of this "Minnow"-esque shipwreck of a start for the Nats.Cry
     As for Strasburg, I personally wish he'd wait and come back for spring training next year. Meantime I can focus my attention on Bryce Harper in Hagerstown (where hopefully I'll see him next Friday...4/15).

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