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Washington STATE Major Sports - Worst In U.S.A.?

Posted on: May 24, 2009 1:26 am
Edited on: May 24, 2009 1:51 am

Quick one here.  I watched Lebron James hit an incredible buzzer beater to tie the series with the Orlando Magic.   I thought for a moment, that Cleveland may be the only city in the Nation that feels the bitter taste of defeat as much if not more than Seattle.   They say it's been 45 years since Cleveland has achieved a major sports title.   Seattle is currenty on a 32 year streak.   If only because it took forever and a day to get a highway and an airport to Seattle, it could be much worse.  All franchises came into existance in 1977 and after,  so we're still working on our streak of futility. 

Seattle Seahawks - 4 -12 - Legendary Coach Mike Holmgren leaves Seattle for a vacation and a future with San Francisco.  I've said it before and I'll say it again.  Mike Holmgren and Tim Ruskell aren't fond of one another.   Hence, we lose the best Football Coach we've had since Chuck Knox in a pissing match and the team performs with zero motivation in 2008.  Final record of 4 -12.   Seahawk fans will forever curse the refs in the Super Bowl vs the Pittsburgh Stealers.  The best commentary and broadcasting of local radio followed the Flag Fest and WWF like Super Bowl XXV.

Seattle SuperSonics. - Now in Oklahoma City.  - Our only major sports title was given to us by the beloved Sonics of 1977.   I was too young to remember but I guess it was awesome.   Some highlights since the late 70's include Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp leading the team to a title game vs Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls in 1996.   Kemp, Payton and company held serve for 6 games and truly were one of the legendary teams.  Long live Gary Payton!  Unfortunately, zero titles, but a lot of love in the mid 90's.

Seattle Mariners -  Reached the ALCS in dramatic fashion in 1995.   Made Seattle feel warm and fuzzy in 2001 after the WTC attack by winning 116 games and tying a MLB record.   Hit the postseason and fell flat of course.   Some great players have come through the Mariners including my main man Ken Griffey Jr., Alex Rodriguez, Randy Johnson, Edgar Martinez, Omar Vizquel, Harold Reynolds, Jay Buhner and David Valle.   It's been a pittiful display of PED's and selfish ego's ever since.   Just a cluster F.  First team to lose 100 game with a $100 million dollar payroll.  Bill Bavasi is the worst General Manager of any sport, at any time and in any country.  The man should be banned from even joining a fantasy baseball league. Bavasi was the worst General Manager ever.  In any sport.  Or any fictional story.  He is emphatically the worst. period.

Seattle Sounders - Faded out in the late 80's, but the Seattle Sounders of 2009 are creating as much buzz in this city as Hot for Teacher Night in Pioneer Square tonight.  Seattle sports bar "Fuel" is Hosting "Hot For Teacher" with Mary K. Letoneau and and her High School sweetheart.  Seattle is coming out of the woodwork for soccer and QWest Stadium is electric for the games.   It looks like we have focused a lot of attention on Soccer.   If there were ever a city to look European, it is definitely Seattle here and now.  If only for the damn crack heads, and Mayor McCheese, Pioneer Square would be the best dang sport district I've seen since Seville.  

Washington Huskies - 0-12 in 2008.   This is perhaps the worst collegiate performance since face masks.  Truly leather heads, The Huskies of Seattle were abysmal.   The stadium is now falling apart and certainly more hype in Pullman Washington and the Cougar squat than the U Dub right now.   

Washington State Cougars - Not much better than the Huskies of 2008, the Cougars were 1-11 until a remarkable win in Pullman led the Cougs to a improbable 9-6 victory over the cross state rival Huskies.   The game itself was abysmal.  Neither side could make an offensive play with 3 swings and a mulligan.   The Cougars were widely considered to be the worst Pac-10 team EVER and typically were playing the oppositions 2nd and 3rd team players by the second half in 2008.   Some questioned if they even belonged in the Pac-10. , until they beat the Huskies and avoided the distinction.  The lone win before the UW vs WSU Toilet Bowl (err.. Apple Bowl)  was over a division AA school, Portland State.   They barely pulled that off.   Somehow, Coug fans keep optimistic for the next year.  

So.... Tell me a City that had a worst year, or for that matter a worse 3 decades than the city of Seattle....




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Posted on: June 5, 2009 9:22 am

Washington STATE Major Sports - Worst In U.S.A.?

Really now.  C'mon, you can do better than saying that the worst major sports city is Seattle.
I think I'll start off with my nit-picking - Washington State University is decidedly not representative of Seattle, being on the other side of the state in Pullman.  It's seven miles away from the campus of the University of Idaho.  Traditionally, in that football series, if the losing team is the away team, their fans walk back to campus.  And the Wazzoo-UW series is the "Apple CUP," not the "Apple BOWL."

Now for my real issue.  There are many cities that we could claim as being worst, and I don't think Seattle gets that honor (perverse though it may be, my vote goes to my sentimental favorite Chicago).  Here are my other ideas.
Chicago - We are the holders of the longest non-championship streaks in two major leagues (the Cubs, MLB, haven't won since 1908, and the Blackhawks, NHL, haven't won since 1961) and the Bulls have not won a championship without a certain Michael Jordan on the roster.  They had chance after chance to put the Celtics away this year and couldn't close the deal.  Also, Northwestern University sucks at nearly every major sport.
Detroit - The city is a hellhole and on the brink of economic collapse, the Pistons have sucked as of late, and the Lions - well, we all know the story there.  The Tigers haven't won a World Series since 1984 (a while, considering).  And Michigan State, in Detroit, got embarassed in the national Championship game at the Final Four this year.  The Red Wings are another matter, but I hold they really aren't from Detroit.  Take a look at the roster - I might call them CSKA Moscow West.
Kansas City - Hmm.  The Royals are, well, the Royals, who after a fast start this year have gone down to fourth place in the weak AL Central.  They haven't won a World Series since 1985 (and would have lost that without the intervention of first-base umpire Don Denkinger) and their biggest claim to fame is the footage of George Brett storming out of the Yankee Stadium dugout, attacking Tim McClelland during the Pine Tar Incident.  (Fun fact on that one: In the confusion while Brett was rabidly attacking McClelland, Gaylord Perry - yes, that Gaylord Perry, of Vaseline-hiding fame - picked up and tried to make off with the bat.  An umpire caught Perry, who wasn't playing, and ejected him.)  And the Chiefs, not having won a Super Bowl since Super Bowl IV, haven't really been good since the days of Priest Holmes.
Cleveland - If you've ever been to the wrong part of the city, you'll never be the same.  The sports teams suck too.  The Blue Jackets (they kinda play for Cleveland too, even though they're in Columbus) this year had their best season ever (and when that's being seeded 7th in the West and getting swept first-round, that sucks).  The Browns - ha! - moved out in a messy divorce in 1996 (becoming the Baltimore Ravens), and no Cleveland Browns team has ever even made it to the Super Bowl, let alone win it.  For the record, they also suck because they have no real logo and the ugliest color scheme in football.  The Cavaliers have been victims of eons of heartbreak, be it this year's collapse in the Eastern Conference Finals or The Shot from Michael Jordan over Craig Ehlo.  And the Indians, despite numerous chances, have not won a World Series since 1948.

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Posted on: June 3, 2009 11:13 am

Washington STATE Major Sports - Worst In U.S.A.?


You're right, there are some great accomplishments...but ONE Championship, over a decade ago, and then the team got busted for drugs and buying players.  No professional titles whatsoever...except for the aforementioned 77 Sonics.

"The Pistons were great, but what else?"  Are you kidding?  The Pistons were HISTORICAL, not just great.

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Posted on: May 30, 2009 11:03 pm

Washington STATE Major Sports - Worst In U.S.A.?

Indeed. Gonzaga.   It's not that the State of Washington has not had the moments.   Some were early pointed out:

The 95 run for the Mariners. 

The entire 2005 season for the Seattle Seahawks.   I loved being a season ticket holder for every game of that season.

I liked the 2001 thing with 116 wins but it drives me crazy.   I am not a fan of individual or statistical performances of a given team in a any given year without some type of punch in the Post Season.  I am down on Ichiro simply because I don't care about how many hits he has a year...  I want a Trophy for Seattle!

Ray Allen gave us a great run for the Sonics.  If that darn rim roller had fallen through in Game 6 against San Antonio, I think we would have won game 7 and had the shot to save our Sonics.  I am so darn mad about losing Gary Payton and Ray Allen within a 2 year span.

the Cougs made it to the NCAA baseball tournament for the first time since 1990.   An 8 run inning by Arkansas in the 7th inning ruined the long awaited appearance.

Tony Bennett.   I hope Virginia gets whipped by Duke and North Caroliana every single year till his hair is fully gray.  That guy is my Alex Rodriguz of the 2000 - decade.  The state throws a fund raiser  for Tony Bennet and award him the most lucrative contract of any individual in sports history and of course the combined salary of all the senior educational staff.  What does Tony 'Bandit' Bennet do?  He skips to University of Virginia and dishonored his word to multiple Seattle columnists including Jim Moore of the Seattle P.I.

Tyrone Willingham.

I'm hangin in there for better or worse.  I am always going to be there.  But man.. my sister and her friends could have done better than Bavasi and Howard Shultz... oh.. and Mayor McCheese of course.   Can someone in Seattle please run for Mayor?  anyone!?

U.W. vs W.S.U. in 2008 Apple Cup.  Wow.  If you saw the entire game, it's only because you too are a die hard of one or the other team.


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Posted on: May 28, 2009 5:31 pm

Washington STATE Major Sports - Worst In U.S.A.?

Revdog - You can't leave out Gonzaga! The ONLY reason College Gameday of any college sport will come to Washington. They've given us a few things to get excited about, even if they are getting a little snobby lately.

I really appreciate you opinion on how horrible Bill Bavasi was as a GM. No really, I appreciate it alot. But seriously, I emphatically agree with your opinion that Bill Bavasi couldn't generally manage anything, period.

And yes, Washington State may be the worst sports state in the U.S.. My favorite sports memory of all time was taking a road trip to Qwest for a playoff game against the Rams. We LOST that game and it is dtill my best memory. Pathetic.

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Posted on: May 27, 2009 6:47 pm

Washington STATE Major Sports - Worst In U.S.A.?

I felt you til' the very end.

This must be the worst year a state has had in recent history if not all-time.  BUT, past 3 decades?

1991 Washington Huskies Rose Bowl Champions
1995 Mariners Dream Season
2001 Mariners All-time record 116 wins
2005 Seahawks NFC Champions
1996 Sonics Finals Appearance

Each major sports team has had a decent run of success, as well as college teams (Washington & Gonzaga) atleast.

Worse Sports cities?

How about:

Kansas City - Royals, Chiefs...nothing
San Diego - The Padres have had a couple, but Chargers?
Detroit - The Pistons were great, but what else??
Milwaukee - Bucks, nothing..Brewers, nothing (No, the Packers dont count)

And how about Oklahoma City?  There first major sports team is cursed!

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