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Seattle Mariners may be unlikely buyers in July

Posted on: June 29, 2009 7:53 pm
Edited on: June 29, 2009 8:07 pm

This year was supposed to be a re-building year for the Seattle Mariners.    The city and it's fans were prepared to support a team that had no likelihood of competiting for anything except perhaps the number 1 pick in 2010.   Now, Jack Zduriencik - General Manager for the Seattle Mariners finds himself in an unlikely predicament.   He may suddenly be a buyer on this market and there isn't much he can do but pin back his ears and make a go with this team.  A team with some adjustments, but still a team off a 101 loss season.  It's improbable, but if the Seattle Mariners can hang in there vs the Yankees and Red Sox on this upcoming road trip, it's the best move.  The Seattle Mariners should push "All In"

Now.  This year.  Perhaps in Ken Griffey's final year, paint the picture of what the future of MLB will look like to the next generation.  What a better story than "The Kid" gaining a ring along with the Seattle misfits who have not even once been to a World Series.  Maybe not ideal for big market appeal, but for nostalgia.  How could you root against Seattle unless you are a Chicago Cubs fan?  - Whom is the team I'd most like us to meet in the World series.  Say it:  It's crazy - World Series 2009 - Seattle Mariners vs Chicago Cubs!

The Seattle Mariners are 2.5 games out of first place and the Anaheim Anglels pitching is lookiing putrid.

I say, let's go for it!  Roll the dice!  Spin the Wheel!  open another case!  Whatever.  The stars are aligning and the division is ripe for a run at it.   We don't have a lot to lose:   

Erik Bedard will never bring back anything close to Adam Jones, Chris Tillman or George Sherrill.    A story just released from the AP suggested he may now be pushed back yet another week from his July 4th scheduled start off the DL.   The guy is fragile but maybe if we put him in a bubble and pray for divine intervention, he comes back in mid July and somehow stays healthy through October.  If he's on the hill.  We've got a shot.  The problem is he typically needs crutches and a counselor to get out there.

Adrian Beltre goes down with re-occurring bone fragments in his left shoulder.   The team showed they could win behind Beltre's steady approach at the plate and cat like reflexes at 3rd base.   He truly is the best 3rd baseman defensively to ever grace a Mariners uniform.  Beltre is out until late August.  Trade value - nill.   Will he stay in Seattle?   This is his last year and we were all prepared to trade the 'Big Cat' but with a late return this year, do we go for it hoping a warm month of September will bring on a run like 1995?   Beltre can be a diffference maker and thus getting him back with 35 games left may be just the thing we need.

Yuniesky Betancourt, our Shortstop is out with a hamstring.  I think everyone had expected we would trade Yuni, but now he too is banged up and not going to bring back any talent.  He will heal in August as well and honestly looked like the player we all thought he could be in the week before his injury.   It's possible Yuni may have finally 'gotten it' - Which would trigger a sure fire Manager of the Year Award to Don Wakamatsu. - Already my vote.

What we have here Ladies and Gentleman, is a team of misfits that has come together and played great ball under the leadership of Don Wakamatsu and the clubhouse leadership of Ken Griffey Jr and Mike Sweeney.   Not only that, but we have the best darn bullpen in the A.L.   Boston, is good but Seattle is better.   We have battle masks and trojan warrior head ornaments:  Sean White, Miguel Batista, Chris Jakubauskas, Mark Lowe and the best closer right now in baseball, David Aardsma. (thank you Boston for your infatuation with crybaby Paplebon and look forward to seeing him in a Yankee uniform. great loyalty guy)- Joe Nathan is a close second, but we have the best pen in baseball.   The stats will show it and with and ERA of under 2.00 in June with a WHIP of .098, it will really make your eyes pop.  This bullpen is legit.

The Seattle Mariners should take advantage of this unique situation.  We have nobody really to trade for future talent, so we may as well just keep charging.   Make a few moves in the minor league system to keep us competitive in July and August.    Trade one of our catchers if it were to help us.  (Jeff Clement or Rob Johnson) for a 3rd baseman or SS.   Also, if we could somehow get Juan Pierre without giving up Jarrod Washburn, that would solidify the gap left by Endy Chavez.

3B to Target:  Mark Reynolds, Scott Rolen, Melvin Mora, Josh Fields.  - all teams essentiallly out of contention.  I doubt we could get Reynolds but maybe Josh Fields or even Scott Rolen.

I say, this is still a long shot, but the best bet now is to just go out and win the AL West!   

(Tomorrow, we can worry about restocking the mess Bavasi left behind.)

Go Mariners! 


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Posted on: July 7, 2009 3:20 am

Seattle Mariners may be unlikely buyers in July

The Seattle Mariners have the best pitching in the A.L.    I'm not going to refer to a bunch of statistics on this one but I can't name a team in the A.L. with a starting rotation throwing better than:  Felix Hernandez, Jarrod Washburn and now Erik Bedard.   This is the year the Seattle Mariners should try and roll the dice and let er rip.  

We made a solid decision holding onto Jarrod Washburn.   I'll leave Carlos Silva and his 13% of payroll salary ($12M) out of this conversation because it looks like he will never be a factor in MLB again.  Awesome signing Bill Bavasi - only 2 and a half more years with this guy on payroll.   Balance the terrific (Washburn) with the worst case (Silva) and somehow we have about what CC Sabathia is being paid by the Yankees.   I'd rather have Washburn throwing in an AL Championship game over Sabathia, thus if our 3rd guy is better than the Yankees 'best', than let's go for it.

We need a Shortstop.   I would have loved to have seen Mark DeRosa come this way.   Perhaps St. Louis will fall out of the race and we could still get him at the last moment.  I'd like to see the Mariners go for at least Orlando Cabrera?   I'd like to see Colorado begin to fall a bit as the idea of several Colorado Rockies players are also high on my radar.

Yes, Ichiro... I've said that.   I still think he could do much better with RISP and his defense even lately has been sketchy.   He's a solid player but I agree with the writer that says Ken Griffey Jr has helped make him better.

I think we keep Russell Branyan at 1B and try to get Mark Reynolds from Arizona to play 3rd Base or somewhere in our infield.  He would add some additional speed and pop to the Mariners infield.   Woodward is only going to be able to hang in here so long.  Same goes with Ronnie Cedeno.

Good comments all.   Go Mariners!

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Posted on: July 4, 2009 4:47 pm

Seattle Mariners may be unlikely buyers in July

Texas looks good, their line up is explosive and their pitching is solid... but once again both the Mariners and the Rangers seem to be playing at their highest level while the Angels are struggling and still leading the way.

Mariners playing at their highest level? Hmm last I checked Erick Bedard is out, so is Adrian Beltre, Endy Chavez, Yuniesky Betancourt, and Kenji just got back.  The current lineup they are throwing out their is pretty horrible but they are still finding ways to get it done.  We also are getting great starting pitching and have one of the best bullpens in Baseball.
Texas does have a great line up but their pitching is not "solid".  It is average at best.  Every starter has an ERA above 4 except for Kevin Millwood who is having a career year.  If their bats slump, this team does lose, their pitching will be their downfall. 

not to mention Vlad having what, one of the worst slumps of his career?
Oh please, I have another case for you. Ken Griffey Jr.  Batting a horrible .214 and batting cleanup in our lineup.  I think our situation is a little worse.   But I think it is fairly obvious what is happening in both these cases.  They are getting old, plain and simple.

Big Brad
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Posted on: July 3, 2009 6:48 pm
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Seattle Mariners may be unlikely buyers in July

i read that article, that is exactly what he said.

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Seattle Mariners may be unlikely buyers in July


Good anaylsis. I agree that the trade bait we thought we were going to have isn't really going to land any keepers. Although we can trade Yuni, I'm sure we can get back someone to take every single pitch and not go 0-2 every single trip to the plate and still be better off. The chemistry of this team is incredible compared to last year. We only have one person to thank for that I think, Junior. There is one top dog, unequivically, and even Ichiro idolizes the guy. We also have some guys trying to prove themselves night in and night out, a little chip on the shoulder does wonders... see Branyan and Aardsma. Ok, so if Yuni tried to prove himself like that we might as well keep him.

Possible trade targets? As much as I'd like to say about 5 Colorado Rockies names, it looks like they are going to be competitive for the wild card and might not want to let go of an Atkins type guy (although I don't know why we would want him). Mark DeRosa would have been perfect right about now, eh? I think Khalil Greene of the Cards might be expendable to be a multiple position guy. But I don't know how their bullpen is, assuming we trade someone like Miguel Batista for them.

I do know this, an infield of Chris Woodward, Yuni, and Lopez is not going to get it done. As much as it hurts, I say we move Branyan to 3B and go after a journeyman 1B or true OF/1B type. I bet we could find a few of those on the wire come trade time.

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Posted on: June 30, 2009 3:28 am

Seattle Mariners may be unlikely buyers in July

I love the optimism Revdog.  I wonder if TV ratings would hit an all-time low with the M's in the world series?  As long as they don't trade any quality young talent for a so-so hired gun, then I'd love to see them deal aggressively.  What's your take now on "the most overrated player in baseball" - Ichiro - as I believe you once labeled him?  He's only hitting .371 with 14 multi-hit games in June, including five games with three plus.

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