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Biggest Surprise in MLB. M's Winning. Now What?

Posted on: July 23, 2009 7:30 pm

Biggest Surprise in MLB. We’re winning.  Now what?

Who would have thought at the turn of the New Year, the Seattle Mariners were going to be relevant, yet alone heading into the deadline as perhaps buyers rather than sellers?   This team was supposed to be dismantled like a left over artillery shell come mid July.   

The thought of most in the baseball community – outside of Seattle of course – we are forever optimists in Seattle and especially those of Washington State University alumni.  We typically expect to lose but get really excited when we are even in some type of competitive race come mid point in the season.  I guess that’s sports for you.  In my opinion Seattle, is a darn good sports town.

The Seattle Mariners beat the Detroit Tigers today 2-1 for the second time in less than 24 hour.   They will now get on a flight and head back to Seattle at (51 – 44) and prepare for a series against the Cleveland Indians.     The trade deadline is approaching…. The Indians are approaching… we are 7 games over .500.  We need the Angels to lose but should we roll the dice and go for it?

The Mariners have perhaps the top pitching staff in baseball.    Felix Hernandez is Cy Young worth at 11-3 and a 2.55 era.   The guy is 10-2 after Seattle Mariners losses.  He has not lost since the week BEFORE the Memorial Day Weekend.  There was still snow on the ground in some areas.   Then, Jarrod Washburn is superb.  It’s not just a fluke either.  He has found himself and will be good for years to come.   He may even be a better version of Jamie Moyer.  He is a competitor.  Erik Bedard has the nastiest curveball I can think of in current MLB.  If he can get through 6 innings and hand if off to our bullpen we are well on our way to yet another 1 run win.

The bullpen:  David Aardsma – Incredible.   The D.A.  Great nickname.  He is able to even intimidate me during the game in a beer garden and from behind a fence.  I vow to not curse Jose Lopez’ fielding range again while at the game.  We have an understanding.  Anyhow, Lights Out.   Also, Derrick Lowe is terrific and has a 100mph fastball with a wicked slider and changeup.    Sean Greene and Shawn White have been solid and Miguel Batista and Chris Jakubauskas have been very good in long relief.

Our offense most people in the U.S.A. could barely name but 1 or 2 players.   Yes.  We have Ichiro Suzuki.  Followed by Russell ‘The Wonder Muscle’ Branyan and in another month Adrian Beltre will return.   However, the offense is where this entire buyer or seller thing is going.  We NEED a S.S.  Ronny Cedeno is nice but he’s not the answer and could help us with his fielding range at 2<sup>nd</sup> base by moving Lopez to DH or 3<sup>rd</sup> Base until Adrian Beltre returns.  Franklin Gutierrez has been looking like the steal of the year. (He and Branyan are tied) – The team is set for a playoff run.  A strong top 3 in the rotation (Felix Hernandez, Washburn, Bedard) and a lights out bullpen.

So, Jack Zduriencik… Are we going to pull the trigger and go for it?  I say we trade one of our catchers in the farm system and go for a Mark DeRosa type.   Actually, to the point:  I would like to see the Mariners go for Freddy Sanchez.   Jack Wilson is incredible on defense but we need a little pop.

Go Mariners!


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Posted on: July 31, 2009 1:08 am
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Posted on: July 29, 2009 2:05 am

Biggest Surprise in MLB. M's Winning. Now What?

Revdog, I love your blog man but this just wasn't on point, I know you pay attention to our Mariners but Derek Lowe doesn't throw 100mph and he also pitches for the Atlanta Braves. Sean Greene was traded to the Mets in the off season so I don't think he does too well for the Mariners at this point. I know you wrote this before the weekend and I am commenting late but I can't stand all the optimistic talk about Erik Bedard. That guy needs to get sent out of town, my 4 year old neice has a higher pain tolerance than this man. Get rid of him and rid the Mariners of the Bavasi curse!!! It absolutely breaks my heart that he is on the DL now and we can't do a darn thing with him other than watch him come out in two weeks and throw another 4 inning gem and wind up with a sore something or other and go back on the disabled list. All for now, you know I'll be reading Revdog!!

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Posted on: July 25, 2009 7:22 pm

Biggest Surprise in MLB. M's Winning. Now What?

The Mariners Batting Order after july 31st

C: Victor MartinezCool/ Rob Johnson
1B: Russel (the muscle) Branyan
2B: Freddy SanchezCool
3B: Adrian Beltre
SS: Jack WilsonCool
LF: Jermanye DyeCool
CF: franklin Guttierez
RF: Ichiro Suzuki
DH: Ken Griffey Jr./ Mike Sweeny/ Victor MartinezCool

Starting rotation

1. King Felix
2. Cliff LeeCool
3. Chad quallsCool
4. Jason Vargas
5. Ryan Rowland Smith


David Aardsma
Shaun Kelly
Mark Lowe

how they would get these players.Cool
Trading away some of these players:

Miguel Batista
Wladimar Ballinteen
Carlos Silva
Erik Bedard
Jarrod Washburn
Brandon Morrow
Kenji Jojima
Garret Olsen
Chris woodward
Some Minor Leage Pitchers.

Mariners RULE!!!!!!

Cool= players got from trade

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Biggest Surprise in MLB. M's Winning. Now What?

They need another Bat. I would try and get a Mark Tehan from the Royals.  He could play third until Beltre gets back and then play an outfield spot after that. Freddy Sanchez would also be a good fit for the Mariners but is just a HIGH batting average guy. Tehan seems like a better weapon with more pop in his bat.

Their pitching is also great this season. King Felix is showing his full potential this season. He could win the AL CY Young. Ardsma is pitching out of his mind. I saw when he was with the Cubs and Sox. He stunk, so good for them getting the best out of him.

Bedard should be moved, but they will not get what they gave up to get him. Good Luck to M's

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Posted on: July 24, 2009 6:01 pm

Biggest Surprise in MLB. M's Winning. Now What?

This may very well be Ken Griffey Jr.'s last year.   He's coming out of the gate more like a Clydesdale than he is Seattle Slough.  However, that said, he does the little things to make this team competitive on the field and in the dugout.  Kudos to both he, Don Wakamastu, Rick Adair, (pitching coach) and Mike Sweeney for their leadership.

If the Seattle Mariners could get Freddy Sanchez AND Jack Wilson, for a combination of Jeff Clement, Wladamier Balentien, Jeff Carp and a reliever, I say Go For It!   The stars are aligning.   Adrian Beltre will be back in a month.  Jose Lopez can DH against Left Handed pitching and find a spot on a corner bag once in a while against the right handers.

A lineup that looks like:   

Ichiro Suzuki
Freddy Sanchez
Russell Branyan
Ken Griffey Jr./Mike Sweeney
Adrian Beltre
Franklin Gutierrez
Rob Johnson
Jack Wilson

 A SP staff with:

Felix Hernandez
Erik Bedard
Jarrod Washburn
Ryan Rowland Smith

A BP with battle ornaments and all on the roof of the bullpen:

Mark Lowe
David Aarsdma
Sean Greene

We would be all of a sudden dangerous.  Not only this year but in those to come if we simply pay the options on Wilson and Sanchez and continue a long term deal.   Shore up the middle and I think we have a legitamite shot.   Zach Duke would be nice as well...

Go Mariners!

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Posted on: July 24, 2009 1:53 pm

Biggest Surprise in MLB. M's Winning. Now What?

I don't believe that the Mariners need more pitching.  With King Felix, Bedard and Washburn, and with the bullpen, we have the pitching to stay in every game.

The offense is the biggest problem, IMO.  We need more production from the catcher position (but...which team doesn't?) and more from S.S.

Would like to see the GM make a show the Seattle fanbase that they are trying to make a consistent winner...after the last 3 years, they need to.

Go M'S!!

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Posted on: July 24, 2009 8:08 am

Biggest Surprise in MLB. M's Winning. Now What?

I love the M's this year.  This 2nd half of the season is so pivital in this season, but others as well.  I think they need more youth at the mound.  There are plenty of trading partners out there that would love to have some vetern help, and Seattle has that to offer.  If they could pull off a trade that would send some vertern pitching and get a young guy and someone with a good Avg at the plate I think they could do really well the rest of the year.  Seattle to me, has power and they have a great defensive team on the field.  I just wish we had a guy that could hit for avg near the bottom of the order.  A good trade bait would be johjima.  I love him, but I really like Rob Johnson too.  Seattle could get a lot in return for Johjima, that could make this season and build the future.  Just my thoughts, and Ideas, but no matter what GO M's!

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Posted on: July 24, 2009 7:26 am

Biggest Surprise in MLB. M's Winning. Now What?

  has the nastiest curveball I can think of in current MLBDon't forget about Zito. Dang that ball drops about 3 stories!

Great blog. I think it's gona be hard for the Mariners to decide what to do. There are so many factors. The Angels aren't healthy right now, but should be come mid-August. We knw that the Rangers are PROBABLY gona go out and get a decent SP for themselves, and they do have the prospects. I'm not sure if Seattle has the players/prospects to get a big deal done. And, I agree, Erik Bedard should be traded, but if they think they're in the hunt, I don't think they should dismantle that pitching rotation. They have been one of the big surprises this year.

Who would've thought we would be talking about the Seattle Mariners and Jr. being sellers at the deadline.... WOW!

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Posted on: July 24, 2009 12:38 am

Biggest Surprise in MLB. M's Winning. Now What?

Tongue out
-I think that the mariners should try to get a deal to get Indians catcher victor martinez. They need a catcher that can hit and catch. Catching is probably Seattle's weakness. 
   -They should also trade for a starting pitcher. keep Wash and felix but trade Bedard. Maybe they could get cliff Lee for him.
   -Last of all, they should look at shortstop options. marco Scutoro would be a good fit. they could trade away cedeno and a minor leaguer for him. there's also jhonny Peralta.

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