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Seattle Mariners Thread

Posted on: March 20, 2010 7:01 pm

It's been a tough week for the Seattle Mariners.   Jack Zduriencik and Don Wakamatsu are most certainly discussing what options they have available before openig day.

The Mariners had a monumentous offseason in which the team grabbed more headlines than the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox and Chicago Cubs.   Jack Z has remade a team in under 18 months and traded or release all of the baggage left behind by Bill Bavasi.  The team has done a complete metamorphosis.  Most in Seattle paid close attention to the once proud franchise rejuvenation.  We waited patiently after our 116 game record season in 2001 only to see Billy B:  (Evil Step Brother of Money Ball author and Seattle sabotage artist, Billy Beane).. or the former Seattle GM, Bavasi dismantle a franchise as if he were continuing to trade baseball cards for gum.

Since then, Jack Zduriencik and Seattle Mariners fans have been on a pleasant journey toward optimism.

Unfortunately, this past week has given us a break from out Kool Aid.   

Here are 5 facts to take a bit of concern on already:

Cliff Lee - Right apendix industry.   Out for undertimened amount of time.  Won't even be evaluated for 10 days now.  (previously reported a 7 days)   Lee, has the double whammy week, taking not only the injury that may leave him out until May, but he also will need to serve his 5 game suspension after coming off what looks to be a likely DL stint.

Milton Bradley - Has been thrown out of 2 consecutive Spring Training games.    It's hard to fault Bradley, the umps have already shown an immediate displeasure toward Bradley, but it leads me to wonder if he should ever take a pitch after strike 2.  That is a problem.

Rob Johnson - Johnson is unable to play back to back games at the age of 26.    It's hard to imagine his body is going to feel better when her turns 27 in July.    Johnson is Felix Hernandez hand picked catcher.   All indications show that the organization will now look to Adam Moore to be the everyday catcher.   Moore has tremendous upside in an offensive role, but it's yet to be determined if his defense is on par with what the team needs.

Jason Vargas, Doug Fister aka - 5th Starter - Fister was the early favorite to assume the role but has struggled a bit in camp.   Furthermore, he just took a line drive off his leg in last nights game vs Cincinnati.   The ball took a wicked shot off his thigh and he was forced to leave the game.   Jason Vargas later enterred the game and pitched very well for 3 and 1/3 innings but then was taken on the Night Train in the tune of 4 dingers and left the game looking like the minor leagues were a better start toward his season.

Mike Sweeney - The guy is hitting the cover off the ball but we still can't find a place for him on the 25 man roster.   Our DH is full and 1B position is bogged down.   The even bigger issue is that he is the ONLY one in camp right now that seems to be able to hit the broad side of a barn.   Again, it's Spring Training, but how do you let Sweeney go when no one else on the team has shown any capability to do better or even close to the same (?).  Even more, Sweeney would likely be in the 4th spot or Cleanup if he even makes the team.  Yet he may not.   What a conundrum.

What can we Expect?

Jarrod Washburn is on the market.   The Mariners are certainly talking to his agent, Scott Boras.    Washburn has indicated that he would like to play in either Minnesota, Milwaukee or Seattle and the timing is right for Jack to not get behind in the AL West to the cocaine fueled Texas Rangers.  We assume a likely crash and come down period but it's not a given that Erik Bedard will be back soon enough to salvage a late season rally.

The team will be closely watching the waiver wire for pitching help already.   That's a given.  

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