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Illinois bowl

Posted on: July 2, 2009 11:15 pm
Illinois should have a bowl, New Mexico has the same thing. they have a WAC and a MTW team competing the respective conferences for NMU and NMSU. the Illinois bowl would be played at Solider Field  and would feature a MAc team and Big 10 8. I know it is unlikely to have 8 Big 10 bowl-eligible teams, but if they add any of the teams Joe Pa was saying that they should, it would be more likely. I think that it would attract a lot of fans and would also be an easy berth for NIU. They could do the same thing that they did in the Hawaii Bowl, by fixing it so that if not but into another bowl automatically (like Motor city or Rose) an Illinois team would go to t, then we could finally get a much craved battle against one f the "big " schools in Illinois. 

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Posted on: July 3, 2009 10:37 am

Illinois bowl

Weather would be a factor to consider.  All the bowls, I believe, are either played in the south or in domes except the bowl played at Boise State.  The promoters of the bowl, whoever they would be, would have to consider the financial viability of such an event.  Would local Chicago area fans fill up Soldier Field or at least put enough fans in seats to cover costs?

Chicago seems to be much more of a pro sports town than a college town.  I'm always amazed that Northwestern is in the biggest Big Ten market (by far!) and draws the smallest crowds (check me on this, I know they have the smallest stadium and I'm pretty sure they draw the fewest fans on average).  Would, let's say, Indiana vs. Ohio U. be an attractive draw?  I don't really know?  Detroit has done well with the Motor City Bowl, but I think the MAC is much more of a factor in that area with the 3 Michigan schools from that state and Toledo and Bowling Green within an hours drive of Detroit.  Chicago and Illinois don't seem to me to have much of a MAC following outside of the immediate NIU fan base.

Frankly, I like your idea from a fan's perspective.  I only question if it would be viable from a business perspective.

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