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Royalties for College Athletes?

Posted on: July 22, 2009 10:43 am
Wow... we're actually entertaining this?  That is hilarious.  The amount of money, benefits, gear, and opportunites that a college athlete gets on a regular basis while on-campus is more than enough payment for selling their jerseys and likenesses.  Believe me... nobody is buying a EA Sports College Football 2009 game because Tim Tebow's "likeness" is in it.  If Tim Tebow played for Florida International, nobody would buy his jersey... heck, if he played for Central Florida, the sales would be a fraction of what they are now.  He owes a lot of his popularity to the University of Florida, so they definitely don't owe him anymore than what they give him already. 

Think about it... Who's pays for his Heisman Campaign?  Who pays for Naismith Award campaigns?

These athletes are catered to for the entire time they are on campus, and that's the 11th man on the bench.  The stuff they give to the superstars is well beyond that.  So, to say that these guys aren't well compensated is a complete joke.
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Posted on: July 28, 2009 5:28 am

Royalties for College Athletes?

Absolutely not!!  College athletes should not receive any more than they already get.  I completely understand that certain athletes mean millions of dollars to one program or another, but it is not like these players get nothing in return.  In many instances, these universities have put millions of dollars in these athletes pockets in return.  Imagine what it would cost to have Jim Calhoun, his staff and all his skill training at your beckon call 24hours a day.  Hasheem Thabeet is an excellent example of turning all those university resources into millions of dollars, which would not have been there otherwise.   On top of a 100k education opportunity  (which even the last scholarship player on the roster gets), these guys have all the best training, facilities, training staff, and exposure in the world available to them.  Not an NBA talent?  Big deal, use that education that was given to you to properly educate yourself and begin a career after college that will feed your family for the rest of your life.

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