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Maybe Trent Edwards should stick to football

Posted on: May 19, 2009 8:01 pm
I was watching the Blue Jays game the other day when they anounced that Trent Edwards and Lee Evens would be their guest durring the next inning of the baseball game.  I was pretty happy to see the Bills offencive core together and showing up at the game, but as the interview went on, all i could think was, this stuff only happens to the Bills.
They started talking about taking batting practice and although Lee Evens wiffed on a few pitches, Trent hit two homers at the Rogers Centre. That made me kinda proud, being the Bills fan that I am, but then the continued the interview and told what happened durring the first pitch of the game.
They brought out Trent Edwards, quarterback of the NFL's Buffalo Bills, to throw the serimonial first pitch.  One would think that this man that throws a ball for a living should have no problem with this simple task.  But as luck would have it, he threw the ball short and way outside.  As a matter of fact, if it wasn't for Vernon Wells making a pretty good move the ball would have made it to the back stop.
I mean, come on man!!  this is a task ussually reserved for people that have nothing at all to do with actually playing sports.  George Bush did a better job, and nobody wants to have him outdoing you..  I mean look at his record of screwing things up....
Now I'm not really mad or upset or anything.  This was just a goof, but it sure makes me laugh..  for now.  But, if the football season goes on and he doesn't get this team to the playoffs, this is going to be something that people look back on.
To his defence, he came on the Jim Roam show today and defended himself by kiddingly giving every excuse you could think of, from Veron Wells wasn't the everyday catcher, to he was trying to throw a 4 seam fastball and it just got away from him. 
In the end, this really isn't any sort of big deal, but as a Bills fan, just once I would like people outside of Buffalo to think of the Bills and thier player as somthing more than just a joke. 

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