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Agressive isn't always good

Posted on: May 26, 2009 7:39 pm
When Cito Gaston came back to the Jays and started implimenting his syle of hitting, well, pun intended, it was a hit!  His idea of being agressive and hitting the first few pitches worked, with the idea that a pitcher wants to get ahead in the count early and ussually trys to throw strikes.  But recently the bats have been silenced in key situations.  Don't get me wrong they are still getting hits, they are just leaving men on base and not bringing home the runners.  I think that maybe the pitchers are getting the word that the jays like to swing early and they might not be throwing the pitches down the plate the first couple throws.  (just my opinon)
This style of hitting works, but as has happend over the last 7 games, it creates a streaky hitting team. It's either that or this was just a lucky begining to the season and their bubble has burst. (i sure hope this isn't the case!!)
Over this 7 game loosing streak, the pitching really hasn't been all that bad, it could be better, but i would say it has been just as good as it has been all year.  Casey Jansen is back and Ricky Romero is close to returning,  so the pitching is definatly looking like it has a light at the end of this injury tunnel.
The Blue Jays are still close to the Yankees ans the Red Sox in the standing and with a seven game loosing streak, they are pretty lucky.  Lets just hope they can turn their hitting aroung and start this run at the playoffs back up. 
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