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Just pul lthe triger!!!!

Posted on: March 26, 2010 3:57 pm

Why is it not a done deal?  What has Donivan Mcnabb done in the last year to make you wonder if he's not a second round pick??  The rumor is the Eagles are shopping Mcnabb for a high second roung pick....this makes Buffalo in prime posision for an acuall starter playing the posision of Quarterback.  I personally think that if the Bills can walk away from draft day with a first round pick for a starting lineman, and the second round we trade for Donivan Mcnabb.  That could turn this team into a playoff team..  Think of that...the Bills and playoffs.  I think that I would even throw in a player as well,  I dont know about Marshawn Lynch, that would be too much in my oppinion.  Im just crossing my fingers..Please Ralph Wilson...  pull the trigger...  change this team into a winner.  
It has been rumored that he wouldn't resign bill the Bills after 1 year, but I think the bills could get him and then the next year you can franchise him and sign him for one more year.  My opinion is that if the Bills arn't doing well in 2 years, Then its time for him to leave anyway.

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