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And We're Off

Posted on: May 15, 2009 11:12 pm
So this is the first stab at the whole blogging thing here on CBS Sports. I figured before I launch into anything too detailed, I'll give a brief overview of myself. My name is Steve McKinney, 25, and I live in Liberty Lake, WA -- a stone's throw from the Idaho border, about 15 miles from Coeur d'Alene. I work at a wonderful place called NightHawk Radiology Services in the sales department. My girlfriend Raquel, 23, works at the same company but in a different department.

When it comes to my sports leanings, I'm a pretty die hard fan of almost every league but the NBA. Being in Spokane, I figured I would get the chance to watch many a Sonics games, but...Oops! Nevermind on that one. I do like watching the Blazers and tried to watch them as much as I could during the season, but just couldn't quite get into it. I'm a Yankees fan at heart and baseball is by far my favorite sport. I was raised on the Yankees -- growing up in AK, the only team to root for is the Mariners and, when you're dad is a lifelong Yanks fan, you're education can tend to be skewed to a different team. Don't be misled by the Mariner's logo in the favorite teams bar -- I put that on there because I tend to gravitate towards the Mariner's board on this site as I go to a different forum board for the Yanks.

Being a Mizzou alum, I have a huge bias towards the Tigers. Yes, I know Chase Daniels wasn't the greatest. Yes, I know that Jeremy Maclin was . I hate Kansas. Absolutely despise them. But I will give them props where they are due and it will be interesting to watch Reesing come back this season with his two favorite wideouts still in the picture. They will be a force in the North for sure -- if their already suspect defense can stay focused. I think I read they're starting three new linebackers, so that'll be a challenge for sure. And they have a tougher schedule this year for once.

I'm a Seahawks fan and have been for life. And, high school hockey in Alaska is what high school football is to the rest of the nation -- a phenom worthy of the mania that surrounds it. Thus, I was raised a Penguins fan. Crosby is god. Malkin is his son on earth, and Fleury is the holy spirit.

So there you are -- I'm a fairly biased person and I'm definitely for the teams that I love and against the others. But in the long run, I am a sports fan and there is nothing I love more than the wide world of sports and I am fascinated by every facet of every sport and have players on nearly all teams that I like and follow. So I hope to drum up some good conversation and will try to mix in a bit of off the wall stuff since the tendancy recently has been to drive whatever the main topic in the media is to the ground. No steroids talk here. I'm sick of it.

With that, adieu. Hopefully over time I will be able to get some people to my blog in order to generate some great conversation! I look forward to those who read and comment on here! Hope you're ready to debate.

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