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People need to get a serious reality check(PETA)

Posted on: May 18, 2009 12:03 pm
I saw a article today talking about how Michael Vick should never be allowed to play football again. Really? Did he not serve his time in jail for his conviction? Did he not lose enough money already due to his past actions? It's amazing to me the attention he got for his dogfighting ring. It is a horrible crime that he got swift and just punishment for. Why cant people just let it go now. It's still amazing me to that Leonard Little played in the NFL after a manslaughter DUI. People didnt protest his games afterwards, radio shows phone lines werent tied up for days about his case. He killed 2 HUMAN BEINGS. But his name wasnt on the back of people's jerseys, so he didnt get much attention. He wasnt a anti establishment QB who alot of people were on the fence about. Mike Vick did horrible things and he paid dearly for it. Isnt the point of corrections to "correct" the behaviors that got the person in there to begin with. Just because the person who needed the help happened to be rich doesnt make him a worse person. We always try to crucify those who have more than us worse because we are jealous of the things they have or had. We hate Mike Vick because he had a ton of talent and money and threw it away, but does that make his crime worse? Because he's black and famous does that mean he is a horrible person who cant ever again do what he's good at?

And PETA people deep down I want you to actually stop and logically think about this question would you protest Mike Vick working again if he had never played in the NFL? Would you protest him say if he were a trash man going back to his life? Or a plumber? Or a janitor? Would you protest a person convicted of the same crimes as Mike Vick if that person were going back to work as a Janitor? If the answer is no leave Vick alone you HYPOCRITE jerks because your cause no longer is about the animals its about getting yourself noticed.
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Posted on: May 18, 2009 4:44 pm

People need to get a serious reality check(PETA)

Hey Sir, how have you been!  Not to worry, Vick will be back.  Someone will give him a second chance.  Maybe even a third chance if he needs it.  If he has repented and changed his ways, he will be ok.  We are a country of second and third chances.  See Pacman Jones, Tank Johnson, Kerry Collins, Terrell Owens the list goes and will go on forever.  Eventually, if they just don't get it, they run themselves out of chances.  Hey, when does Minicamp start and will Joshua Cribbs show up or not?  Say on another subject, I was reading where Rex (or is is Rob) Ryan the new Jets coach (that is Jets East I mean) stated that the former coach (Eric the Jet) left a lot a talent in New York.  I was surprised to hear that as it looks like he tried to bring the whole team with him!  Your thoughts, Sir?

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Posted on: May 18, 2009 3:59 pm

People need to get a serious reality check(PETA)

I agree.

While I do not agree with what Michael Vick has done in the past, I do remember to keep his situation in perspective. Vick killed animals. He cruely executed them to serve his own purposes.

If Vick should be villified for the cruel disposal of animals, then I should too.

See, I eat meat. Cows, (which are just as morally significant as dogs) are mercilessly slaughered every day in less than ideal conditions. One animal is used for sport while the other was used for entertainment.

More or less, it's the same thing.

PETA argues for the humaine treatment of animals. By definition, animals should never be treated in such a manner because they are not human.

Vick was wrong for what he did, but he should not be villified to the extent that he is today.

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