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2011 NY Giants CB Group

Posted on: February 25, 2011 10:22 am

NEW YORK – The Giants defensive backs were solid in 2010. The acquisition of defensive coordinator Perry Fewell had a profound effect on the defense as a whole but the DB’s will ultimately benefit the most. Why do I say this? Because Perry Fewell is widely known as a DB guru and there is no mistaking the fact that he brought the Giants defense to elite status in 2010. The Big Blue D hovered in the top five of total defenses all season and made huge strides from the abominable 2009 season.

The cornerback group is extremely young, with Corey Webster holding the title of “most experienced” with 6 seasons. If you averaged it out, the average amount of game experience on the team is 4 years. When you look at it like this, it makes me think the team will try to bring in a young veteran to compliment Terrell Thomas. The one player that Giants fans are salivating over is the Raiders CB Nnamdi Asomugha. If the Giants can figure out how to get this star on the team, they will have the best defensive backfield in the NFL, period. The odds on this happening are highly unlikely but Fewell must be in GM Jerry Reese’s ear daily about bringing this guy on board. When you add those CB’s to the awesome Safeties on the team, it’s dynamite.

The NFL Combine has been in full swing this week and it’s a great opportunity to take a look at some of the young talent. I guarantee that Reese and Fewell are considering which cornerback the team will draft this year and have in training camp. The more you look at the CB position, the more you are concerned with depth. Not the starters but depth. I am confident that Thomas, Ross and Webster can handle the job but if if one or two of them go down, the game will change dramatically. I don’t expect all of the players listed below to be on the team in 2011 but I am rooting for all of them to do well. Once a Giant, always a Giant.

Let’s take a look at the current Giants cornerbacks as of 2-25-11.

1. Terrell Thomas, 6’0″ 199 pounds – It is absolutely incredible that Thomas has not made the pro bowl yet. I say that because of his production on the field for the team. He is a huge part of New York’s success and completely underrated in my opinion. In 2010, he led the team in both tackles (101) and INT’s (5) and I expect nothing less then another solid season from him. He is young and hungry and seems to make the big plays when the teams needs them most. He also played in all 16 games in 2010.

2. Aaron Ross, 6’0″ 197 pounds – Ross has become an anomaly to fans. He was an exciting player to watch and played with fire when he first got to town but nagging injuries and missing so much game time has got him down a bit. He only missed 2 games last season due to injury but he still didn’t look himself. He did return some punts (at his request) for the team and did a good job with that but the team needs him at CB. He was questioning his career after 2009 while enduring the grueling rehab process. Something that must be just as tough on a guy mentally as it is physically. Ross is a fan favorite and I am rooting for him to get back to form in 2011. Keep your head up Aaron, we need you man!

3. Corey Webster, 6’0″ 202 pounds – Webster is the eldest statesmen as I mentioned above and the guy with the most game time experience for the CB squad. He finished 2010 second on the team with 4 INT’s and missed only one game due to injury. Coaches and fans have become accustom to seeing Webster around and I expect him to have a good season this year. He is also a fan favorite and someone the team counts on come crunch time. Perhaps he could bring in his Super Bowl ring to motivate the youngsters with that ten table shine.

4. Michael Coe, 6’0″ 184 pounds – Coe played in 4 games for Big Blue last season and was a guy they brought in for depth. His lack of playing time leaves us wondering what will happen with him in 2011. This is another guy who will have to show DC Perry Fewell consistency early and often if he wants to be on the roster. We wish him luck.

5. Brian Jackson, 6’0″ 198 pounds – Jackson is a guy fighting for a roster spot and I have to tell you that I like this kid. He is a good guy with a great head on his shoulders. The NFL is a tough business based strictly on performance but it’s tough not to root for this guy chasing his dream. He is willing to do whatever the team asks of him and I hope he makes the final cut.

6. Brian Witherspoon, 5’10″ 180 pounds – Witherspoon was a pick up last year for depth on the team, plain and simple. He went to Stillman college and made the roster by the end of the year. Perhaps, Fewell can see something he likes in this guy that the fans have not seen yet. Once again, he is a Giant and I want to see him do well.

7. Bruce Johnson, 5’11″ 182 pounds – Johnson was around for 3 games in 2010 and ended the season on the injured reserve list. This is a guy who might have a roster spot. He seems like he has a little bit of a playmaker in his system but it needs time to flourish. I would not be surprised if the team gave him another shot in 2011. The Giants need help at the CB position and keeping Johnson for depth seems like a smart move since he knows the playbook.

8. Joe Burnett, 5’11″ 185 pounds – Burnett is on the reserve future list and will have a tough fight to make the roster. I’m not sure what to expect from this guy and fans will have to wait and see what the team decides to do. He went to Central Florida college.

9. Cary Harris, 5’11″ 187 pounds – Harris is another player who is on the reserve future list. I don’t know much about him other then he went to USC. He is a guy that we don’t know much about and will have to see what happens with him.

10. Woodny Turrene, 5’11″ 185 pounds – Turrene rounds out the third and final player on the reserve future list. He went to Louisville but once again, I don’t know much about him and will have to wait and see what the team decides to do with him. I hope all of these guys do well and can contribute to Big Blue this season.

What are your feelings about the current state of the cornerback group for the New York Giants?


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2011 NY Giants CB Group


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2011 NY Giants CB Group

Hey Darren, I agree with you buddy. We need help at the linebacker position and offensive line without a doubt. Don't punt to DeSean Jackson is the best advice I have heard all week by the way lol great stuff man!

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2011 NY Giants CB Group

hey the giants cb are real good,but i do see them drafting a cb.the giants should really look for more young linebackers and o-line too.but ross slipped after he got hurt 2 yrs ago.thomas and webster are the best them have.GO BIGBLUE AND DON T PUNT THE TO D.JACKSON AGAIN .

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2011 NY Giants CB Group

Hey Charlie, once again you offer a terrific perspective on the team. I agree with most of what you are saying and I would love to see the team bring in another CB for competition. It may be a long shot to grab the guy form the Oakland but it will be interesting to see if we are even in the fight for him. That is a guy worth giving up a draft pick or two to acquire. 

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2011 NY Giants CB Group

What are your feelings about the current state of the cornerback group for the New York Giants?


Hey, Mock U. Outstanding blog as usual. Here are my thoughts:


1. Terrell Thomas, 6’0″ 199 pounds – I've liked this kid since the Giants drafted him, and my feelings haven't changed. An outstanding tackler, and above average in coverage. Seems to get better every year, which is what you want if you're a coach. Has probowl potential. Would like to see more big plays from him against elite competition.

2. Aaron Ross, 6’0″ 197 pounds – Ross regressed last year, and I don't think his injuries are solely to blame. Not as aggressive and aware as his rookie season. Seemed to be playing scared a lot, which can hopefully be corrected with some additional coaching. Need to show what he showed in his rookie season, which, oddly enough, was his best season. Need to turn it around this season, or the Giants may go in another direction in 2012.

3. Corey Webster, 6’0″ 202 pounds – I'm not as high on this guy as most Giants fans are. It's not 2007 anymore. I've seen him give up way too many big plays. Not as good a tackler as Thomas. Needs to me more consistent. Never morphed into the shut-down corner the Giants were hoping for. In a division with DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, Miles Austin, Dez Bryant, and Santana Moss, he scares no one. Lacks elite speed and coverage ability. Best suited for the nickel slot.

4. Michael Coe, 6’0″ 184 pounds – He's already 27 years old, and has barely played. Has 13 career tackles. I don't see how keeping him helps the Giants. Should be cut for someone who can make a bigger impact.

5. Brian Jackson, 6’0″ 198 pounds – I've never seen this kid in action as a NY Giants, but I DO know he was pretty good in college when he played at Oklahoma. I'd like to see more of him. If his college talent translates to the NFL, then he can be a starter maybe by 2012. Will have to follow mini-camps and preseason to see how he does. Coughlin needs to give him some playing time.

6. Brian Witherspoon, 5’10″ 180 pounds - Probably closer to 5'7" in actual size, Witherspoon is an undersized CB who was never expected to be anything other than a KR/PR in this league. Had explosive speed in college, but I haven't seen him in action in the NFL. I'm guessing the Giants cut this guy if they don't see him as a better opition than Hixon at KR.

7. Bruce Johnson, 5’11″ 182 pounds - Still a young CB and as an undrafted free agent rookie, exceeded expectations. Worth keeping on the roster. Has a higher ceiling than Webster at this point. Above average tackler. Above average in coverage. Hopefully, he comes back from that injury 100%.

#'s 8, 9, & 10 - Know nothing about these guys. Zip.

In summary:

I like our group of CB's, but I'm not ecstatic with them. I think our group still lacks a true shut-down corner, and I think the Giants will need one playing against the Cowboys and Eagles WR's twice per season. I don't think signing 30-something year old CB Nnamdi Asomugha to big dollars is the answer. That would be a band-aid; not a long term solution. The Giants either need to develop the young guys already on the roster, draft a CB with shut-down potential, or sign a younger, less-costly free agent.

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