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NBA's top players for every position in 2009-2010

Posted on: June 30, 2009 1:00 pm
Edited on: July 1, 2009 11:58 pm
2009-2010 Top Players

Point Guards

1. Chris Paul- Best scorer/passer/dribble in the league. Expect another huge season from young Paul.
2. Deron Williams- Always impresses me, always has everyone involve and still gets his 20 points
3. Chauncey Billups- I know hes high on my list, but for a reason, nick name Mr. Big Shot, one of the best defenders, great shooter, great passer, and great leadership. Still can play at 32, just a flat out winner anywhere he goes.
4. Tony Parker- A proven veteran, a lot of pressure was on him because a lot of injuries with Spurs, and he came though in a big way with averaging 22 points.
5. Devin Harris- Very close to Tony Parker's numbers, great young talent, Nets got a steal
6. Steve Nash- He did have a down year last year, but still averaged close to 16 points and 10 assist. Still has great leadership and great things happen when hes on the court.
7. Nate Robinson- Had a break out year last season. Lets see if he can keep it up.
8. Jason Terry- Great shooter, should be the starter for next season, should have another good year.
9. Rajon Rondo- Great passer, still on the Celtics, so should have a better season with more experience.
10. Baron Davis- Still can play, with Blake Griffin, should have a solid season.

Shooting Guards

1. Kobe Bryant- Maybe slowing down a little, but can still play at a high level.
2. Dwyane Wade- Carries the Heat still, great shooter, and can drive to the basket against anyone.
3. Brandon Roy- With the draft pick, I have him at SG position. If he is at that position look out because he can score with the best of them.
4. Joe Johnson- Can flat out shoot the lights out. Enough said.
5. Andre Iguodala- Great defender, still young, can do just about anything.
6. Manu Ginobili- Injuries really took a toll on Manu. Hopefully, he can get back to normal.
7. Michael Redd- Great shooter, when healthy one of the best scorer in the league.
8. Vince Carter- Traded to Magic, getting up in age, but can still score.
9. Ray Allen- Getting up in age, but can still shoot with the best.
10. Ben Gordon- Great shooter, don't know where he'll end up, but still a solid player.

Small Forwards

1. LeBron James- Prince James will have to prove himself with shaq neverless a great player.
2. Danny Granger- Great young upcoming players
3. Kevin Durant- Very talented, really have to score with the Thunder.
4. Carmelo Anthony- Still very young, doesn't ahoot much, but when he does he makes shots.
5. Paul Pierce- Getting up in age, but still can score.
6. Rudy Gay- Geat young player, I don't think he would score that much if he was on a solid team.
7. Al Thornton- Another great young talent, can score, working with Blake Griffin might lower his numbers slightly.
8. Hedo Turkoglu- Can shoot the three ball well, defend well, also pass well.
9. Richard Jefferson- Has a new home with the Spurs, production should go down slightly
10. Gerald Wallace- Great player, underrated player also.

Power Forwards

1. Dirk Nowitzki- Great shooter from anywhere, can rebound well
2. Chris Bosh- Question is will he move, he will be a great player where ever hes at.
3. Kevin Garnett- A healthy Garnett is a explosive Garnett, enough said.
4. Antawn Jamison- Getting up in age, but still is very producted, had a lot of injuries, so that might have saved him a couple of great years.
5. Amare Stoudimire- Great athlete, great rebounder, can score at will.
6. David West- Very powerful, has nice moves around the paint.
7. LaMarcus Aldridge- Great young talent, production might go down if Greg Oden can stay healthy.
8. Carlos Boozer- Can score and rebound well.
9. Al Jefferson- Plays for a bad team but can play very well.
10. David Lee- Had a outstanding year last season. Outstanding rebounder, averages a double-double.


1. Dwight Howard- So strong, best rebounder in the NBA, still needs a couple of good post moves, but is very young.
2. Tim Duncan- A proven veteran, can still play with the best of them when healthy.
3. Pau Gasol- Proved he is one of the best post players last season with Kobe.
4. Mehmet Okur- More of a shooter, but a solid rebounder also.
5. Nene Hilario- Can score well, block shots well, good rebounder.
6. Emeka Okafor- Averages a double-double, enough said.
7. Shaquille O'Neal- Still can score, will have to see how this Prince James/Shaq thing turns out.
8. Chris Kaman- Has great size at seven foot, block shots well, can get his shot.
9. Andrew Bogut- Average a double-double
10. Marcus Camby- Can block with the best, averages a double-double

Honerable Mentions: Allen Iverson, Rasheed Wallace, Charlie Villanueva, Jason Kidd, Tayshaun Prince, John Salmons, Yao Ming (get well soon), Jason Richardson, Troy Murphy, Jermaine O'Neal, Mo Williams, Rodney Stucky, Derrick Rose, O.J. Mayo, Andre Miller, and Ron Artest.
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Posted on: July 20, 2009 3:06 am

NBA's top players for every position in 2009-2010

Just because Tim Duncan cries to the NBA offices every year to list him at PF so he can start the All Star game, does not mean he is not a center. Maybe with Yao out, he wont whine this year.

Good list. But be ready to add Josh Howard and Shawn Marion to that list.

Since: Sep 11, 2006
Posted on: July 19, 2009 3:16 am

NBA's top players for every position in 2009-2010

NO he is not a center.

Since: Sep 11, 2006
Posted on: July 19, 2009 3:14 am

NBA's top players for every position in 2009-2010

Anyone who does not put Duncan as a top ten PF is not worth reading.

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Posted on: July 9, 2009 12:22 am

NBA's top players for every position in 2009-2010

yes. u do put alot into this blog, andre igudula, so the truth comes out= ). those cubs look sad , ryan dempster on the dl by jumping up and down, lol
nice blog tho

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Posted on: June 30, 2009 11:58 pm

NBA's top players for every position in 2009-2010

Thanks for the comment. I put a lot of time in these blogs entries, maybe you can spread the word. Any top stories, you can always look here for a detailed and well written piece. Thanks again.

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Posted on: June 30, 2009 9:02 pm

good blog

good blog maybe i start looking at it more.

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