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Roy Halladay and MLB prospects

Posted on: July 28, 2009 1:10 pm
Edited on: July 28, 2009 1:22 pm

I can't believe Roy Halladay isn't a Philliy yet. Phillies could have Halladay for this year and next year in his prime. I do think players are in their prime between 27-33, definitely for pitchers. He doesn't throw in the near a 100 mph, so I do think he can reduplicate his numbers this year for another two years if no serious injury. I wouldn't mine losing J.A. Happ and Phillies best pitcher pospect, you get the arguably best pitcher in baseball right now. You got Cole Hamels, your ace struggling right now. Your the defending world series champions, not to many teams repeat. The Braves are breathing down your neck, and they do have great pitching.

How do the Phillies' organization know that they will be this good in the next two to three years, so these "prospects" will shine, and have a shot at a world series like this year. You don't know that, but if Phillies aquire Roy Halliday, you know your chances increases dramatically, I think almost double. Roy Halladay eats up innings like no other, it will lift a huge amount of pressure off this shakey Phillies bullpen. Thats way more then what you can say about J.A. Happ, which teams are starting to figure this young pitcher out.

Now, if Phillies don't win the World Series this year without Roy Halladay, can you imagine the confidence of this club house. Knowing they had a shot at getting Roy Halladay. Phillies still can get this trade done, but they could have done it last week, and already have a start and time to adjust with team. Now, you have other teams in the mix.

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