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Oh, Henry! Top recruit from KU to UK?

Posted on: June 30, 2009 10:10 pm
Being a fan of any high-major NCAA college basketball program these days, you are bound to be subject to a late recruiting tiff not so infrequently. It's time again for Kansas fans, but with the cupboard not so bare, does KU need Xavier Henry as bad as Henry needs KU?

This topic wouldn't even be up for debate if Henry simply skipped town before Lance Stephenson reportedly committed to the University of Cincinnati recently. Stephenson could have jumped in just as admirably and been another impact piece that would have kept the Jayhawks as the favorite to tear down the nets next year along with Collins, Aldrich and rising sophomore Tyshawn Taylor. But with Stephenson and top prospect John Wall already off the board, this is a hot topic.

Kansas, albeit a national title and plenty of recent success, has had their share of problem children over the past five years. J.R. Giddens, a tremendously talented swingman, had his exodus amongst off-campus scuffles. David Padgett, another top ten recruit, transferred to Louisville after problems with his father, also a coach, arose. Big man C.J. Giles was booted for "irresponsible behavior and disrespect for team rules." With what seems to be a good, talented core, Henry is starting to draw question marks for his flip-flopping.

On the other hand, Kentucky is no slouch either. They've acquired a number of talents, both existing but even more so incoming. Going to Kentucky may or may not be a more successful collegiate opportunity for Henry and his brother, but will it be a better showcase for his professional career? With a logjam of talent, Henry may not get a chance to put himself on the map the way he would be able to in Lawrence.

As a Jayhawk fan, I have become somewhat indifferent, but feel like the system that Bill Self runs (and no, I don't mean his programs being cleaner), is more opportunitstic for Henry than Coach Calipari's.

With Coach Self meeting with the Henry family tonight, we'll soon know the answer.
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