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Stop messing with my sports

Posted on: August 5, 2010 3:54 pm
The baseball season is heating up, the football rumors have begun. However, more and more, when I make one of my daily visits to CBS Sportsline, I find myself cursing  -- and that's before I even get to the scores or stories. I'm not sure why it's taken so long, but that flipping expanding ad at the top of the page (in ad-speak, the banner ad) unfolding just irks me to the nth degree. Who thought this would be a good idea? I want their names.
What went into this decision? I can just picture someone deciding that if the ad unfolded to dominate the page it would make more people click on it. Speaking for myself, what a hoot.
When I head for the website it's because I want sports, not a commercial that dominates the page. Beside my computer I am now keeping a running list of the ads that partake in this annoying contrivance just to make sure I never accidentally give those businesses my business.
So, do I ever click on ads? Yes, if the business offers something I need or want and it appears reputable. (In other words, not if it declares I'm the 1 millionth visitor and am now eligible to win my weight in gold.)
You enter the site, the ad unfolds and the "close" button is always in a different spot. So I ignore it and scroll down to see the news. Then, magically, the ad folds back up again and you're looking at -- more ads. Wow, just what I was hoping to find. NOT! I was hoping to find sports. Along the way I am receptive to advertising messages, but not if they interfere with my original mission.
Imagine how people would squawk if suddenly the little streaming banner on the bottom of their televisions grew to occupy the whole screen in the middle of the action. Imagine the effect on subscribers it would carry if, in order to read the articles in a magazine you had to peel off a bunch of advertisements.
Please, Sportsline, give your members a little credit. We're not easily hornswoggled as we look for our sports news. We're just irked. Please change the policy that really only says one thing to me: Our subscribers are a bunch of dummies and here's how we can rip them off. 
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