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Best Teams NL Central

Posted on: August 20, 2010 1:16 pm
Earlier in the week a started a series of posts that were going to cover each team in baseballs best players in the modern era (which i consider 1950+). I analyzed the Cubs then began working on the other teams, i decided it would be much more effiecent if i posted the teams by division and compare to see which would fare the best. I will post each teams lineup and #1 starter with their WAR and FLD numbers next to them.

1. Ryne Sandberg-2B-  4.2 WAR  4 FLD
2. Mark Grace-1B-        3.5 WAR  5.1 FLD
3. Billy Williams-OF-     5.2 WAR  -3 FLD
4. Sammy Sosa-OF-     4.9 WAR  6.6 FLD
5. Ron Santo-3B-         5.7 WAR  1.9 FLD
6. Ernie Banks-SS-       3.9 WAR  2.8 FLD
7. Andre Dawson-OF-   3.0 WAR  -.5 FLD
8. Jody Davis-C-          2.4 WAR  4.5 FLD

#1 Starter- Fergie Jenkins

1. Lou Brock-OF-         3.2 WAR  -3.1 FLD
2. Ozzie Smith-SS-      4.7 WAR  15.1 FLD
3. Albert Pujols-1B-      7.8 WAR  6.3 FLD
4. Stan Musial-OF-       6.3 WAR  2.4 FLD
5. Jim Edmonds-OF-    5.5 WAR  4.4 FLD
6. Ken Boyer-3B-         5.2 WAR  6.8 FLD
7. Ted Simmons-C-     4.1 WAR  -1 FLD
8. Red Shoendienst-2B- 2.5 WAR  5 FLD

#1 Starter- Bob Gibson

1. Craig Biggio-2B-      3.5 WAR  -3.3 FLD
2. Cesar Cedeno-OF-   4.3 WAR  .5 FLD
3. Lance Berkman-OF- 4.7 WAR  .3 FLD
4. Jeff Bagwell-1B-       5.6 WAR  3.9 FLD
5. Jose Cruz-OF-          3.8 WAR  6.5 FLD
6. Doug Radar-3B-       3.4 WAR  -1 FLD
7. Dickie Thorn-SS-      2.1 WAR  4.3 FLD
8. Brad Ausmus-C-         .5 WAR  -1 FLD

#1 Starter- Roy Oswalt

1. Joe Morgan-2B-        7.6 WAR  .75 FLD
2. Pete Rose-3B-          4.6 WAR  -4 FLD
3. Frank Robinson-OF-   6.6 WAR  5 FLD
4. Johnny Bench-C-       4.8 WAR  4.2 FLD
5. George Foster-OF-     4.3 WAR  4.8 FLD
6. Tony Perez-1B-          3.2 WAR  .4 FLD
7. Vada Pinson-OF-        4.5 WAR  0FLD
8. Barry Larkin-SS-         3.7 WAR  1.5 FLD

#1 Starter- Jim Maloney

1. Paul Molitor-3B-         4.1 WAR  .7 FLD
2. Robin Yount-SS-        3.7 WAR  -2.3 FLD
3. Cecil Cooper-1B-        3.1 WAR  .7 FLD
4. Jeromy Burnitz-OF-     3.7 WAR  4.2 FLD
5. Geoff Jenkins-OF-      2.8 WAR  6.5 FLD
6. Ben Oglive-OF-          2.7 WAR  .1 FLD
7. B.J. Surhoff-C-           1.9 WAR  2.8 FLD
8. Jim Gantner-2B-         1.4 WAR  2 FLD

#1 Starter- Teddy Higuera

1. Roberto Clemente-OF-  5.1 WAR  11.3 FLD
2. Jason Kendall-C-          3.8 WAR  -1.8 FLD
3. Barry Bonds-OF-           7.1 WAR  18.4 FLD
4. Willie Stargel-OF-         3.4 WAR  -3.5 FLD
5. Donn Clendenon-1B-    2.6 WAR  -.2 FLD
6. Richie Hebner-3B-        3.5 WAR  -5.4 FLD
7. Jay Bell-SS-                 3.1 WAR  .7 FLD
8. Bill Mazeroski-2B-         2.3 WAR  8.6 FLD

#1 Starter- Bob Friend

Team WAR + FLD

Cubs- 32.8 WAR  21.4 FLD
Cardinals- 39.3 WAR  35.9 FLD
Astros- 27.9 WAR  10.2 FLD
Reds- 39.3 WAR  12.7 FLD
Brewers- 23.4 WAR  14.7 FLD
Pirates- 30.9 WAR  28.1 FLD

I think it is obvious that the Cardinals have the best team of the bunch and are lead by the best pitcher of the bunch as well. Cincinnati is probably the second best team on this list because their team WAR is tied for first with the Cardinals but their defense is 2nd to last and Jim Maloney dosnt rate up as highly as Bob Friend or Fergie Jenkins. The Cubs and Pirates are probably tied for 3rd, while the Cubs have a better WAR the Pirates have a better FLD, although Fergie may have the edge over Friend. The Astros are 5th and the Brewers are officaly the worst team of the buch. I got the WAR and FLD stats from which is an excellent site if your a stats junkie like me. I created the lineups by going to and anaylizing who i thought were the best at each position, obviously not everyone is going to agree with me on my stats. Also a side not i just picked the top 3 outfielders i did not pick the best at each particular position this time. If you have any comments please post them i love reading them and give me feedback please. I plan on doing the AL Central next.

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Posted on: August 21, 2010 2:22 pm

Best Teams NL Central

Thank you for the praise, i think partially why i put Jim Edmonds in there is because he was one of my favorite players(dont tell anyone cause im a cubs fan.). But yes you guys are right those guys were vital to their teams success but i was just taking a strictly statistical approach and he seemed a bit better. I was going to do benches for each team and both Flood and McGee were on it. And dont forget to check out my post on the AL Central it should be done tomorrow or monday at the latest. Although it will slow down cause my college classes start on monday.

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Posted on: August 20, 2010 4:43 pm

Best Teams NL Central

Great job! I agree that the effort that went into this is huge! Now you get to get picked apart by those of us who are winging it! :)

I tend to agree that I might be more inclined to put McGee in over Edmonds, in spite of the numbers. He was just a part of the heart and soul of the 80's Cardinals. 
I also note that the Cardinals have players form so many different eras. I think that has a lot to do with their prolonged success. 
Really, a fantastic post. Thanks for the work!

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Posted on: August 20, 2010 3:05 pm

Best Teams NL Central

Thanks DLee.  Looks like you put alot of time and effort into this.

It's amazing that the Reds team looks alot like th eBig Red Machine of the mid '70's and the Brewers team has quite a few from their World Series team of '82.

Being a Cardinal fan, I'm not sure I totally agree with Edmonds.  I'm not denying that his importance to the team during his tenure, but Curt Flood, Willie McGee, or Ray Lankford may be more deserving.

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