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NL All Star Team

Posted on: June 16, 2011 6:17 pm
So we are quickly approaching the All Star break and i have seen a lot of writers making up their lists of who should be on the teams. So I thought i would make my own list and see how many people make some sort of complaint that their favoriet player should make the cut. i will say that I am a big reader of and that my picks are very similar to Dave Cameron's on Fangraphs with the exception of a few players. I am not going by who is winning the votes, only by who I think should be playing. I will list the starters first then the reserves for the NL Rosters today.

Starting Lineup-

C- Brian McCann (ATL)
1B- Joey Votto (CIN)
2B- Rickie Weeks (MIL)
SS- Jose Reyes (NYM)
3B- Placido Polanco (PHI)
OF- Matt Kemp (LAD)
OF- Andrew McCutchen (PIT)
OF- Ryan Braun (MIL)
P- Roy Halladay (PHI)
This is one of the first times that i dont necesserily hate the voting results i have seen thus far. I have the same starters at Catcher, Third and some outfielders. Rickie Weeks is second behind Phillips right now and Votto is second behind Pujols (who i have ommitted from my all star team GASP!), and Reyes is second behind Tulowitzki as well. So most of my lineup is in the top 2 places in the voting so far. I really dont think any of my starter picks are that controversial, i considered starting Ryan Roberts at 3rd but statistically could not justify it. I think where readers may get upset with my picks is for the reserves and pitchers. 

Reserve Pitchers-

SP- Cole Hamels (PHI)
SP- Cliff Lee (PHI)
SP- Shaun Marcum (MIL)
SP- Daniel Hudson (ARI)
SP- Clayton Kershaw (LAD)
SP- Jamie Garcia (STL)
SP- Tim Lincecum (SFG)
RP- Jonny Venters (ATL)
RP- Craig Kimbrel (ATL)
RP- Joel Hanrahan (PIT)
RP- Fernando Salas (STL)

I almost didn't include Cliff Lee because i wanted to put Tommy Hanson on this list so bad. I know that's where me and Dave Cameron differed on this is that I went with Marcum over Hanson cause they were probably the last 2 starters in on my roster. Also i gave Marcum the edge since i decided to go with both Atlanta releivers Venters and Kimbrel. I almost put Sean Marshall but i did not think the Cubs deserved to have to players on this All Star team and I think there is one player that stands out as the Cubs best this season, also Marshall's past few games have been rough.

Reserve Position Players-

C- Miguel Montero (ARI)
C- Yadier Molina (STL)
1B- Prince Fielder (MIL)
1B- Gaby Sanchez (FLA)
2B- Danny Espinosa (WAS)
2B- Brandon Phillips (CIN)
SS- Troy Tulowitzki (COL)
SS- Stephen Drew (ARI)
SS- Starlin Castro (CHC)
3B- Ryan Roberts (ARI)
3B- Chase Headley (SDP)
OF- Lance Berkman (STL)
OF- Hunter Pence (HOU)
OF- Matt Holliday (STL)

I think the biggest argument people will have with this lineup is why has Albert Pujols been left off the list, and they would have a somewhat valid argument. The fact is that he has played below the level of the players above him at his position on this list and combined with the requirements of filling the roster i could not find a spot for him. That is not to say he is not an all star caliber player but there were other players i would rather see on this team than him. Like i said my roster is very similar to Dave Cameron's at with the exception of Starlin Castro, Shaun Marcum and Craig Kimbrell being on the team and the exclusion of Albert Pujols, Tommy Hanson and Sean Marshall. If you have any feedback i would love to hear it because these are just my opinions and i love to see the other sides of arguments as well.


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