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Not all the Pieces, please King

Posted on: May 31, 2009 6:11 pm
     Just wondering when all of you so called sports experts are going to stop making excuses for King James.  For the last few years you keep blaming the front office for not surronding enough pieces around the King to help him win his title.  Did he not make the finals a few years ago, why can he not make it back now?  What are the right pieces, Kobe Bryant, Yao Ming, Carmelo Anthony.  For all of the things the King can do, there seems to be a few things he can not, and that is get the best out of his supporting cast.  So many sport pundits are wondering how many titles King James will get, well you heard it here first, none.  The only NBA title rings Lebron will get are ones that he buys from Shaq, Kobe, or Jordan.
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