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Guards Comparison

Posted on: June 1, 2009 6:10 pm
Edited on: March 10, 2010 1:29 pm
Ricky Rubio 6-4 PG Spain

Compared To: Steve Nash/Jason Williams

Analysis: Has tremendous ball handling and vision in the half court and in the full court. Can make the fundamental or flashy pass. Creates pass lanes by putting a spin on the ball, using wrap around passes, or difficult bounce passes. Is a much better defender than Nash, but has less range and consistency on his jump shot. His flashy passes are on the level of a Jason Williams or Magic Johnson. There really is no guard you can compare Rubio to because of his unique skill set, size, and talent.

Ty Lawson 5-11 PG North Carolina

Compared To: Chris Paul

Analysis: Lawson is blessed with tremendous speed and quickness. In 2008-2009 season Lawson improved his 3pt shooting and his become a liable threat from the 3pt line which opened lanes for himself and his teammates. Has solid vision and great ball handling skills. In the NCAA tournament Lawson proved to be the best player and leader of the nation's best team. Outside is lack of size  there is no reason Ty Lawson will not become a Chris Paul like PG in the NBA for years to come.

Eric Maynor 6-4 Virginia Commonwealth

Compared To: Chauncey Billups/Sam Cassell

Analysis: Big PG with a great feel for the game. Has a solid jumpshot and has the ability to get into the lane and create shots for himself and teammates. Uses body well to asborb contact and draw fouls. Is not the fastest player, but Maynor uses his solid first step to get by defenders and holds them off using his 6-4 frame. Maynor is natural born leader and a clutch basketball player just as Cassell and Billups. Maynor attended a small school but is ready for big time games, as shown in tournament upset over the heavily favorited Duke Blue Devils.
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Posted on: June 1, 2009 10:52 pm

Guards Comparison

And as for Rubio, only because he is so young, i might compare him to a MUCH more developed Sebastion Telfair,  someone who maybe in a year or 2 will be able to be something special, but as for right now i wouldnt look for anything too great

I definatley would not compare ty lawson to chris paul.  Paul is much more dynamic, and has a lot better passing.  he's also a much more developed offensice threat.  The only real place i would compare the two is at the ability to push it in the open floor.  Yet still i really do not see ty lawson becoming a guy who can put up anything near the 20 and 11 that Paul averages.

Eric Maynor is also a lot different thatn chauncey billups.  Both ar every good scorers, but i highly doubt that maynor has the leadership abillities of billups.  I would compare him more to a Jason Terry or Ben Gorden, as more of a combo guard who can shoot lights out.  And he is very similar to Stephen curry so, i would not look at drafting Maynor, unless Curry is already taken   

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