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Top 10 Starting Lineups in the NBA

Posted on: July 22, 2009 12:43 am

1. Boston Celtics

Rajon Rondo
Ray Allen
Paul Pierce
Kevin Garnett
Rasheed Wallace

Notes: The addition of Rasheed Wallace to the starting 5 makes the C's with no holes in the starting 5. Also the Celtics have a top 10 player at each position. Yes, Rondo believe it or not is a top 10 Point Guard.

2. San Antonio Spurs

Tony Parker
Manu Ginobili
Richard Jefferson
Antonio McDyess
Tim Duncan

Notes: Ginobili will be able to start this year considering he will not have to attack as much with the addition of Richard Jefferson. This also gives the spurs a starting 5 with players who at one point or another in the career were all stars or borderline all stars.

3. Los Angeles Lakers

Derek Fisher
Kobe Bryant
Ron Artest
Pau Gasol
Andrew Bynum

Notes: Any lineup with Bryant and Gasol will be a top tier lineup. The addition of Ron Artest and the development of Andrew Bynum will be key to the how the Lakers stack up next year.

4. Denver Nuggets

Chauncey Billups
J.R Smith
Carmelo Anthony
Kenyon Martin

Notes: With Danthay Jones leaving for Indy J.R Smith likely will be inserted into the starting 5. The health of Nene and Martin will key if Nuggets plan on contending next year.

5. Orlando Magic

Jameer Nelson
Mickael Pietrus
Vince Carter
Rashard Lewis
Dwight Howard

Notes: The addition of Carter and the loss of Turkoglu will change the look off the Orlando Magic. Look to see a lot of 2-man game with Carter and Dwight Howard.

6.Cleveland Cavaliers

Maurice Williams
Delonte West
LeBron James
Anderson Varejao
Shaquille Oneal

Notes: The addition of Shaq will make Mo Williams and Delonte West look even better. As for James and Shaq? Well i'm sure everyone saw Shaq and Kobe and Wade and Shaq. Doubt it will be any different with Shaq and LeBron. Lineup would be better without Varejao.

7. Dallas Mavericks

Jason Kidd
Josh Howard
Shawn Marion
Dirk Nowitzki
Eric Dampier

Notes: Lineup may look different when the season starts as look to see the Mavs go back to a run and gun offense with Dirk at the 5 and Marion at the 4.

8. Atlanta Hawks

Mike Bibby
Jamal Crawford
Joe Johnson
Josh Smith
Al Horford

Notes: Lineup looks more potent than the offense the Atlanta put out against the Cavaliers. Hawks potentially will look for Crawford to come the bench although he is a more than capable starter

9. Utah Jazz

Deron Williams
Ronnie Brewer
Andrei Kirlenko
Carlos Boozer
Memhet Okur

Notes: Look for the Jazz starting 5 to be solid as always. Boozer may be on the move soon which will not matter greatly as Paul Milsap will fill his shoes nicely.

10. Washington Wizards

Gilbert Arenas
Randy Foye
Caron Butler
Antwan Jamison
Brendan Haywood

Notes: If the Wizards can stay healthy they are sleeper team to go deep into the playoffs. The return of Haywood and Arenas, with the addition of Foye will make the Wizards starting 5 look potent this upcoming season.


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Posted on: July 24, 2009 1:46 pm

Top 10 Starting Lineups in the NBA

The Wizards now have a "real" coach. Also with the signing of Fabricio Oberto, we ahve solved our 5 spot depth. Wait for Marcus Camby to be bought out by the clippers, and sign with the Wizards after they buy out Deshawn stevenson (or keep him, he wont want to leave if we ahve 30 wins heading into all star weekend) Wizarsd are now rivaling the Lakers and the Spurs for best team in the NBA.

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Posted on: July 24, 2009 2:18 am

Top 10 Starting Lineups in the NBA

It is surprising to see the front court of the Jazz being  Kirlenko, Boozer, Okur...  What I figured would be someone other than Kirlenko (no clue about the backup), then Millsap, and then Okur.  Didn't think he or Boozer would be there still and more than likely one or both wont when we start this whole shindig.  I bet the Jazz F.O. is pissed at all players taking the player option! lol.

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Posted on: July 23, 2009 5:50 pm

Top 10 Starting Lineups in the NBA

The problem with the Wizards is they have just as much talent as anyone else but can't compete as a team which makes their lineup a none top ten. Same goes for the Knicks.

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Posted on: July 23, 2009 5:38 pm

What about the KNICKS

what about the knicks ...

c. duhon
l. hughes
w. chandler
d. lee
e. curry

I'm just kidding people...

The Knicks=Lottery

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Posted on: July 23, 2009 1:16 pm

Top 10 Starting Lineups in the NBA

great job. Very accurate as far as starters goes. The only team you may have left out I think is Portland but they are without a great PG so that's probably a good reason to leave them out. Oklahoma City will be on here in the next few years. They have some great young talent James Harden, Kevin Durant, Westbrook.. but overall great article.

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Posted on: July 22, 2009 8:09 pm

Top 10 Starting Lineups in the NBA

Along with the Wizards being in the top 10 starting lignups, they're easily in the top three in best Bench with Javaris Crittenton, Nick Young, Mike Miller, Javale Mcgee, Dominic McGuire, and Andray Blatche. This combination puts them in the top 5 teams in the NBA (injuries pending.)

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