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Top 10 Point Guards in the NBA

Posted on: August 3, 2009 6:43 pm
Edited on: August 4, 2009 7:52 pm
1. Deron Williams 6-3 Utah

Analysis: Although Chris Paul has better numbers, the Jazz usually are the better team. Also, when Paul and Williams match up Williams usually comes out on top. But this a very arguable topic.

2. Chris Paul 6-0 New Orleans

Analysis: Puts up 20 points and 10 assists every game. Would be number 1 if he were to have more success in the playoffs.

3. Chauncey Billups 6-4 Denver

Analysis: Really difficult to remember to remember the last Chauncey wasn't in the Eastern Conference finals. He is the true definition of a point guard. He sets the offense up, controls the tempo of the game, and his a great defender.

4. Tony Parker 6-2 San Antonio

Analysis: Averaged 22 pts and almost 7 assists. Stepped up as Manu Ginobili was out.

5. Jason Kidd 6-4 Dallas

Analysis: Still averages near 10 assists and shot over 40% from the 3pt line. His improved play towards the end of the season shows he not quite at the end of his career.

6. Rajon Rondo 6-1 Boston

Analysis: Had 7 10+ assists games during the playoffs. He clearly was the best Celtic during the playoffs averaging nearly triple double.

7. Steve Nash 6-2 Phoenix

Analysis: Averaged almost 16 points and nearly 10 assists. But his defensive shortcomings which were exaggerated before, have become fact. Not making the playoffs moves the 2 time MVP down the list a few years after the was untouchable.

8. Devin Harris 6-3 New Jersey

Analysis: Averaged 21 points and 7 assists. Lack of success keeeps him low on this list.

9. Derrick Rose 6-4 Chicago

Analysis: Showed potential during the regular season and the post season. Look for him to be a top 5 point guard in years to come.

10. Andre Miller 6-3 Philadelphia

Analysis: Brought the Sixers back to the playoffs. He is veteran leader and probably the most underrated point guard.

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Posted on: August 9, 2009 7:19 pm

Top 10 Point Guards in the NBA

That is true that Paul does more for his team, but Williams plays well not matter what the situation. Williams always puts on a good performance whether he's playing with Boozer or Paul Milsap. Boozer missed many games last year and Williams still ran the pick and roll with Milsap. Also the reason why Paul doesnt has such a high +/- is that they have no one else to run the show while he's gone. I believe if you were to switch Williams and paul New Orleans would be just as effective.

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Posted on: August 9, 2009 2:26 am
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Posted on: August 8, 2009 11:20 pm

Top 10 Point Guards in the NBA

I'd have to change up the bottom half of your list just a bit.

5. Steve Nash      Still a tremendous offensive player, didn't have as strong or as healthy of a surrounding cast last season.  He is below average on defense though.

6. Devin Harris    Much faster and more explosive than the man he was traded for, Jason Kidd.  On the upswing, while Kidd is on the downswing of his career. 

7. jason kidd      has developed his outside shot, but his age is creeping up on him.  Will continue to see diminishing min.  with the Mavericks.

8. Derrick Rose    in the top 4 or 5 by the end of next season

9. Rajon Rondo  improved last season, especially in the post season.  But still overshadowed by his teammates.  Will have to continue to improve as Garnett, Allen, and Pierce show signs of aging.

10. Mo Williams    might be alongside Lebron, but he helped lead the Cavs to the best regular season record.  Needs to get Cleveland to the Finals if he wants to stay in the top 10.

Can't argue much with Williams over Chris Paul for #1.  you laid out your reasons, both are great players.

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Posted on: August 8, 2009 5:53 pm

Top 10 Point Guards in the NBA

Thank you for acknowledging Calderon's talents and I do agree that he is a less stellar defender without a doubt and winning is very important which is why I even have Parker on my list as you said. However, too blames the Raptors losses piling up on Calderon is not possible. He had a magnificent AST/TO Ratio which is much more important than the D or did you forget 2 time MVP Steve Nash can't play D. Also, I knocked on kid for putting up his worst numbers in the PLAYOFFS. Also with Jason Kidd you cant blame him for the lack of success Dallas had because they weren't healthy most of the regular season. When Josh Howard and Jason Terry were healthy Dallas was very productive. You just had to say like I did when he added two more all-stars on top of an NBA MVP in Dirk and they were productive. Compare who Devin Harris had on his Net's squads to Jason Kidd's.  That is my true beef. Both times that the Nets made the Finals, Kidd had to score at close to 20 a game, you think that will ever happen again?

Overall, good blogs. I like them and appreciate not attacking my opinion and answering my criteria question without being rude for me not agreeing with you 100 percent. Keep on writing and good luck to your Knicks.  P.S. Watch Darko become a key contributor there. He is still so young and his per 48 totals are good. He can produce when he gets the chance.

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Posted on: August 8, 2009 1:19 pm

Top 10 Point Guards in the NBA

True Calderon is the very underrated. But the thing is with point guards my thing is winning. Calderon is probably a top 5 player when it comes to running a pick and roll, but he doesn't play great defense, therefore the losses just pile up. Also with Jason Kidd you cant blame him for the lack of success Dallas had because they weren't healthy most of the regular season. When Josh Howard and Jason Terry were healthy Dallas was very productive. Also if you watch Kidd he makes average basketball players like Ryan Hollins look a lot better than they are. He made Kenyon Martin look great with the Nets and has always been a winner. Finally the Nets had a better record with Kidd compared to with Devin Harris.

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Posted on: August 8, 2009 1:13 am

Top 10 Point Guards in the NBA

To each his own when it comes to their rankings as you said with Paul or Williams but I don't know what your criteria is. If it is personal preference then no beefs but if we are looking at how valuable to their team they are, you should for instance easily switch Kidd and Harris. Harris avgd 1.7 less assts/gm yet put up 12 more pts. And while Harris is penalized for lack of success, Kidd was brought to Dallas to have success and he bombed with an MVP and several all stars putting up 6.8 the first playoffs and 5.9 assists last year. Harris hasn't had the chances yet while Kidd has perennially had atleast two all-stars by his side. All in all, can't argue too much. This is my list, it may seem low for some but I am ranking based on the INDIVIDUAL and while it automatically doesn't hurt you to play with a loaded team. Sometimes that makes you look better.

1. Chris Paul
2. Deron Williams
3. Chauncey Billups
4. Rajon Rondo
5. Steve Nash
6. Devin Harris
7. Derrick Rose
8. Jose Calderon- Most underrated PG in NBA (13 pts. 9 asts, 50 % FG, 41 from 3, 98.1 FT (NBA record) and he can't even make the all-star team when at that point his numbers were slightly even more elevated, hadn't missed a FT and led the conference in assists all year)
9. Tony Parker- Most Overrated PG in NBA (career high of 6.9 asts last year which bumbed his career avg to 5.6 and he's no rookie, add in no jump shot and his defense isn't stellar, he is a FAST player who scores a million pts off lay ups and FTS while having Manu and Duncan his whole career beside him. He is a great scorer, not PG. He wouldn't be on here if he didn't the rings and Finals MVP)
10. Rodney Stuckey

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