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Preseason Top 10 NFL Power Rankings for 2009

Posted on: July 28, 2009 12:49 pm
1. Pittsburgh Steelers - The Champs have not lost much and still have a solid core, and a great defense to defend.

2. New England Patriots - Tom Brady Healthy, but the defense may be overlooked and not as good as in the past.

3. Philadelphia Eagles - Great offseason moves and a healthy Westbrook means another deep run into the playoffs.

4. New York Giants - A outstanding defense and a great running game may need to carry this team into the playoffs.

5. Arizona Cardinals - Explosive offense with a improved young defense means a push into the playoffs.

6. Baltimore Ravens - Another team who can run the ball strong and rely on their defense, hope they can throw the ball.

7. Atlanta Falcons - A great young offense developing with a huge addition in Gonzalez, there defense is the question mark.

8. Indianapolis Colts - Peyton runs the offense now with a new coaching staff, is the defense good enough?

9. Tennesee Titans - Great Rushing attack and a great Defense, only question is can Collins do it again?

10. San Diego Chargers - Great QB and a healthy defense, can LT still carry a team?


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Posted on: July 28, 2009 10:53 pm

Preseason Top 10 NFL Power Rankings for 2009

Fair assessment. The Steelers deserve the #1 Power Ranking to start the season.  They will be tested early against Tennessee.  If Tennessee picks up where they left off (meaning overall 13-3) as the best record in the AFC you may have to flip flop the Steelers with the Titans.  Too soon to put the Patriots up so high.  Brady is an outstanding QB but the dynamic has changed and they may result in some rustiness and surprise losses.  Eagles are a solid three spot so I agree with you there.  I would pick the Chicago Bears #5 ahead of the Cardinals with the aquisition of Jay Cutler.  The Ravens have no receivers, so drop them from the top 10 altogether.  The Colts will not be the same, this will be tough year for Peyton.  Now here is how I see it the rest of the way.

#1 Pittsburg
#2 NY Giants
#3 Eagles
#4 Titans
#5 Bears
#6 Patriots
#7 Buffalo Bills
#8 Atlanta Falcons
#9 Falcons
#10  Dallas Cowboys

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