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Which two players should I keep?

Posted on: June 12, 2009 2:00 pm
I am in a 2 player keeper league which gives one point per reception, with tight ends getting two ppr.  You start 1 qb, 2 rb, 2 wr, one flex wr/te, k, and def.  This is a ten person league, and I have the last pick in the first round and first in the second, since I won the championship last year.  The potential keepers on my roster from last year are:

Peyton Manning
Kurt Warner
Steven Jackson
Maurice Jones Drew
Matt Forte
Andre Johnson
Calvin Johnson

Any thoughts would be very helpful as you can see I am stuck on which 2 to keep.  My thoughts are to not keep either qb, and not keep Calvin Johnson.  So its either 2 rb's or a rb with a wr, and I think the wr position is going to be slim this year, which is why im leaning towards Andre Johnson.  But the fact that the 3 rb's I have are every down beasts for there repective teams it is a hard decision since which ever one/ones I let loose I will not see again.  Thanks again and if anyone has any questions of there own, post them and I will try and provide some insight.
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Posted on: September 3, 2009 6:40 am

Which two players should I keep?

Yeah Murph, I never made that trade and I kept Forte and MJD.  I posted another blog with how the draft went and who I got, all with some reasoning.  If you get a chance to read it and leave a comment i'd appreciate it.  By the way out of all the other players I had to let go, Calvin Johnson fell back to me, so I was happy bout that.  People must not give him the respect he deserves because of the team he plays for, oh well there loss is my gain.

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Posted on: September 2, 2009 8:46 pm

Which two players should I keep?

Hey man....sorry didn't see this reply until now.  I wouldn't do that trade either.  You've got some solid picks to strengthen your squad and from what you've said so far.....the meat of the remaining players will still be there in the second....not so much in the third.  Let me know how it turns out if you get time.

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Posted on: August 23, 2009 1:12 pm

Which two players should I keep?


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Posted on: August 11, 2009 4:17 pm

Which two players should I keep?

Thanks for your two cents Murph.  Thats most likely the way i'm going because I will then be set at RB besides bye weeks and barring injuries.  I just hope there are some stud WR left for my back to back picks.  The guy with the second pick offered me a trade.  Wants to give me his first round #2 overall and his third round #2 pick, for my first round #10 and second #1.  He is keeping Brady and Slaton.  What do you think?  I will be able to grab either Johnson again or Fitz with that second overall pick, wont have a second round pick but will have two third rounders.  Dont think I am going to do it but it is an option, that if I get enough responses to do it I will with good reasoning.  Thanks again.

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Posted on: August 11, 2009 11:11 am

Which two players should I keep?

I'd keep Forte and Jones-Drew.  We all know the importance of RBs in most leagues and both are younger, the main RB on their team and studs.  The only other player I'd contemplate would be Calvin Johnson b/c he is also a stud and possible a top 5 WR for years to come.  Manning is on the downside of his career, sure he may put up a great year or two but in comparison to the others mentioned above, there's no comparison.  Warner will be out of the league very soon.  Steven Jackson is injury prone and his team is in offensive disarray (imho).  Andre Johnson is also injured often so I'd stay away from him with such other studs available.  My two cents.

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Posted on: August 5, 2009 1:27 pm

Which two players should I keep?

Yeah like I said before, you have to keep Forte and Bowe.  You can go anyway with the third keeper and not be wrong.  I would narrow it down to Mcfad, Royal and Rice.  Royal is the best value at round 20, Orton does have a big arm and he is going to be a Wes Welker like player but with alot more speed and homerun capabilities.  Rice could be great and has good value but does have McGahee who will steal alot of carries and McClain who will steal touchdowns.  McFadden is eventually going to blow up at some point dont know when maybe next year but has a ton of upside.  The Raiders are getting better as a team and McFad is going to be a big part of there offense.  So I am going to chage my mind and say McFad because of the upside you have with him but I wouldnt start him right away until he proves something or maybe in the flex.  In the first two rounds you would have to get another top back to go with Forte.  If not McFad then go with Royal because of his Value at 20th round and that he will catch alot of passes, he would also be good in the flex position.  So all in all go with Forte, Bowe and McFad, then grab another wr and rb within your first 3 rounds, along with a qb.

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Posted on: August 5, 2009 7:35 am

Which two players should I keep?

Does it mean you are still charged with the rounds of the players you trade or the rounds of the players you recieve? 
The players that your team keeps, you lose those picks.  If you trade someone, you don't lose anything.  The team that trades a pick for a player kinda gets screwed cause they lose the keeper pick, plus the pick they traded away....

Anyway, I couldn't deal McFadden for anything worthwhile, and the trade deadline has passed.  I have to turn in my keepers before Aug15.

After we turn in our keepers, the 3 new teams get to have an expansion draft and pick up to 3 keepers each from all the players that were on rosters but not kept already.

Then on draft day, Aug30 we can trade again (but we'll only have our keepers and our draft picks to trade).

So, I am still losing sleep over this! LOL

I don't want to give any stud keepers away to the expansion teams!

Here's the run down again:

I am in a 10 team head to head PPR keeper league.  Standard scoring, 1 point per reception, all TDs 6 points.  This is the 1st year that we have keepers.  Teams must keep at least 1 player, and up to 3 players.  Rookies (from last year. i.e. Forte, Royal) may be kept for up to 4 years.  All other players may be kept for up to 3 years.  You lose the pick your keepers were drafted in(i.e. I keep Forte, I lose my 7th round pick).  Players drafted in rounds 1 and 2 can not be kept.

We start this lineup:
1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 RB/WR/TE, 1 K, 1 DST

These are my eligible keepers with their draft values:


M.Cassel 20
J.Flacco 20
D.McFadden 4
M.Forte 7
R.Rice 13
S.Morris 20
W.Dunn 20
R.Grant 3
A.Bryant 20
D.Bowe 8
D.Hixon 20
D.Avery 20
E.Royal 20
Sa.Moss 9
T.Gonzalez 5

I am keeping Forte.  I can keep two more...
I hate to throw McFadden back into the draft pool.  It not just about this year remember!!

Here's my thoughts...

1.  One team is keeping 3 RBs.  Most teams are keeping at least one. So teams will be looking for WRs in the draft.
2.  If McFadden gets drafted in rounds 1-2, he cannot be kept. 
3.  I have the 5th pick in the 3rd round, but really the 4th pick (cause 1 team ahead of me is losing his 3rd rd pk for his keeper).  I just might be able to redraft him there.
4.  My league is PPR, McFadden might be a beast.
5.  McFadden also plays for the Raiders and may be injury prone.
6.  I can keep him for FOUR years.
7.  Was the #4 overall pick a year ago, and a stud in college.  Injuries may have kept him from being the next AP.

1.  Only lose a 13th round pick.
2.  3 headed monster scares me.
3.  Rice a a McGahee injury away from being fantasy gold.
4.  Also beastly in PPR.
5.  I can keep him for FOUR years.
6.  Does not start.
7.  I think I could redraft him in the later rounds (6-12)

1.  91 catches as a rookie!!!  I think thats #2 all time for NFL rookies!
2.  New coach, new QB.  Could be good or bad.
3.  With Marshall there, is really a #2 Wr on the team, but PPR really boosts Royal's value.
4.  As soon as Denver trades Marshall, or he gets arrested, Royal becomes #1 Wr and fantasy gold.
5.  "Baby Wes Welker"?  If he fills Welker's role in McDaniels offense, he should get 100 catches easy.
6.  Only lose a 20th round pick.
7.  Can keep him for FOUR years.
8.  If I don't keep him, he will go between rounds 4 and 8. 

1.  Almost sold on him being a top 10 Wr this year and beyond.
2.  New QB, new coach, new system, and pretty much the ONLY weapon KC has, so it might be hard for him to get open. 
3.  Will get drafted in the 3rd round by another team and be a keeper for them, if I don't keep him.
4.  Is he a #1 or #2 fantasy WR?
5.  Can only keep him for THREE years.

1. #1 WR with 80+ catches and 1100+ yard potential.
2.  Shaky QB situation at best.
3.  Plays on a run first team, with a pretty good defense.
4.  Am I really considering keeping ANTONIO BRYANT!?!?! 

1.  #1 WR, undisputed.
2.  Plays on a horrible team that is pass happy, should be losing most of the game, every game, and has no defense.
3.  Can keep him for FOUR years.

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Posted on: August 1, 2009 3:04 pm

Which two players should I keep?

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Thoughts on your keeper league team!!!

I say Forte and Bowe are definite, but then I would still go with Rice.  Grant is good, but plays for a passing team and is going to cost a 3rd rounder, and you can most likely redraft him.  Eddie Royal might be nice if Marshall gets traded but he still has Orton throwing him the ball, and he is no Cutler.  Rice might be the starter depending on McGahee who is often injured, and the Ravens drafted Rice to be a starter, so they might split carries to start the season but then you will see Rice start to take over, and they moved the other rb McClain to fb.  If you can get good value for a trade with Dmac do it, and you can throw in a 20th rounder, who, you have some good ones to sweeten the pot, I would expect a no 1 rb or wr.  So good luck and let me know what you decide.


This is the talk from the other blog that went down.  Eddie Royal would also be a nice keeper for a 20th round pick.  Then you would have two nice wr, but I would still look to get another number 1.

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Posted on: August 1, 2009 2:58 pm

Which two players should I keep?

Thoughts on your keeper league team!!!

Matt Forte is a definite along with D. Bowe for an eight round pick and Ray Rice for a thirteenth rounder.  I say them because you are getting alot of value with how good these players are for the rounds you are giving up to get them.  All three of them players are first five round picks.  If you wanna take a gamble you can go with McFad but I say if you want him that bad you should be able to re draft him at the 5th pick.  He hasnt proved anything yet and neither has his team, and giving up the fourth round pick is a wash you arent going to get any value there.  Rice is going to get the bulk of the carries for a running team, and he showed alot of promise last year as a rookie, he is going to have a good year, even if you just keep him for a backup.  Bowe is a no 1 reciever without a doubt, and your only giving up an 8th rounder, thats another no brainer, just like Forte.  Good luck hope my opinions are helpful.


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Thoughts on your keeper league team!!!

thanks alot for the help billy!!  i am no doubt keeping forte.  the other two are up in the air.

bowe should be awesome, and so should eddie royal.  but idk about keeping 2 Wrs. but on the other hand, I'd have a #1 and #2 WR and only give up my 8th and 20th round picks.

rice should be good, but is he even starting?  I could probably re-draft him in rounds 5-9.

what you think ray rice for 13th round or eddie royal for 20th round?

some have suggested keeping 3 RBs:  Grant, DMc, and Forte....

remember its PPR...which bring up Royal and DMc's value too..

i am getting some trade offers for DMc, so hopefully i can move him to narrow it down.

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Posted on: August 1, 2009 2:47 pm

Which two players should I keep?

We get to keep them as long as we want, and there is no penalty, we just have 14 rounds.  I like the way your league sounds, it keeps it more fair.  I keep Jackson and Manning last year and drafted the rest of them players who all had great years.  The thing about not keeping Andre is that he is going to be a beast this year with an easy schedule and alot of indoor games, same as Jackson.  I looked at the strengths of the schedules and the texans and the rams are in the top 5 for the easiest.  I also pick last and highly DOUBT that Andre Johnson will be there, maybe Manning and Calvin.  Now Jones Drew I have been able to draft every year in like the 4th round cuz no one liked him but this year they have him ranked as one of the best because he is going to be the featured back.  I personally think he can carry the load but there has been lots of questions about that, and also he is in a tough division and has to face some tough run stoping defenses this year.  Forte is also ranked very high this year and I think I drafted him in like the 10th or 11th round in a 14 round draft.  I was just watching him and nobody new who he was, then BAM he just took off.  The only thing about Forte is that I heard he hurt himself in training camp, his knee, and this can be a problem that will linger all year long.  Also he now has Cutler which i'm not really sure what that means yet, but might take some carries off of Forte.  Now Jackson on the other hand who I have kept since I drafted him in the first year we started this league, is 100% back from his injury and is looking good in training camp.  He and the rams have one of the easiest schedules this year and play around 11 games indoors this year which should help out Jackson alot this year.  He is their entire offense, dosent split any carries and he can catch also.  They have him ranked as the 9th best back because he keeps getting hurt every year, and because the rams suck, but I think this is going to be his break out/come back season with his new offensive line there.  So as you can see I am thinking very highly on Jackson right now, but I do apreciate your thoughts, it is definitly helping me decide.  Now as for your post I remember seeing this in someone elses blog and I responded to you twice I believe.  I was the one saying to keep Forte and Bowe which are no brainers.  The other was Ray Rice who I think is going to be a good number two back this year, he showed alot of good last year in his rookie debut.  I just think your only losing a 13th rounder, and hes worth more than that, its a steal.  How do your trades work?  Does it mean you are still charged with the rounds of the players you trade or the rounds of the players you recieve?  I would say trade DMac, im not really sold on him yet.  I think he will have a decent year, but he is no AP.  He is going kinda early in drafts so a 4th rounder is kinda good value, and then after the draft is over look to trade him for someone drafted in the first 2 rounds, which I think you can get away with bacause DMac is a keeper.  Grant I think will have a bounce back year but he is in a pass happy team and a third rounder has no value to it.  Just my thoughts on your team, but good luck with it.  Thanks for your input, Billyxxxho.

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