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Joey Porter just can't help himself

Posted on: June 5, 2009 2:29 pm
If you haven't seen the articles already, check out what Joey Porter has been yammering about lately. I think even if he was on the Lions, he would be talking like they were playoff candidates and the title would come through Motown. Calling the Dolphins the "team to beat" heading into 2009 in the AFC East is a fallacy. I understand that when you win, you're the champ until proven otherwise, but let's be honest here: not every team that wins its division or even conference for that matter is always the best or better team. The Patriots and Dolphins both went 11-5 last year, and split their regular season games, but anyone that has an even semi-rational understanding of the NFL knows the Patriots are a better team than the Dolphins.

   Seems it doesn't matter whether he's in Pittsburgh or Miami, Porter just can't stop talking smack about the Patriots. Should I say get in line, or join the club? Give the Patriots some more bulletin board material and see what happens on Nov. 8th and Dec. 6th. Remeber what happened to Anthony Smith when he guaranteed a Steelers win over the Pats? Joey, I'll never say you should shut up, are lacking confidence, or aren't a good player, because you are (led the league with 17.5 sacks last year). However, a Patriots team with Tom Brady, Adalius Thomas, Maroney, etc., is too much for the Dolphins to handle.

Got me thinking, the draft is over, camp is a month and a half a way, and most free agents are signed somewhere. So why not, like every other person in the world, do a preseason rankings to stir the pot a little bit.

1. New England Patriots
2. Pittsburgh Steelers
3. Philadelphia Eagles
4. Tennessee Titans
5. Indianapolis Colts
6. Atlanta Falcons
7. Baltimore Ravens
8. New York Giants
9. Jacksonville Jaguars
10. Green Bay Packers
11. Carolina Panthers
12. New York Jets
13. New Orleans Saints
14. Dallas Cowboys
15. Houston Texans
16. San Diego Chargers
17. Minnesota Vikings
18. Arizona Cardinals
19. Chicago Bears
20. Miami Dolphins
21. Seattle Seahawks
22. Cincinnati Bengals
23. Cleveland Browns
24. Buffalo Bills
25. Washington Redskins
26. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
27. Denver Broncos
28. Oakland Raiders
29. San Francisco 49'ers
30. Kansas City Chiefs
31. St. Louis Rams
32. Detroit Lions

.............or something like that

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Since: Mar 11, 2009
Posted on: June 15, 2009 12:36 pm

Joey Porter just can't help himself

You are right but Joey Porter is also right.  The Pats have a more proven team, so yes they are favored to win the AFC East and maybe even the Superbowl.  But the AFC East crown still goes through the Miami Dolphins this year whether you like it or not.  They are the reigning champs and will be until someone else takes that title at the end of the year.

You also have teams like the Jets, Vikings, and Jaguars listed above the Dolphins. Come on!  Really.

The Jets have an unproven head coach who is running his mouth like he has been taking lessons from Joey Porter.  There QB is a giant question mark.  How many of these USC QB's have panned out? Not to mention Pete Carrol didnt even think he was ready for the NFL after starting for only one year.  They ranked 32nd!!!! in the run offense last year and 28th overall on the defensive side.  Yes they did rank 2nd in passing offense but guess what? They dont return Brett Farve.  So how can everyone be high on these guys? How could you rank them at 12?

The Vikings are on the verge of firing there head coach every year.  All they have is an offensive line and Adrian Peterson.  Lets face it, even the Vikings are praying for Farve.

And the Jags!!! I forgot about what a great season they had last year.  They lost Fred Taylor, have issues at the WR position, and have a QB who no one is ever excited about.  Can Maurice Jones-Drew carry the load by himself?

To me it just looks like you looked at all the experts power rankings and shuffled a couple around. 

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Posted on: June 14, 2009 1:07 am

Joey Porter just can't help himself

 I really think that you Pats fans should really think about having a piece of humble pie. First off, you guys have NOT done anything yet to warrant a ticket to Miami in February. There are alot of quality teams in the AFC not to mention the SUPER BOWL CHAMPION STEELERS who inialated you guys last season,ask Wes Welker. He thought he was still playing at Texas Tech after that hit by Ryan Clark! Secondly, I really think you guys are underestimating the Phins simply because you see a changing of the guard, with your team really getting old on D and a porous o-line with a now potato chip quarterback in Brady. Miami's pass rush should be off the chain with Taylor back(WHO YOU ALL THOUGHT WAS COMING THERE) Porter and a stud from Canada in Cam Wake. Trust me, you will get to know this guy real fast. The fact of the matter is... the Dolphins influx of YOUNG talent with just two drafts under Parcells and company has caught up to the aging Patriots already, proof is winning the division a year or two quicker than anticipated. Changing of the guard is I guess what you call it in your minds. So go ahead and pencil in an 2009 AFC EAST title Patriot fans... we will see who's standing at the tunnel in Landshark Stadium in February..I am not saying it will be the Dolphins but it won't be the Patriots like all of you are already predicting!!

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Posted on: June 14, 2009 1:03 am

Joey Porter just can't help himself


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Posted on: June 12, 2009 12:04 am

Joey Porter just can't help himself

A lot of patriot haters on here as usual.  For whatever reason many fans around the nfl are blinded by their hatred.  If brady is healthy as anticipated then I feel sorry for all the other fans.  Of course it is no lock that the pats will win another super bowl, but any fan who is not biased would have to say that the pats along with the steelers have to be the favorite to win it this year.  I will not say another 16-0 regular season but definately AFC east champs and home field advantage.  If the super bowl has to go through new england this year, no team will go in there in January and win.  No team has gone into new england and won in the playoffs since brady and belichek have been there.  I'm sure that the haters will give me every reason why I am wrong but past history proves otherwise.  I can't wait for football season!   By the way I am more worried about the jets than the dolphins this year. 

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Posted on: June 11, 2009 11:36 am

Joey Porter just can't help himself

I must say I thoroughly enjoyed the comments.

Hawkeye, Bostonbaloo, Soxinrhody and F111-F, strong work all of you.  you guys weren't just spewing "fan-atic rhetoric"  you backed up your statements.

steve, your comments concern me.......

and for those that commented that have "amateur" status........well that says it all!

now here's my "opinion".....

As for me, one word; History.  Look at what they've done. what they've added and what was subtracted.  of course the reality of the matter is health.   And as long as everyone stays healty, I love my chances.  If Brady is as "hungry" as when he first took the reigns, it's going to be a gooooood ride.  I think the year off was a good thing.  A few of his comment pre-injury had me worried. 

for the record, I must say that the Steelers should be ranked number one(for now).  King(for now) is King until he loses the crown......

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Posted on: June 10, 2009 11:48 am

Joey Porter just can't help himself

Okay Steve... Try and follow me here.  I'm going to use an example the I think you should get.  When Joe Montana was with the 49ers he had great receivers and players around him.  At first it was tough but because he was such a good QB he made his team better. After the team was established he left and a guy named Steve Young came in and contunued the 49ers winning ways.  If Young was on the 80's version of the Patriots or the 08 Lions, I don't see him being a HOF.  Altough he was good he wouldn't have had the talent around him.  Now don't get me wrong. Cassell isn't as good as Young.  It's not even close, but he is a good QB that was blessed to have 2 of the best receivers in the NFL in Randy Moss and Wes Welker.  When Tom Brady took over for Drew Bledsoe his best receiver was Troy Brown.  He had journeymen and castoffs from other teams and still guided the team to 3 SB wins.  No way on gods green earth Matt Cassell does that with those receivers.  When Brady finally got quality receivers he showed what he was capable of.  If you take Tom Brady and put him on the Colts during the 2001 - 2006 seasons how do you think he would have done.  I would say as good if not better than Peyton Manning.  Manning had better receivers during that time. You got to take off those teal colored glasses and admit to yourself that Tom Brady is top 3 in the NFL and will end up top 5 alltime when he retires.  If Brady was on the Dolphins your team would be much better than it is right now.  They wouldn't need to rely on gimmick plays to beat teams. I know your not going to believe it but they would be.

The Pats D is not underrated. They had a top 5 D-line an aging LB corps and a below average defensive backfield.  This year they did get younger at LB through the draft and free agent signings and brought in some verterans to help the rookies in the defensive backfield. The D should be better this year.

As far as the Wildcat Offense, it's a gimmick. It worked for the Dolphins early in the season last year because not a lot of teams were used to seeing it.  As the year went on it became less efective.  Now teams have had a year to study and counter it.  Can they add another wrinkle to it. Possably and they are going to have to to throw teams off. Please don't use the "legal" thing.  Make your point with some thought and facts.  Using that makes you seem bitter.

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Posted on: June 9, 2009 12:52 am

Joey Porter just can't help himself

how can you deny it?     im not trying to talk smack im  just making observation from what i see from the patriots which is an all around great football team with a qb who is overrated im not coming out and saying that the patriots cant beat any of the other teams in the league or saying that they own teams like some people on this site, you should learn the difference. now give me a reasonable explaination other than the patriot team as a whole being great, as to how a qb whos never started an nfl game can just step in all of a sudden and lead a team to 11-5 and look just as good as brady without the results of their success being owed to the greatness of the team? is cassel really that good?  and why is the pats d so under rated? you never here anyone talk about the pats d even though they have a great one. and yes im sorry to inform you it does take multi talented players to run a wildcat offense because the idea of that type of offense is to confuse the defense about what you intend to do with the ball and yes multiple multi talented running backs  ran for touchdowns caught touchdowns and yes threw touchdown passes last season and yet when just about every other team tried their own version of the wildcat offense they pretty much failed so yes using simple logic which is something you waved bye bye to long ago miami has just as much if not more multi talented players than the other teams in the nfl. you can deny this all you want but it is fact that yes they now have talent. now let me ask you this, why is such a big deal anyway  that a team used a different style of offense  to make that offense successful?    i mean the point and bottom line is mimi was very succesful with it and it was totally legal, but maybe thats why pats fans cant get over it because miami first used it when playing new england and it worked so well. of course it could also be because unlike the patriots miami took an advantage that was totally legal by nfl rules.

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on a personal note......... if it took you 3 minutes to read that you should probably take some classes or something cause i think youre still on an elementary gade reading level

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Posted on: June 8, 2009 5:40 pm

Joey Porter just can't help himself

Reed over Polamalu.What are you smoking.There is more to playing Safety than sitting back , picking off ducks , so you can pad your personal stats.All Troy does is WIN. And Tackle, and force defenses to game plan around him ,and help the corners, and rush the qb, get sacks , AND TACKLES FOR LOSSES, and once in awhile run one back for a score(were you watching, Ed Reed in the Playoff game).

Troy also had 2 td's called back last year (on bad officials calls, which were recognized, after the fact),Polamalu is a COMPLETE FOOTBALL PLAYER, AND MORE IMPORTANTLY ,A TEAM FIRST PLAYER.

Ed Reeds interested in stats and personal Glory.Thats why Ed will NOT win a Ring

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Posted on: June 8, 2009 2:38 pm

Joey Porter just can't help himself

Am I assuming you are a Fins fan? Let's look at the depth charts and get this party started.

Obviously, this one isn't close. A reportedly healthy Tom Brady is far better than Chad Pennington. The Fins' Wildcat will be pretty good with Pat White, but teams started catching on to those shennigans after the first couple times. Chad Henne might actually be the future. EDGE: Patriots

A flotilla of Maroney, Sammy Morris, Kevin Faulk and Fred Taylor matches up quite well with Ronny Brown and Ricky Williams. Ronny is better than any of the Patriots running backs one-on-one, but he obviously is an injury concern (admittedly, so is Maroney, I can't stand the guy anyways). EDGE: EVEN

This one is a laugher. Randy Moss, Wes Welker, Joey Galloway and Greg Lewis poops on Ginn Jr., Greg Camarillo and Bess. Although, I will say Bess impressed me last yr. and looks like he will end up better than most thought. EDGE: Patriots

Anthony Fasano or Ben Watson are you're number one TE? I'd say thats pretty close. But depth will David Thomas, Alex Smith and Chris Baker is better than David Martin and Joey Haynos. EDGE: Patriots

Jake Long is already one of the top left tackles in the game, well worth a number 1 overall pick. Carey is an above-average starter in the league. Smiley, Grove and Frye fill out a very solid line. The Patriots counter with Matt Light, Logan Mankins, Stephen Neal, Nick Kaczur, and Dan Koppen. I'll give the Dolphins the tip here. EDGE: Dolphins

Langford, Jason Taylor, Ferguson and Merling. A Parcells-style line for sure. On any other day, probably would win this argument. But Seymour, Warren, Green, Wilfork, Wright and Brace top that all day. Sorry. EDGE: Patriots

The Dolphins have it here. My friend Joey Porter, Crowder, Ayodele, not bad. Patriots counter with Adalius Thomas, Banta-Cain, Crable, Guyton, Bruschi, Jerod Mayo, Pierre Woods. I really thought the Pats were going to draft an OLB early, but hey. EDGE: Dolphins.

The Patriots did address this in the offseason though, finally. Leigh Bodden, Shawn Spring, Patrick Chung and Darius Butler now join Merriweather, James Sanders, Jonathan Wilhite and Tyrone Wheatley. Miami has a very good Will Allen, Jason Allen, Gibril Wilson and Yeremiah Bell. Vontae Davis will be a big hit or a big miss, like his brother. EDGE: Dolphins

Special Teams:
I'll do this one by the numbers. Official league special team rankings as done by the NFL for the 2008-2009 season: New England Patriots ranked 7th overall, the Miami Dolphins ranked 30th overall. This data included field goals attempted, made, percentage, punts, return, everything. EDGE: Patriots

Miami seems to have found a solid coach finally, after a revolving door, in Sparano. But despite what anyone thinks, Spygate, hoodie, bitter malcontent media killer an all, this is a runaway. Big time Belichick, hate all you want. EDGE: Patriots

You wanted it, you got it. By my estimation, thats Patriots 6, Dolphins 3, with one tie. Miami is an improving team, but they snuck up on people last year. That won't happen again.

As an organization as a whole, the Patriots have it all over the Dolphins. Better team, better coach, better owners. Won't get into the fan base, because it gets mean there. Good luck in 2009. 

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Posted on: June 8, 2009 2:09 pm

Joey Porter just can't help himself

I agree slightly that the Patriots have O-line concerns. But defensive line? They are about to re-sign Vince Wilfork. I will take a rotation of Wilfork, Seymour, Ty Warren, Jarvis Green, Mike Wright and Ron Brace anyday. That's a top-10 line league-wide, maybe higher than that. Check out the latest blog.

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