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LeBron Should Stay

Posted on: April 20, 2010 2:22 pm
With what he did in last nights game , and watching the fans in Cleveland going nuts, I couldn't help but think a deep playoff run and possibly a championship could be the LBJ swan song in the Mistake By The Lake. Being an sympatheic personality, I really will feel for the whole regoin of Cleveland if Lebron goes East to New York or New Jersey.

What else does Cleveland have? Besides the Rock and Roll HOF, whats the draw? Cleveland State? C'mon. The Indians stink, having won a World Series since the 1940's, and the glow of the late 1990's and Jacobs' Field has worn off. Big stars get shipped out by cheap ownership, how long before Sizemore, Peralta, and others are gone?

The Browns were stolen away from their great fans and turned into a winner in Baltimore. The Dawg Pound were reunited with their purpose in 1999, and have been treated to what, one winning season. Bad coaching, bad drafts, just all bad. Bernie Kosar isn't walking through that door (although Jimmy Clausen might). 

There in no NHL in Cleveland, and while some people might not care either way, its just another missing ingredient for making Cleveland a great sports city. It's not even a college sports mecca like say, Los Angeles, where USC football and UCLA basketball is almost on par with the Lakers/Dodgers/Angels. Cleveland I guess would be Ohio State territory, but there really isn't too much of a connection there. 

If LeBron leaves, and I hope he doesn't, Cleveland is thrust back into the dark depths of nothingness in American sports, a forgotten Rust Belt outpost whose fans have really nothing to look forward to. Think anyone will care about Antwan Jamison or Mo Williams when the team is winning 30 something games and LeBron is wearing a Knicks jersey? Me neither. Stay LeBron, save a city.
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Posted on: April 22, 2010 1:25 pm

LeBron Should Stay

Don't worry, LeBron's not going anywhere. He was born and raised in Akron, Won 3 state championships playing for his high school in Akron, and how has made NBA in Cleveland relevant. Who out there didn't dream of being a superstar on your favorite team growing up and them building their team around YOU!  
That's why I think he will be staying in Cleveland.

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Posted on: April 22, 2010 12:55 pm

LeBron Should Stay

Lebron is going to Brooklyn with the Nets

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Posted on: April 22, 2010 1:32 am

LeBron Should Stay

Brook Lopez will be an All Star C next year. 20 and 10 with 2.5 blocks.

The Nets have much more young talent than the Knicks. David Lee is most likely not coming back to NY, then your #1 option is Gallinari? Good luck. Unless you land Joe Johnson or somebody like that. But i doubt it.

And why wouldnt those players still be on the Nets? Its not like theyre getting paid alot of money. Harris and Lopez have mid level contracts. They can easily afford everybody, and to sign a B list FA as well.

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Posted on: April 21, 2010 8:14 pm

LeBron Should Stay

Come on, man. Did you just try to claim that the Nets have superior talent to the Knicks? The Nets? First of all, that is like saying airplane food is better than hospital food. They both suck. 
But if we must compare, Gallinari and David Lee are both potential all-stars. Nobody on the Nets is making an all-star team anytime soon. Nobody. 
And I think you are missing the point if you look at the existing rosters. When LeBron comes, everyone will want to play with him. So the guys that happen to be there now will likely be gone next year. 

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Posted on: April 21, 2010 4:05 pm

LeBron Should Stay

I dont think LeBron stays. And i think he only has 2 suitors. New Jersey and Chicago.

Look he has to play out of his mind for Cleveland to succeed in the playoffs. Hes gotta get tired of it at some point. While hes got some good pieces around him, Mo Williams is inconsistent, and basically just a shooter, doesnt play good defense. Antwan Jamison is a model of consistancy, but hes never going to take a game over and take some pressure of LeBron. Lebron has to be sick of doing everything himself when it comes late in the game.

LeBron wants to win above all else. And thats why i think the only 2 suitors are New Jersey and Chicago. New York does not have a good enough team to win a championship, even with LeBron on it. David Lee might leave, who does that leave there? Gallinari is good but not a #2 option. I like Bill Walker and Toney Douglas but they are young role players at best. That team does not have championship caliber talent.

I believe New Jersey and Chicago do though, if you add LeBron to those teams.

Here is NJ projected lineup with LeBron.
PG- Devin Harris- good scorer, and better player than Mo Williams by far.
SG- Top 5 draft pick? Possibly John Wall if they land the no. 1 pick. If not Courntey Lee who is a solid basketball players.
SF- LeBron James
PF- Yi Jinlian- No hes not great, but hes a solid #4 player on any team.
C- Brook Lopez- one of the best young big men in the game. 20 and 10 a night. With 2-3 blocks.
BN- Courtney Lee if they land a stud SG
BN- Terrance Williams- showed some very good talent when given the chance to play.
BN- Chris Douglas Roberts- also showed he can be a pretty good swingman.

Their only flaw is they dont have any frontcourt depth, if they can add a solid defensive 4 or 5 thats a team that can win a championship right away.

Now Chicago
PG- Derrick Rose- One of the best young players in basketball. Has already showed that he can take over a game at will.
SG- LeBron James- You cant put Luol Deng here.
SF- Luol Deng- solid player. Plays good defense, good jump shot. Consistent 18 and 8 player.
PF- Taj Gibson- Showed he can get it done. If given a full time job your looking at 11 and 8 with maybe 2 blocks a night. Nothing flashy but solid.
C- Joakim Noah- Great on defense. Huge heart and hustle. Could be a rebounding champ in years to come. Developing a nice offensive game.
BN- Kirk Hinrich- solid 6 man. Good shooter a little inconsistent. But always plays good defense.
BN- James Johnson- shows good potential, not sure if it will ever pan out though.
BN- Brad Miller- Scrappy player. You know what you get out of him. He can spread the floor at the 5 and give LeBron more room in the paint.

The Bulls need some more depth at G though. They dont have a good shooter off the bench. They will need to find that in the draft.

Remember LeBron is going to make all these players that much better as well.

I have a hard time believing that this lineup is better than any of the ones above it. And LeBron will be looking at that when he makes his decision.
PG- Mo Williams
SG- Anthony Parker
SF- LeBron James
PF- Antwan Jamison
C- Shaquille O'Neal
BN- JJ Hickson
BN-Delonte West
BN- Anderson Varejao

The only thing i think the Cavs have over the Bulls and Nets is more depth. But depth can be acquired.

I cant see LeBron staying in Cleveland.

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Posted on: April 21, 2010 7:45 am

LeBron Should Stay

Lebron has been on a seven year journey to get to the point where he has a legitimate shot at winning the NBA title.  Why would he have done all this heavy lifting and convinced management to get Jamison, Shaq, etc, and then say, thanks but no thanks, I am going to NY or Brooklyn ( with all his billions, he can't pay him any more money than the Cav's can) and start all over again.  It will take at least as long to get to where he is now with those two so now he has 14 years in the league.  Seems rather stupid for him to take that leap of faith.  If the Cav's can keep this nucleus together he has probably 4 or 5 more chances at the brass ring if they do not win it this year.  World Icon with zero rings is not a real World Icon, just a guy who could not win the BIG ONE. Lebron, stay home and just win baby.

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Posted on: April 21, 2010 1:16 am

LeBron Should Stay

As a Knicks fan, I'm praying that the Cavs get knocked out of the playoffs as soon as possible, because the more resentment and tension that he has with the organization, the better. It appears that they will sweep the Bulls, but Boston, Orlando, and Atlanta are all capable of taking the series to 7 games with them. I haven't even watched more than half of a Knicks season in years, let alone actually go to a game. If the Cavs win outright this year, i don't think even the biggest contract in NBA history could get him to come here. 

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