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Posted on: August 10, 2009 4:05 am
Its December 4th 1995, Brewers GM Sal Bando has talks with Dave Dombrowski the GM of the Florida Marlins. He is looking for help in the outfield, because in a usual move by the Crew, they would let outfielder Darryl Hamliton go free agent, instead of ponying up to the table. When the talks are over, the Crew would send the 11 game winner for Beloit Snappers, Juan Gonzalez to the Marlins. The Crew would get in turn trouble maker outfielder Chuckie Carr.

Charles Lee Glenn Carr Jr was born August 10th 1967in San Bernardino California. Carr would be 5-10 165 switch-hitting outfielder. He plays his High school baseball for the Steelers of Fontana High School in Fontana California. In 1986, he is drafted by the Cincinnati Reds in the 9th round of the draft.

He only plays 1 season for the Reds Gulf Coast League team in 1986, when he and Reds have a difference and he is released by the Reds on April 1st 1987.

Mariners GM Dick Balderson is next to give Carr a chance, he is sign by the M's in June of 1987. Carr would playing in the Northwest league for manager Rick Sweet and the Bellingham Mariners. He would play both shortstop and the Outfielder.

In 1988, he makes his way to Athlettic Park in Wausau Wisconsin, to play for Rick Sweet and the Wausau Timbers. The M's low farm team in Midwest league. After play in 82 games with 6 homeruns and 40 rbis and batting .299, he is promoted to double AA and for manger Rich Morales and the Vermont Mariners.

On November 20th 1988, his days with the M's is over. He is traded to the New Yorks for minor league pitcher Reggie Dobie. For the 1989 season he plays double AA baseball in Jackson Mississippi. He plays for the Jackson Mets of the Texas League.

1990, he starts the season in the minors, but he is called up by Mets manager Davey Johnson and makes his major league debut on April 28th 1990 at the Houston Astrdome. He appears as a pinch-hitter for the Mets. He is sent back to the minors. When he is called up again for 3 games in August, he would be playing for a new manager for the Mets, Buddy Harrelson.

1991, he plays for the Tidewater Mets and is called up during the season. He plays in a total of 11 games for the Mets, his last season in the Mets organization. On December 13th 1991, he is traded by the Mets to the St. Louis Cardinals for minor league pitcher Clyde Keller

1992 - he starts at double AA Arkansas and later is promoted to Triple AAA Lousiville. In September Cards manager Joe Torre would give Carr another call to the Big leagues. Carr appears in 19 games and starts 15 of them for the Redbirds in that month of September. His days with the Cardinals would be over on November 17th 1992, when is exposed and draft with the 14th pick in expansion draft by the Florida Marlins.

1993 - Scott Pose would be the 1st Marlin to step to the plate in Marlins uniform on opening day and playing centerfielder. But by the time the season ended the starting centerfielder for the Marlins would be Chuckie Carr. Carr would finished the 1993 seasons, as the National League stolen base champion and finishes 4th in the voting for the National League Rookie of the year. The rookie of the year would be won by a catcher by the name of Mike Piazza.

1994 - the strike season Carr is again the Marlins starting centerfielder. Gary Sheffield would in rightfield and Jeff Conine is playing leftfield. 1995 it would be the same outfield for the fish.

On November 21st 1995, the Marlins sign free agent centerfielder Devon White from the Toronto Blue Jays. Carr and the Marlins both know, he would not want to be a bench player, hence he is traded to the Brewers.

1996 - the Brewers open the season at the California Angels. Manager Phil Garner puts some major speed at the top of the line-up. He has the speedy shortstop Pat Listasch leading off and wearing #24 centerfielder Chuckie Carr batting 2nd. Carr first game in a Brewers uniform in the Crews 15-9 win, is awesome. He goes 4 for 5 with 1 homerun and 3 rbis and scores 3 times. Brewers fans think they just might have something special in Carr. The next night, they find out that he would be a streaky player, when he goes 0-5. Carr plays in 27 game is hitting .274, when the calender hits May 30, and Carr gets hurt and his finished for the season.

1997 -Carr returns and starts the season opener at Texas. He is batting 8th this time and playing centerfield for Garner. He goes 1 for 4 in the crews 6-2 lose to Ken Hill and the Texas Rangers. Little does Carr know he would only get 5 more hits in a Brewers unform. The next 4 games he goes 0-16. Then the calender hits May 16th, the Crew are playing the Angels in Anaheim. Carr is quite unhappy, because he is no longer starting for the Crew. The reason was quite simple, he enters the game on May 16, hitting .116 for the season. The Crew are losing 4-1 to the Angels in the top of the 8th. Carr is leading off against Angels starter Chuck Finley. Finley is down 2-0 to Carr, Garner sends the signal to 3rd base coach Chris Bando, to have Carr take the next pitch. Carr refuses to do so and he pops out to 3rd. Later when he is asked why he swing he says "Chuckie don't play that game" Chuckie hacks at 2-0 !!!!. Carr would NEVER play for the Crew again. The Brewers would give him his release on May 20th.

On June 1st 1997, he is signed as a free agent by the Houston Astros. He would play his way into be the Astros everyday centerfielder. He plays in 63 games for the Astros and bats .276. In December of 1997, he is allowed to go free agent again. At the age of 29 Carr would never have the chance to swing at another 2-0 pitch in the big leagues

1999 and 2000 in did play in the Atlantic League. 1999 for the Atlantic City Surf and 2000 for Bud Harrelson and the Long Island Ducks.

He later would coach in the minor leagues for the Astros in Salem Virginia.

Enjoy your baseball and Go Crew
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