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Week 9 Results plus Week 10 Thursday Pick

Posted on: November 11, 2009 9:18 pm
Good Evening,

I did not have time to post my picks for Week 9 but I doubt anyone wanted to see them because I haven't put up the best numbers.  Although I still have managered to stay in the top 1 % of all Yahoo Pick 'em League.

Last week I had an 8-5 record which actually moved me up in the standings.  What an amazing week of home and upset loses.  Bears being beat at home vs the Cardinals.  Then the Bucs taking down Aaron Rodgers Packers at home.  Chargers and LT took down Eli Manning and the struggling Giants at HOME!  The Titans kept on a roll with Chris Johnson running all over the 49ers at HOME!  Finally the Tony Romo Cowboys took down McNabb and the Eagles at HOME!  I can't remember seeing a time when so many great teams lost at home.  Also Drew Brees almost lost at home with the Saints....That score doesn't show how close that game was with the late defensive touchdown for the Saints.

@Atlanta Falcons         vs     Washington Redskins    Correct, Atl 31, Was 17
@Chicago Bears         vs     Arizona Cardinals          Incorrect, Ari 41, Chi 21
Baltimore Ravens         vs     @Cincinnati Bengals    Correct, Cin 17, Bal 7   
@Indianapolis Colts         vs     Houston Texans       Correct, Ind 20, Hou 17
@New England Patriots    vs     Miami Dolphins        Correct, NE 27, Mia 17
Green Bay Packers          vs     @Tampa Bay Bucs    Incorrect, TB 38, GB 28
@Jacksonville Jaguars     vs     Kansas City Chiefs    Correct, Jac 24, KC 21
@New Orleans Saints        vs     Carolina Panthers   Correct, NO 30, Car 20
@Seattle Seahawks         vs     Detroit Lions           Correct, Sea 32, Det 20   
@New York Giants        vs     San Diego Chargers    Incorrect, SD 21, NYG 20
@San Francisco 49ers     vs     Tennessee Titans      Incorrect, Ten 34, SF 27
@Philadelphia Eagles        vs     Dallas Cowboys      Incorrect, Dal 20, Phi 16
Pittsburgh Steelers         vs     @  Denver Broncos   Correct, Pit 28, Den 10

Week 10


All of Yahoo: 783
NE Patriots Fans: 60
NH Fans: 6

All still in the 99th Percentile.

@San Francisco  
   vs      Chicago    Thu, Nov 12 at 8:20 pm

Rest of the picks will be posted on Saturday or Sunday

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