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The real lesson that Michael Vick has learned

Posted on: August 17, 2009 8:43 pm

As a person who grew up in the same city at the same time as Vick, let me shed some light on this issue.  Vick may or may not have learned the lessons that the public at large want him to have learned.  But he most assuredly learned the most important lesson of all.

That the "street” and the "friends" you keep on the street will turn on you as quick as fortune can turn in their favor.

The people that he stuck by for no other reason than he grew up with them and wanted to remain true to his roots sold him out quicker than you can say "immunity for court testimony".

People who claimed to be his friends and used his finances and property to carry out this operation were rewarded by the justice system for allowing the system to catch the bigger fish.  As a result, the people who were as guilty if not more guilty than Vick were allowed to exchange friendship for freedom.

I don't know if Vick is truly sorry for his actions, but I know he has learned a valuable lesson about putting street cred ahead of personal interests.

I don't know if Michael Vick spends one second thinking about the cruelty that was committed to those animals, but I guarantee that he spends every second of his life wondering how he had the stupidity to trust the people who were supposed to be his friends.

This incident has broken Vicks last ties to the people who he grew up with and tried to remain loyal to.  For that reason more than any fake apology I truly believe that Michael Vick, remorseful or not, will not let himself be caught up in a similar situation ever again.

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