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Play calling advice for the Redskins

Posted on: September 25, 2009 7:41 pm

The word is out and the news is spreading.  Washington is ripe for a Lions upset.


This is the theme that has been bandied about every major sports show or website over the past week.  If you are judging the Redskins based on their play so far this season you could probably arrive at the same conclusion.


On paper there is no way that this happens.  But games aren’t played on paper.  If the Redskins don’t break out of their current scoring slump and keep giving teams such as the Lions chances to steal a win this season defining upset could become a reality.


This would be devastating to the Redskins.  If they have any hope for challenging teams in their division they must win games like this.  I have come up with some tips that could help them break out of their slump and finally allow me to relax in the fourth quarter of a game.


First of all the Redskins need to spread it out in goal line situations and give Campbell the freedom to make decisions.  So far this year it is evident that the Redskins’ offensive line is not a dominant unit.  The two tight end heavy formations that the Redskins are known for haven’t been giving Portis or anyone else the push to get the tough yards.


 A change of strategy is in order.  Spreading a defense out with three or four receiver sets will do many things that could help this team.  Clinton Portis had his greatest success running for a zone blocking scheme in Denver.  Spreading it out gives Portis more cutback options and space to create.


A spread formation dictates that the defense must switch from goal line packages to nickel coverage.  This puts a less powerful team on the field and could help give the Redskins the push that they need in the running game.


Spreading it out also takes defenders away from the line of scrimmage and could create opportunities for Campbell to use a QB draw.  Even if a draw is not designed it would give Campbell more space to improvise if a play breaks down.  Campbell’s mobility hasn’t been effectively utilized in the red zone and this could be the formation that may best utilize his instincts.


Going with a multiple receiver set allows the big targets like Malcolm Kelly and Marko Mitchell to get into the game and help give the Redskins the goal line play making ability that they were drafted to provide.  The Redskins wanted the size advantage.  Now that they have it they should use it.


The defense played much better last week as they actually managed to create pressure without using all out blitzes.  That must continue this week.  Pressure creates mistakes.  The Skins must keep Stafford uneasy the entire game.  If they do the turnovers will follow.


Many people think that DeAngelo Hall is the Redskins’ best cornerback.  While he is their best playmaking corner Carlos Rogers is actually a better cover corner.  Rogers needs to draw the assignment against Calvin Johnson, but Gregg Blache would still be wise to double team him.


The Skins should let Hall play the opposite side, where he can’t get burned deep and will be in the best position to make big plays.


The Redskins took some of my advice to heart last week, and the result was a win, however ugly it seemed.  If they can make these new changes it might save them from the most embarrassing defeat imaginable.

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Posted on: September 27, 2009 11:07 am

Play calling advice for the Redskins

I don't know why you'd have your defensive backs double Johnson.  Detroit considers your defensive backs = to our receivers and will throw it to them if they're open.

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Posted on: September 27, 2009 10:46 am

Play calling advice for the Redskins

Thanks for sharing a lot of good thinking!

But the biggest problem is that you can't get Zorn off the field!

And I will VERY seldom criticize any sports coach - having been a high school coach myself and knowing there are a lot of things going on off the field no one sees or knows about.

But, besides the bad play calling, it was painful to watch him try to call time out last week and having an assistant literally rush to pull his arms down before the officials saw him - because Zorn didn't have a clue he should let the max. time run off the clock, then make the bonehead decision to go for it on 4th down instead of taking a nearly-sure 5 pt. lead.

Last year, week 1, when the Skins didn't even have a 2-minute drill prepared to use at the end of the first half, I chalked it up to problems incorporating the new West Coast Offense.

But it's clear now that the problem is that Zorn is way over his head.

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Posted on: September 26, 2009 11:44 pm

Play calling advice for the Redskins

Give them a phone in the red zone. Then they have the ability to call Jimmy Johns and order a crap sandwich. Order the special of the day ... crap sandwich without bread!

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Posted on: September 26, 2009 7:21 pm

Play calling advice for the Redskins

I like the advice, but I have lost ALL confidence in this team.  Most of the blame is simple and starts at the top.  How, How, HOW can you have linemen in backup status that have NEVER played in a NFL game?  I'm not blaming the players as of yet, and please don't tell me Cambell has to go, the concensus I've gotten is if we where to get rid of Jason there are 31 other teams in this league that would LOVE to have him.  What's that tell you?  Snyder is a FAN not an owner, Cerrato if he's a guru, then I'm effing brain surgeon! Zorn, is really pissing me off.  My grandmother could predict how he's calling his plays.  Zorn needs to open this thing up if their to salvage anything from this season.  If.......If they loose this game that will be it for me.  I've said it for years now that Daniel Snyder is a fan and a business man and is ruining this team.  Portis is quoted by the AP this week as a family is spending $500-$700 to watch a game! Are you effing kidding me!  To watch this!  I wouldn't EVER spend that kind of money to watch a football game, but certainly not THIS!  He also said that the owner is on the verge of loosing fans, that's my wish because that's the only way we will EVER boot his arse to the curb.  Snyder, Cerrato SUCK!  I hope I'm wrong and they come out and take it to the Lions and start to get something rolling, but I just don't see it happening.

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Posted on: September 26, 2009 5:21 pm

Play calling advice for the Redskins

    The analysis is good, possibly a bit optimistic.
    Against Detroit, it Should not matter __ but, as you point out,
    'Should' is not what happends come gametime.
        The optimism is here:  spreading out the Redskin
    offense, as a weapon, demands that the opposing team respect
    the QB's passing strength.  So far, Campbell is not scaring
    anyone.  And it is not clear that this is entirely the fault
    of the play-calling. 
        Last season, there were times when Campbell Did look
    good, crisp passes, good decision-making.  Unfortunately, there
    were too many times when this was not the case.  What he
    brings to the table (as expectation) is a legacy of inconsistency.
    There are this and that reason, etc., but, in the end, teams
    are not afraid of him as 'the man' for Washington.  Not even Detroit.
        Yes, the Redskins 'Should' win.  I wouldn't go further than
    this, not even against the Lions.

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Posted on: September 26, 2009 2:36 pm

Play calling advice for the Redskins

Here is an idea, they have this player, he may be new to the league but his name santana moss!!!!!!!!!! Why dont they try to get him in the gameplan

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