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Greg Blache is the real reason for loss

Posted on: September 29, 2009 9:58 pm

Following one of the most embarrassing losses in recent franchise history Redskin nation will be looking many places to heap the blame.  Coach Jim Zorn and quarterback Jason Campbell will probably bear the majority of it.


While they certainly played their parts in Sunday’s debacle the person that deserves the most blame is defensive coordinator Gregg Blache.


For a person who has such a good coaching resume and led the defense to a very good showing last year he really showed an amazing lack of understanding of basic football concepts.


Gregg Blache gave rookie quarterback Matthew Stafford the time to gain confidence.  Every basic coaching course will teach that the best game plan to use against an inexperienced quarterback is to bring heavy blitzes and force him into making a mistake.


Gregg Blache must have skipped the introductory coaching classes.


Most coaches will study game film to determine what formations have been most effective against the Lions this year.  New Orleans and Minnesota certainly provided enough of a blueprint.  They pressured Stafford into five interceptions and allowed only one touchdown pass.


Gregg Blache must have skipped the film session.


Instead he decided that playing prevent defense the entire game would be more effective.  He was right.  His scheme certainly prevented a Redskin victory.


This may have been the worst defensive coaching job I have ever witnessed.  He rushed four people almost the entire game.  He had speed rusher Brian Orakpo playing coverage over 60% of the game, including the critical 24 yard pass play on the Lions’ last drive that helped them seal the victory.


He had the cornerbacks playing eight to ten yards off of the receivers on several third and two situations.  How does that make any sense to anyone?


The Lions were certainly grateful.  When Stafford saw the amount of space that the Redskins were giving on these plays he checked down to easy three yard button hook pitch and catches.


I have never witnessed a defense play as conservative against a rookie quarterback in my life.  The Redskins never came close to getting any pressure on Stafford with just four pass rushers.  As a result Stafford had time to find the seems in the secondary.


I don’t care if you drop back eleven players into coverage.  A professional wide receiver will eventually get open, and a professional quarterback will eventually find him.


Gregg Blache wasn’t the only person who was at fault yesterday.  He was just the most glaring reason for this loss.  Here is a list of (dis)honorable mentions.


Fred Smoot:


You should be ashamed of yourself.  You were scared to hit a rookie quarterback! 


On a third and thirteen on the Lions’ first scoring drive Smoot had a perfect shot to tackle Stafford short of the marker and force a field goal.  Instead he threw a timid alligator armed attempt at a tackle with his eyes closed that I had previously only seen performed by wide receivers who are scared to catch a pass over the middle.


The result was that Stafford flew by him and Detroit scored a touchdown later in the drive.


Smoot and fellow cornerback DeAngelo Hall bear a striking resemblance to Deion Sanders (minus the interception returns for touchdowns).  This leads to a question that is equally as confusing as the question of why a coach wouldn’t blitz a rookie quarterback.


Why do you play defense if you are scared to hit someone?


Clinton Portis:


Hey Clinton, the game was yesterday, in case you forgot.


I know that the offensive line isn’t opening up holes very well and that Portis isn’t being called on very much.  But when he did get carries he showed no burst or power.


The Clinton Portis that I am used to seeing is a player who excels at getting underneath tacklers and falling forward for four yards even when no hole is open.  That guy didn’t play yesterday.


From his body language to his facial expressions it was very evident that Portis is very angry with the coach, the scheme, and his reduced role in the offense.  It is clearly affecting the way he plays.


I’m not sure which reality is correct, but either choice is a bad one for the Redskins.  The choices are either that Portis is disgruntled and playing without heart, or that age and wear are finally catching up to him.


Either way I wouldn’t be surprised if the Redskins go in another direction at running back next year.  The 1400 rushing yards Portis needs to become the all time Redskins rushing leader are looking like a pipe dream.  That in itself is an amazing testament to how low this team’s expectations have become.


Jim Zorn:


Decisions, decisions.


It’s amazing how often early coaching mistakes come back to haunt a team later in a game.  If you take back Zorn’s decision to go for it on the first drive instead of kicking a field goal and his decision to accept a penalty instead of making Detroit attempt a fifty yard field goal the Redskins win the game.


Zorn’s two crucial errors cost the Redskins seven early points.  They lost by five.  You do the math.


Ladell Betts:


How does a player who gets paid millions of dollars to spend his life concentrating on being the best football player he can be not understand basic football concepts?


Like getting out of bounds to preserve time during end of game scenarios!


Betts did this not once, but twice.


The first time was during the Redskins’ final scoring drive.  Betts caught a pass near the sidelines, had the first down, but decided to turn up field to gain one extra yard instead of getting out of bounds.  As a result roughly 30 critical seconds were lost.


The second play occurred at the end of the game.  Betts caught a lateral, ran beyond the first down marker, and had time to step out of bounds with two seconds left.  Instead he ran right into the waiting arms of two Detroit defenders.


I know the second situation was a tough play to make, but good players make those smart decisions.  The ones who can’t usually end up as backups on a 1-2 team that looks to be one of the league’s worst.

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Posted on: October 2, 2009 9:00 pm

Greg Blache is the real reason for loss

I will not call you a piss poor Lions fan, because I am sure that you were one of the 40,000 Detroit fans who actually saw the game last week.

I may be a piss poor fan, but if I had the opportunity to buy tickets to every Skins game at face value I would go to every home game.

Tell the truth.  Did you go to the game, or did you watch the highlights and decide to start crowing after the fact?

Since: Nov 14, 2006
Posted on: October 2, 2009 5:47 am

Greg Blache is the real reason for loss

Just look at your team!  They are over-rated, overpaid, and have piss-poor attitudes.  They will be seriously challenged to win 6 games this year. The Lions should have beaten them by 19 points.  All the fans are jumping off the boat again; just like the past; just piss-poor fans.
Your only hope is to rehire Joe Gibbs and clean house.

Since: Jun 17, 2007
Posted on: October 1, 2009 9:00 pm

Greg Blache is the real reason for loss

What about the simple fact that the Redskins just suck?

Since: Aug 15, 2009
Posted on: October 1, 2009 7:44 pm

Greg Blache is the real reason for loss

I don't hate like most cowboys fan's,

but i will admit that this was pointed out to me on the sideline V Detriot Lions prooving just how many positions this coach is playing. He is definatly unexperianced and everything aside, it is clear that he doesnt trust alot of people or he wouldnt have overtaken so many positions. if i am incorrect call me out on it, but much like Wade Phillips when Parcells left,  zorn was handed a golden oppertuinity with a team who had developed good karma within themself's and much like the cowboys it all started to fall apart. Want to know how? The Locker Room!

no matter what kind of Coach you are, no matter how many rings you have earned..any GOOD coach will tell you have a good team you dont need all the best players. you need a team who has karma who has developed trust with eachother. i wont referance teams but whether all the players are playing with heart and are all on the same page of understanding is the ultimate factor in all of this.

As for Clinton Portis, dude is beast would love to have him in dallas but in all seriousness when a player is willing to step out onto the field trying to proove the point " well if you dont bow down to what i need/want than i wont play hard " all thats going to do is get you
Cut/Benched/Traded and not for the good...Portis needs to understand that this game unlike Baseball and Hockey is that every playey/Coach can and will be Replaced at any time.

Bet you if he continues to go out and play the way he has, Redskins will go back to free agency and bet you they pick up either Edgerin James or homeboy that Colts released here a few weeks back.

Since: Mar 13, 2008
Posted on: October 1, 2009 6:47 pm

Greg Blache is the real reason for loss

Your first sentence shows that you are just a Cowboy fan trolling Redskin fan blogs looking to piss people off.

Your second comment is actually very insightfull.  Zorn is overwhelmed by taking on too many responsibilities.  One way to help him would be for him to let someone else call the plays.  They could still be his plays, and he could retain the power to veto a play call and insert his own in certain situations (like Joe Gibbs did with Al Saunders), but it would free him up to worry about actually managing the game instead of focusing on the playcalling to the detriment of all other duties.

Since: Aug 15, 2009
Posted on: October 1, 2009 5:24 pm

Greg Blache is the real reason for loss

The first problem is all of you are Dedskins fan's. The second problem with this team is that you have a head coach who is not only THE Head coach but the offensive play caller and the coordinator coach. The problem the front office has is if you cut this man and fire him, your replacing 3 different coaching positions.

Since: Oct 1, 2009
Posted on: October 1, 2009 4:51 pm

Greg Blache is the real reason for loss

skins need to get rid of the following players,smoot,sellers,bettis,portis,hall,moss,cartwright, just to name a few, then they need to get back to basics, like teaching the dbs how to cover wideouts, and teach everyone on defense how to tackle and o linemen how to block,and wideouts how to run routes.and most off all teach campbell how to read coverages.till they get back to basics they will stay pitiful

Since: Sep 13, 2006
Posted on: October 1, 2009 2:33 pm

Greg Blache is the real reason for loss

Life Long Skins Fan. Snyder needs to hire someone like Cowher to CHANGE THE CULTURE OF THE TEAM. That means geeting rid of the WORST GM in the NFL too. All the Front Office his butt kissing cronnies pretending to know a f--king thing about football need to go. Give the keys to this car to someone who knows how to drive. After you do, back the hell away and let em do their job. 2010 is a GREAT year for free agent coaches. Buy one, give them COMPLETE authority and let nature take it's course. 

Since: Mar 21, 2008
Posted on: October 1, 2009 8:29 am

Greg Blache is the real reason for loss

Offense scores, its just inconsistent.....BUT the eye opener on Sunday was 4  drives of over 70 yards (1 for 99 yards)   with the def personnel teams should only be able to score very few points.....I don't think that this a big surprise, but i was shocked by the ineffective def.....

Since: Sep 30, 2009
Posted on: September 30, 2009 11:46 pm

Greg Blache is the real reason for loss

Have to agree with you, but there are a lot of others to blame and one the biggest is the OWNER, (the guy with too much money and doesn't have a CLUE about FOOTBALL). Woudn't it be nice if he just took the money and RAN AS FAR AWAY AS HE COULD. Anyways', we had a great coach being primed and as the rumor goes, told the owner he's running the team his way and apprecates his support. Well we know how far that went. Remember Gregg Williams, a defensive wonder and had personal to take over and make a great offense. Oh well can't go back in time, just have remember the dreams and hope one day somebody will come around and do what it takes to shake up Millionares who are over paid Sports Players, OH EMPLOYEES. That are more concerned about what they are NOT GETTING then doing there job. Which is tweeting in-between plays while Playing Football as they were hired to do. It is a business isn't it? and these players are employees, aren't they? A man once said give me 40 good players who work together and are concerned about there performance to heart and I'll make them a winner. Well that man was Joe Gibbs and until we get a COACH that will kick some ass, put players in there place, run a business as it should be, the Redskins are going to be lucky to win 3 games this year. Blache might be the first Defensive Coach let go this year, why not they let Offensive coordiantors go and they scored more points then the Redskins. Look at those teams now. But in this business you still have to SCORE to win, so he does have a little bit in his defense. Interesting business decision, how about move a COACH to offensive Coord, and then hire a REAL Coach who can do what is needed to turn the players attitude around and WIN. KICK SOME ASS AND LET THEM KNOW WHO IS GOD AND WHO THEY ARE, Not what they think they are, in there own little minds. God look at Josh McDaniels in Denver, give him credit. For whatever anyone wants to say. He didn't take it, wouldn't take it, and turned it around HIS way! Now it's only the 3rd week, but he's got the #1 defense with an offense in the last 2 weeks who are doubling there numbers since there 1st game, and it aint' stopping. Sorry about getting off the Blache subject, I get carried away.

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