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Time to take the bite out of theDogpound

Posted on: December 10, 2009 9:40 am
It's 8:20 pm In Cleveland Kick off time we have to get off to a quick start and put the pedal to the metal and not leave up.
Our special teams and Defensive backs can't be put in a situation at the end of the game as they were put in the last 4 weeks
Losing 4 games by a total of 15 points. Especially 2 in OT 2 to the worst teams in the AFC west,  where we beat their 2 best teams
Coach Tomlin is doing everything in his power to straighten out this situation before it festers. It's up  to the team members to dedicate the next four games to themselves pick themselves up off the ground dust themselves off and get down to playing SMASHMOUTH
FOOTBALL and don't make Brady Quinn look like he's All-PRO. The "D" must pressure him into early and often mistakes.
The "O" has to put them away as soon as possible. It's time to make a run like we did in 2005 on our way to SPERBOWL XL.
We can win 7 in a row on our way to get there. "GO Steelers".
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