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Posted on: November 22, 2010 3:21 pm
I thought  I was at Oakland Colliseum the way the yellow hankies were flying out of the officials pockets
At first I thought it was for our troops in Afganistan, but the way it turned out they were watching the Steelers very closely
They let Richard Seymour act like the till of the hun for most of the first half. As our ofensive linemen were dropping one by one
Seymour would always be around those plays,He should be fined for half of those hits by the N.F.L.
But yet everything was pointed in the direction of the BLACK and GOLD which was sad everyone @ Heinz Field let the zebras the
way they felt. Enter #7 taking it upon himself to protect what ever little he had left after he threw the touchdown pass he
wisspered sweet nothings into # 92's ears and received a smash to the face. needless to say he slayed the evil dragon who was
disqualified from the game. If your talking about someone who respects his offensive line it's #7
And as far as our defense goes they are showing we can play against any odds that are stacked up against us.
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