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Hot Picthers in baseball so far.

Posted on: June 21, 2009 11:19 am

1.Roy Halladay-As we know that he is still on dl but he still 1 of the best.

2.Kevin Slowey-hate to say it but i told u so,this guy is proven out to be a sleeper in a fanstay league,has a 4.05 era :/ te only bad thinghe is on/off.

3.Josh Beckett-So far all my top 3 pithers are in the AL,beckett his last 3 gams were great he is getting 5k's or more,also hehas picthed in the last 3 games total of 2 BB GREAT.

4.Chad Billingsley-Chad has won 3 gmes in a row+ND.With a 2.83 era,In the last 3games he has picthed 11k's:/.Chad when he gets off quick like he usally does he is almost instoppable.

5.Matt Cain-Matt is ridin on a 5 game win streak with great stats in all five of thegames he has picthed 34k's and only 9BB.

6.Zack Greinke-Hard choice,Zack has been a tad off losing 2 games in a row+ND,but even with that zack still has th bes era in the AL.

7.Dan Haren-In DAN last 6 games has 3 win+3ND :/.Even with he aslo has a crazy stat 13bb on the year!+96k's,and te best era in the NL.

8.Tim Wakfield-Tim is in thrid place in wins fo the al.Tim is ridin a 3 game win streak :/ but not lasting to the 7th or more in those 3 games he got tooken out in the 6 inning wih only 9k's in those games but could thisbe a all-star year for tim.

9.Jason Marquis-On the hot rockis come which could be teir ace fo know on,in jason last 3 games he has a win,ND,win throwing 9k's+7bb,jason is thied for first in the wins colum for the NL but how long can hes winning keep up with him???.

10.Jered Weaver-Hrd choice but.,ok Jered in his lat 3 games has 2 win+1 ND, with 15k's+8bb,he has a era of 2.53 which he is in 4th in the AL couldthis be a all-star year for Jered.?

Their's the top 10 hot pithersso far in  baseball in comments send message or respond 2 this.

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