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Posted on: September 1, 2009 4:24 pm
Edited on: September 3, 2009 7:27 pm
My tour of the college football world ends with the best conference in college football. That conference would be the SEC.  Three straight national championships ends any argument about that. It could very well win four in a row this year.  There are several teams that can do it. Here is how I see the SEC:

SEC East

Florida- What more has to be said about this team?  Urban Meyer and Tim Tebow are one of the best coach-quarterback combos maybe in college football history.  The defense improved last year. The defense cost them a shot at potentially four straight national championships when they lost those games in 2007. The defense came up huge last year in the national championship game against Oklahoma.  If the defense is as good this year, there is almost nothing that can stop this team.

Georgia- Wow, that was disappointing. The team that was the preseason number one last year could not make it stick.  The offense was not the problem last year. The problem was defensively.  This year, the problem could be the offense because Joe Cox has to prove that he is a capable SEC quarterback.  This could be a disappointing year for Mark Richt and company.

Tennessee- Lane Kiffin, you are on the clock, already.  He has certainly made a splash in his first year as a head coach in the SEC.  However, don't expect anyone to take it easy on him. Johnathan Crompton is his starting quarterback. He was most of the problem last year. He will have to improve for Tennessee to get back to a bowl game.

Vanderbilt- This could be a great story again.  Bobby Johnson finally got Vandy back to a bowl game after being shut out for so long. Much credit has to go to the administration for changing the way that Vandy ran itself as a university. MacKenzie Adams will be the starter and Vandy could get back to a bowl game again.

South Carolina- Well, this could be the year, maybe.  Steve Spurrier is finding it tougher to win at South Carolina than at Florida.  He has done a reasonably good job there, but not as good as when he was at Florida.  Stephen Garcia will probably be the starter. He will have to play well for the Gamecocks to get back to a bowl game.

Kentucky- Well, this is an interesting spot for Rich Brooks.  Kentucky made a bowl game last year, winning the Liberty Bowl.  Brian Hartline is back as the quarterback.  They could get to eight or nine wins this year. That is always a good job at Kentucky.

SEC West

Alabama- What more can be said about Nick Saban?  He took guys that were not together as a team before he got there and got them together in two years.  This is the favorite in the West, even though going to the Grove in Oxford will be a tough task.  Greg McElroy is the key for this team, along with getting another receiver for Julio Jones.

Ole Miss- Houston Nutt is also a guy that has turned around a culture. Ed Orgeron was a great recruiter, just not a great head coach. Jevon Snead is the key for this team to potentially get to ten wins and another big-time bowl game.

LSU- Les Miles, you are on the clock. However, his job is not in jeopardy this year. He just made a bad decision last year holding on to Ryan Perrilloux for much too long. That left his short handed at quarterback, and he chose not to play Jordan Jefferson. Jefferson is the starter this year and LSU should be much better, assuming that the defense can improve from a bad year last year.

Arkansas- How does the SEC feel, Bobby Petrino? His first year in the SEC did not go so well. He tried to get Ryan Mallett in there in his first year, but was not successful.  He is the starter and Arkansas should get back to a bowl game.

Mississippi State- Well, can Dan Mullen bring the magic to Starkville?  Sylvester Croom resigned after a dreadful performance against Ole Miss the last game of the season.  That was probably the right decision because he would have been on the hot seat next year and probably would have eventually been gone.  Mullen comes over from Florida with the spread offense. We shall see if it works as well without Tim Tebow.

Auburn- This could be one of the worst Auburn teams in history.  Tommy Tuberville resigned after a dreadful performance against Alabama.  The relationship that he had with Auburn was never really the same after Jetgate.  That was headed for a divorce in one way or another.  The idiotic Auburn administration cannot seem to make a correct move. They had a good coach in Tuberville, but they just had to go for Bobby Petrino.  That is a move that will haunt them for years to come.  Gene Chizik escaped Ames, Iowa to come to perhaps just as bad of a job.  Chris Todd is the starter. That is not a good thing for anyone who has watched him last year.  If this team wins five games, Toomer's Corner will be set ablaze.  I don't think anyone wants to see that.

The conferences are done. Tomorrow I will make some more predictions and the season begins on Thursday. YES!!!!!
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