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Posted on: September 9, 2009 1:01 pm
Well, this could be interesting. Danica Patrick said that she would probably move to NASCAR next year, but would start in the Nationwide and Camping World Truck Series first.  That would be a good move.  If you jump to these new cars that are in the Sprint Cup Series right away, you will get eaten alive.  These cars are different than any other cars in the world.  The driver is more to the right than any other car in the world.  The weight is more toward the right side in the Cup Series.  You have to learn how to ease into the Cup Series.  The Nationwide Series will have a new car for four races next year. It will have the same wheel base as the the Cup car, but not as heavy.  She needs to learn how to handle these kinds of cars. Racing in IndyCar and going straight to the Cup Series without any experience in the lower NASCAR divisions is about the same as going to the NFL straight from high school football. It would not be pretty at all.  The cars in IndyCar are very flat and are glued to the ground and handle much better than the cars in any level of NASCAR.  The racers are also in the center of the car. That does not get discussed enough regarding that series.  NASCAR is the hardest form of racing in the world.  We shall see if Danica is up to it.
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