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Sami's Swan Song?

Posted on: July 26, 2010 12:05 am
For the record I think this guy's worth every bit of his salary,...when he's healthy.  If only we could get him to agree to a pay for play deal!  Solid D, good size & strength to handle the other side's soldiers in front of the net, simple but effective 1st pass out of the defensive zone, and one of the best shots from the point in the league when he uses it.  However, this situation has the makings of a Sami Salo Swan Song.  His rehab will be a long one I think, and that will be just fine with the Canuck's organization.  With the additions of Ballard and Hamhuis to a defensive roster already sporting the likes of Erhoff, Edler and Bieksa, (good thing they didn't trade him too quickly) the Nucks will have enuff quality & quantity on the back end so as not to miss Salo very much.  They'll also have the luxury (knock on wood) of not needing to plan for any of Sami's future injuries during the 1st half of the season.  Mike Gillis' job will be a little more interesting when/if he comes back, but he shouldn't find it too difficult to find a trading partner for a Bieksa & Schneider package, or whomever they decide to send away for a couple of quality bottom six forwards that the team desparately needs to fill out a playoff competitive roster. 

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Sami's Swan Song?

lets go nyhr rangers will make gthe playoffs

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Posted on: August 2, 2010 11:39 am

Sami's Swan Song?

I agree with you, nearly 100%.  Salo is worth while to keep around but with the recent Additiona (Hamhuis/Ballard) he is not 'needed' as he was in the past, the have one of the more Solid defence corps (offencivly and defencivly) in the league and have aleast 4 D whold could be a top 2 defencemen.  With Salo enetering the finaly year of his contract and the D that will still be here for years to come, i do indeed think it is a Swan Song aswell. How unfortunate he is wiht his injuries but this one is Very serious but will take months to rehab but it all depends how he recovers and the health of D at the time he returns. 

I hate to let a guy who gave his left testical to the team (Ya, ouch, remember that?) go but sorry Sami, you time has ran out

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