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Way to Early NFL Power Rankings

Posted on: July 2, 2009 6:56 pm
1. New England Patriots - Brady + Belicheck = Super Bowls
2. Philadelphia Eagles - A spectular off-season solidifies a team that went to the NFC Championship Game last year.
3. Pittsburgh Steelers - The Defending Super Bowl Champions.
4. Atlanta Falcons - Ryan and Turner provide a deadly combo.
5. Minnesota Vikings - Having Adrian Peterson always gives you a chance to win.
6. Arizona Cardinals - An outstanding run in the playoffs last year. Should see similar success if Boldin plays.
7. Washington Redskins - Haynesworth improves an already great defense. If Portis has another big year, this team could challenge for the divison.
8. Carolina Panthers - The best rushing attack in the NFL.
9. Baltimore Ravens - Defense should still be great even without Bart Scott. Joe Flacco now has a year under his belt.
10. Houston Texans - A plethora of young talent.
11. San Diego Chargers - LT is probably done, but Phillip Rivers has quietly become a top QB. Merriman anchors a solid defense.
12. Chicago Bears - Cutler provides a major boost, but they lack the receiving to be an elite team.
13. New York Jets - Rex Ryan and Bart Scott gives this defense Top 5 potential. They also may have found their QB in Sanchez.
14. New York Giants - One of the best defenses in the league, but major off-season losses on offense will plague Eli.
15. Indianapolis Colts - There offense isn't what it used to be.
16. Buffalo Bills - Owens creates chaos wherever he goes, but he does score points.
17. Tennessee Titans -Vince Young is still unproven. The defense will struggle without Haynesworth.
18. New Orleans Saints - Reggie Bush has to step up this year.
19. Dallas Cowboys - Unless Roy willaims has a breakout season, Dallas wills struggle to get the ball in the endzone.
20. Green Bay Packers - Good overall, but not great in any areas.
21. Cincinnati Bengals - Look for OchoCinco to have a big year.
22. Miami Dolphins - Will Defensive Coordinators figure out the Wildcat this year?
23. Oakland Raiders - A lot of speed on offense, but Russell is still a mystery at QB.
24. Seattle Seahawks - Houshmandzadeh should give Hasselback more success this year.
25. Kansas City Chiefs - Hopefully Matt Cassell is the real deal.
26. Cleveland Browns - The standard question marks that are Brady Quinn and Braylon Edwards
27. Jacksonville Jaguars - This team still has a lot of holes to fill.
28. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Derrick Ward was a great pick-up. How much will they get out of Josh Freeman?
29. Denver Broncos - Josh McDaniels, your team is falling quickly falling into the abyss.
30. Detriot Lions - A solid draft should lead to some wins.
31. San Francisco 49ers - A potential star in Crabtree is the only positive for this team.
32. St.Louis Rams - No more then 3 wins for this team next year.


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Posted on: August 24, 2009 8:14 pm

Way to Early NFL Power Rankings

Totally agree. I liked Marvin Harrison and all but it was a smart move to get rid of him this season. He was getting to be kinda old. As for Anthony Gonzalez he's improving so much. A definite replacement for Harrison. And if Michael Hart gets healthy he'll be a good weapon for Manning to use too. And I'll just throw Dallas Clark in the mix too.

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Posted on: August 24, 2009 7:03 pm

Way to Early NFL Power Rankings

You had Cowboys at top rank and that's silly. Giants should be ranking 1 or 2 because they have shore up the best defense move in the offseason. The other team in the top 2 should be the Eagles because their offense is going to give all defense a nightmare. The Falcons, Redskins, Vikings, Patiorts and Saints should be a little higher than mid rank. The rest is pretty good fit except for the Rams going winless all year. Of course they may last miserable all year but winless especially in NFC West where the 49ers are weak. 49ers and Rams may split the head to head game. I am sure the Broncos should be fine this year even with coach move, Cutler leaving and Marshall whining about trade request. As for the Dolphins, they won the division last year and I'm sure they could go 9-7 and better with playoff in.

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Posted on: August 24, 2009 4:23 pm

Way to Early NFL Power Rankings

Just about EVERYONE except homer Packer fans are putting them in the bottom third of the league.
Enjoy looking up at the Bears all season. It starts opening night...

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Posted on: August 24, 2009 3:18 pm

Way to Early NFL Power Rankings

Top 5 team ? Maybe a top 5 team in the regular season ! They were not even that last year. They have been pathetic the last 2 years in the playoffs due to no running game and bad defense. I do not see those 2 things improved this year which means another one and done in the playoffs this year. If not for their miracle run to the Super Bowl 3 years ago the Manning era Colts would go down as the all time worse playoff team. Until this team starts winning in January please shut it Dolt fans !

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Posted on: August 24, 2009 2:02 pm

Way to Early NFL Power Rankings

Corrected Power Rankings

1-Cowboys- Romo and company will make it to the promise land.  A balanced O and the #1 D will be the difference.
2-Chargers- Solid D and Rivers.  LT is done!
3-Cardinals- Warner is getting old but this will be his last hurrah!
4-Steelers- A blue collar team with unlimited drive.  If Ben faulters so does the Steelers.
5-Eagles- Team looks strong especially the D, Westbrook is injury prone and McNabbs overrated.
6-Giants- D is always strong, no plex and Eli is a spaze.
7-Ravens- D once again will dominat and Flacco is ready to relly shine.
8- Colts- Offense will be ok and Gonzalez will be the go to guy.  D's not all that bad.  Peyton is the best right now.
9-Titans- Great D but O will be average at best with Kerry at the helm.
10-Packers- Rogers will play well and D will be good.
11-Panthers- Great running game but Delhome is not the answer.
12-Jets- Good D but a rookie QB.  Running game will help.
13-Falcons- Ryan is a pro already D will have to step up.
14-Saints- Great coach and descent D.  Reggie Bush has to play tough or this is it for him.
15-Dolphins- Continued success for the D but no descent QB that why the trick plays/everyone is ready for it.
16-Redskins- D improves with Haynesworth but no QB to lead, Portis may have to carry team on his back if he can last.
17-Patriots- D looks old and Brady is gun shy.  This is the downward spiral of a great franchise.
18-Vikings- Favre has just destroyed a young up and coming franchise.
19-Bears- Cutler is a head case with talent no receivers to support. He is not the savior.  Better next year.
20-Texans- Young talent and good finish last year.  They are 2 years away.
21-Bills- TO is not the answer!
22-Raiders- D will improve and Jamarcus Russell will to.  They are on the up swing.  Maybe a surprise team.
23-Bucs- not much to talk about, who's the QB?
24-Seahawks- Whosyourmama  will help and Hasselback  is back.  Could also  be underestimated.
25-Bengals- Ocho will  improve from 08 but  no d means no wins.
26-Chiefs- Matt Cassel will have a rude awakening. 
27-Lions- not much to say some young talent will help improvement from 08 disaster.
28-Broncos- bad coach bad moves bad season.
29-Browns- If Brady Quinn can truly lead move them up 10 slots.
30-Jaguars- Garard doesn't have enough support on both sides of the ball.
31-49ers- Who's the QB?  All that talent in Crabtree and no QB.
32-Rams- they may go all the way with no wins,


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Posted on: August 24, 2009 10:53 am

Tians 17th

The Titans had the second best record in the Nfl last year and put the ball on the ground 5 times against the Ravens.  If not for that could've been them in the super bowl. (they destroyed Pittsburgh 3 weeks earlier.  But i shouldn't look at these too serious Vince Young is not there starting quarterback.  Watch some football besides the Eagles before you try to make predictions.

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Posted on: August 24, 2009 10:48 am

Way to Early NFL Power Rankings

Colts no question about it?  Thats puzzling did they win the division last year?

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Posted on: August 24, 2009 10:01 am

Way to Early NFL Power Rankings

Philly at 2 and Indy at 15? LOL!! HOMER!!!Wink Indy's offense is still better than most NFL teams with Manning behind center. Philly's D and the health of Westbrook is what I would be concerned about. I also think it is a stretch to have Minnasota at #5.

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Posted on: August 23, 2009 5:07 pm

Way to Early NFL Power Rankings

17. Tennessee  -Vince Young is still unproven. The defense will struggle without Haynesworth.
vince young isnt even playing

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Posted on: August 23, 2009 10:44 am

Way to Early NFL Power Rankings

Colts offense isn't what it used to be huh......... Sure looked good scoring 14 in the first quarter with the first team offense and defense going against PHILADELPHIA!!!!!!!!! you have no clue what you're talking about, but typical philly fan, at least you have the phillies

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