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NFL Power Rankings (Week 2)

Posted on: September 22, 2009 8:22 pm
1) Saints(7) (2-0) - Will anyone be able to slow down Drew Brees and the 40 point offense? When you can put up 40+ on the road, your defense doesn't matter. However new safety Darren Sharper has 3 interceptions in his first two games with the Saints.
2) Giants(2) (2-0) - Eli Manning marched his team down the field the whole game, but the defense got burned on the ground for 251 rushing yards in Dallas. New York has now racked up two wins against divisional opponents.
3) Jets(13) (2-0) - Mark Sanchez leads New York to a victory at home against New England, and the defense kept the Patriots out of the end zone. Rex Ryan's defense is only giving up 8 points and 241 total yards per game.
4) Falcons(6) (2-0) - The offense continues to get it done as Matt Ryan finds Tony Gonzalez in the end zone again. This team is really playing at a high level right now. We find out if this team is for real next week when they play the Patriots.
5) Steelers(1) (1-1) - Another tough game for the defending champs, this time they came out on the losing side. They certainly didn't get any help from their veteran kicker Jeff Reed. But it's suprising to see a Steelers
6) Ravens(11) (2-0) - The Ravens have put together a run game to compliment Joe Flacco. Defense comes up big again late in the game to prevent a potential game winning drive for San Diego.
7) Vikings(5) (2-0) - A solid start, but their two games were Cleveland and Detroit. Adrian Peterson continues to break ankles and Brett Favre has brought some stability to the quarterback position, Favre has completed 77% of his passes.
8) Colts(9) (2-0) - Peyton leads another game winning drive, but the Colts got away with one. The defense only stopped Miami on third down 33% of the time, and let Miami control possession for 3 quarters and 84 plays.
9) Chargers(8) (1-1) - Chargers put together another late drive, but come up short against Baltimore. San Diego remains dominate on offense, averaging 25 points and 400 yards per game so far in 2009.
10) Eagles(3) (1-1) - After spectacular defense and special teams play in Week 1, the defense and special teams is a major let down, and no help to Kevin Kolb in his first NFL start. Kolb, likely to start again next week, had almost 400 yds through the air along with 2 touchdown passes.   
11) Patriots(4) (1-1) - They failed to get in the end zone for the first time since 2006. Brady has to get better so his team can rally around him once again. Brady has a chance to redeem himself in a big game against Atlanta next week.
12) 49ers(18) (2-0) - Two solid wins inside their division to start the 2009 season. This team is 7-4 under Mike Singletary, after starting 2008 with a 2-5 record. This team is thriving on the ground, earning 5.1 yards per rushing play and only giving up 2.7 rushing yards per play on defense.
13) Packers(10) (1-1) - Green Bay is unable to come away the win at home against Cincinatti. The offensive line is a huge issue. Green Bay has given up 10 sacks in two games.
14) Cardinals(22) (1-1) - Arizona manage to win on the East Coast with a record performance from Kurt Warner. The passing game looked much improved over last week. Boldin and Breaston play through injuries and combine for 13 catches and 150 yards.
15) Cowboys(14) (1-1) - Tony Romo spoiled the grand opening show for Jerry Jones in the debut of his football emporium / amusment park / nightclub. Romo threw three interceptions that led to 21 points for the Giants.
16) Bills(20) (1-1) - No 4th quarter meltdown this week in Buffalo. They win convincingly in Week 2 as T.O. has his first big game as a Bill. Fred Jackson has been excellent at running back, as Buffalo waits for Marshawn Lynch to return from suspension.
17) Titans(12) (0-2) - The defense is not playing well, and is giving away games. Tennesse has given up 320+ passing yards in consecutive weeks. A matchup next week against the Jets is looming, this team is in real danger of starting 0-3.
18) Texans(16) (1-1) - Matt Schaub returns to last year's form and connects with Andre Johnson, but this team has to find their run game to be a threat in the AFC South.
19) Bears(17) (1-1) - Cutler redeems himself and leads his team to a win against the defending champs. Chicago's defense proved they can still be effective without Urlacher. 
20) Seahawks(15) (1-1) - Seattle had a shot at starting 2-0 in the division until they lost Hasselback at halftime. There could be another injury-plagued season in store for the Seahawks.
21) Bengals(24) (1-1) - Ochocinco has another big game, 7 catches for 95 yards and a touchdown, and Cincinatti pulls out a big victory on the road at Lambeau.
22) Broncos(28) (2-0) - No need for a last second effort this week. Defense comes out strong, and Denver manages to find success on the ground. Buckhalter and Moreno combine for 150 rushing yards against the Browns.
23) Dolphins(26) (1-1) - The Dolphins are able to control the game for the first 50 minutes with the Wildcat, but give up to big drives at the end to Peyton Manning.
24) Raiders(23) (1-1) - Raiders get a win, despite miserable play from JaMarcus Russell. Russell is missing open receivers and has completed on 35% of his passes. Oakland will have to depend on McFadden/Bush in order to move the ball.
25) Panthers(19) (0-2) - Jake Delhomme only throws one interception in Week 2, but it was a costly one in the red zone late in the game. The Panthers need to get more out of their two-headed rushing attack. Carolina is only rushing for 115 ypg(4.2 per carry), down from 150 ypg(4.8 per carry) last year.
26) Buccaneers(25)(0-2) - The secondary keeps getting torched by mediocre quarterbacks. Edwards and Romo combined for nearly 600 yards against Tampa Bay. The defense has given up 900 total yards in the first two games.
27) Redskins(21) (0-2) - New England wasn't the only team to not get in the end zone on Sunday. Managing just 9 points against St. Louis is not a good sign for an offense that was questionable going into this game.
28) Chiefs(27) (0-2) - The Chiefs have come out and played sloppy during the first two weeks of the season. They gave away the game last week to Oakland with nine penalties and two turnovers.
29) Jaguars(31) (0-2) -  It wasn't nearly as close this week. The defense had a tough time facing Peyton Manning and Kurt Warner in consecutive weeks, it won't get any easier against Matt schaub and the Texans next week.
30) Browns(29) (0-2) - Cleveland has played two games, and doesn't have a lot to show for it. They've gotten blown away the first two games with a combined losing score of 26-61.
31) Lions(30) (0-2) - A familiar story from last year. The Lions take an early lead and then slowly let the game slip away. This team has to learn how to win games to find any success in the future.
32) Rams(32) (0-2) - I don't see how this team wins any games this year. Currently no signs of life in St. Louis. At his rate it would take St. Louis 27 games to New Orleans' point total for the first two weeks.

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NFL Power Rankings (Week 2)

Totall agree.

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NFL Power Rankings (Week 2)

Decent Power Rankings but the Colts should be ahead of the Vikings and how are the Titans still in front of the Texans? Didnt houston beat them this past week?

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NFL Power Rankings (Week 2)

Even with McBroke the eagles are not a top 10 team. Steelers should be no better than a 7 at this point with no run game and a loss. The Ravens should be at least third not fith. Realy the Giants over the Ravens? The NFC is much weaker than the AFC it just is not fare. Then you have JETS in at  3. They are 2 -0 true, but Rookie QB still needs to prove himself. I would agree with # 5 but not 3. One thing I will say, is that at least you got #1 right. With that Offense, how could anyone not put the Saints at #1.

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